[Strategy] Strategy for International Relations

International Relations

IR is not the part of Prelims but random 1 or 2 questions may appear about Current affairs, International Events, Summits, Geography, Indo-Pak, India-China, India-US relations  etc

IR is Very Important in :

General Studies Paper - 2
and Interview

Strategy to Approach IR:


Historic and Phase Based 

  1. Post-Indian Independence
  2. After wars with Pakistan and China in 1960s
  3. First Atomic Bomb test and Indira Gandhi Era
  4. Cold War
  5. Fall of USSR and LPG reforms in 1991.
  6. During 2000 AD
  7. Post 9/11 attack
  8. Current

India with the Neighbours and World:

India and Neighbours (China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan, SriLanka, Nepal and rest )

India and Economically powerful nations (USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, S.Africa, Brazil, UAE etc)

India and the Regions ( USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia etc)

India and the big  UNSC members (USA, China, France, Russia and UK )

India and Organizations (SAARC, BRICS, UN, ASEAN, G20, GCC, EU, IMF, World Bank etc.)

Important Parts:

  1. India's Involvement :  e.g. Bilateral visits of Presidents and prime ministers, India at summits etc

  2. India's Indirect Involvement : e.g. US-China, EU crisis, NATO in Afghanistan etc

How to Prepair for this part:

  1. Bilateral visits ( What trade-pacts or treaties were signed.  When PM of Pakistan /Bangladesh/Sri Lanka visits India and discusses something  related to border or river dispute or Signs or agreement – that part is important.)
  2. All important international events in which India was Involved.
  3. Diospora? OCI, PIO, NRI, Citizenship issues.
    Based on current events. e.g.
    1. Crisis for Indian Workers in USA, Middle east, Libya, Sudan etc.
    2. Government's Initiatives  for the protection and welfare of Indian workers abroad. 
    3. Current happenings

-Read newspapers daily,
-Read Columns related to International relations.
-for Essay part International affairs prepare Facts and figures


More Reading (Optional, not necessary):

  1. Frontline
  2. The Economist

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