[Notes] Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Mains - General Studies 2012 Paper

             Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Mains              General Studies 2012 Question Paper

                                                                                    MAXIMUM MARKS:150

NOTE: Question no. 1 is compulsory. Attempt any Four (4) more out of the other Seven (7) questions.

1. Answer the following in brief:

1.Which recommendation of the states re-organisation commission about himachal Pradesh was not implemented in the face of wide spread protests in 1956?
2.In which year was himachal Pradesh , which initially comprised 6 districts, enlarged with the addition of some hilly areas from Punjab?

3.In which district of himachal are neoze , pine trees, which bear edible nuts, grown?
4.In which district of himachal Pradesh are rock salt deposits located?
5.Which are the two places I himachal Pradesh where resin and turpentine factories are located?
6. Which aerodrome has been constructed near shimla to connect it by air with other cities ?
7.In which year did himachal Pradesh have its own public service commission?
8.In which of his dramas did the Sanskrit port kalidas call the Himalayas `devata-atma'?
9. Which was the first hill station near kalka where the british political agent started living in the beginning of the 19thcentury ?
10. Which Governor General shifted his summer headquarters from shimla to chini ,know as kalpa?
11. Which high ranking british officer had made Wild Flower Hall, now a famous tourist hotel near kufri as his summer residence ?
12. For what is the tourist resort at rohru mainly known ?
13. Which leader of Indian national congress made rothney castle , near shimla at his home ?
14. Which two tributaries meet at tundi in lahool district to form the Chenab river ?
15. Who had prevented Raja Ghamand Chand from expanding his empire by defeating him in 1770 ?
16. Of which district , now in Haryana, did nalagarh from part before its merger into himachal Pradesh in 1966 ?
17. On which development activity was more than 50% of the first five year plan expenditure incurred in Himachal Pradesh ?
18. What is section 377 of the Indian penal code related to ?
19. Which of the planets of the solar system is closest to the sun ?
20. How many thousand miles approximately is the length of the equatorial circumference of the earth ?
21. In which ocean is the island Madagascar located ?
22. To which of these regions- india, japan,eastern Europe and south east asia- does the monsoon system not extend ?
23. What is that smallest unit of life in all living organisms that is capapable of independent existence ?
24. What is the full form of DNA ?
25. For which scientific achievement did dr hargovind khurana receive international recognition ?
26. In which year was the British East India Company founded?
27 . Under which leader did china became a republic in 1912 ?
28. Who declared Bangladesh as an independent country with himself as its president in 1971 ?
29. With which game is the Brazilian sportsman, kaka associated ?
30. In which city is the headquarters of the international atomic energy agency located ?

31. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi organise the dandi march ?
32. Which provision of the criminal procedure code did the ilbert bill of 1883 seek to amend ?
33. Who among these leaders- sir henry cotton,gopal krishn gokhle,motilal Nehru and Jai Prakash Narayan ­ never served as the president of the Indian national congress ?
34. Which two political parties agreed to work together under the lucknow pact of 1916 ?
35. What prompted mahatma Gandhi to suspend the non cooperation movement at its peak in 1922 ?
36. Which Viceroy of India called a conference of Congress leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi in 1945 at Shimla to deliberate on Indian independence?
37. What name did Mahatma Gandhi give to the farm he set up Johannesburg in South Africa in 1910?
38. Which British leader had put forward a proposal during his visit to India in 1942 which Mahatma Gandhi had characterised as a `postdated cheque'?
39. In which year was the PANCH Sheel agreement singned between India and China?
40. Which of these leader ­C. subramanyam,baliram bhagat,inderjeet gupta,Sitaram Kesri ­ has served as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
41. In which schedule of the Indian Constitution are the statutorily regional languages listed?
42. In which year was the Indian currency system converted to decimal system?
43. What was the present state of Arunachal Pradesh earlier known as?
44. Which famous architect was initially entrusted with the task of preparing the first building plan for Chandigarh city, but could not complete it owing to his death in an air crash?
45. Which European country was in occupation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli before these merged into the Indian Union in 1961?
46. The ruling dynasties of which present Indian state have been narrated in Raj Tarangini, written by the 12th century poet Kalhan?
47. Which of the Sikh Gurus built the Golden Temple at Amritsar? 48. Which Governor ­ General abolished the system of Sati in India?
49. Which vitamin is capable of forming blood in human body?
50. How many elected members does the Indian Lok Sabha have?
51. In which city is the International Court of Justice located?
52. With which sport, is the 40 year old Dara Torres, winner of three silver medals in the Beijing Olympics, associated?
53. Who is the author of the famous English novel "A Passage to India" ?
54. Which Indian leader founded the "Servants of India Society" ?
55. Which Viceroy introduced Local Self-Government in India?
56. Which ancient court poet wrote "Prithviraj Raso"?
57. Which Indian emperor had Ibn Batutah as his courtier in the first half of the 14th century?
58. Who created the funny character "Mickey Mouse"?
59. Who was the author of the famous French novel "Les Miserable"?
60. In which cave in India is the Trimurti-the statue of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh-located?
61. On the banks of which river in Kashmir is Leh town situated?
62. What does Article 21 A, added to the Indian Constitution in 2002 through 86th Amendment, promise to provide?
63. Which Tennis Player has won his 15th Grand Slam title in July 2009 breaking all previous records?
64. What compelled the Chinese President Hu Jin Tao to leave the G8 summit meeting and to return home in July 2009?
65. Which of these countries ­ Mexico , South Africa, Japan and Egypt ­ is neither a member of G-8 nor of G-4 which held their joint summit meeting in July in 2009?
66. Which English litterateur called politics/patriotism "the last refuge of scoundrels"?
67. What is the crop sown with the commencement of Monsoon known as in India?
68. What does gobar gas mainly consist of?
69. How many carats does pure gold have?
70. Who is the present chairman of the National Commission?

2. Answer the following question in about 350 words: 20 Marks
What have the state governments done after the formation of himachal Pradesh to harness its vast water resources for its development and prosperity ?


What measures should the state government adopt to minimise the problem of unemployment in himachal Pradesh ?

3. Answer the following question in about 350 words: 20 Marks
To what extent has india successfully put into practice the gandhian concept of secularism ?


"Gandhiji did not only aim at riding india of british rule , but also to prepare it for self government." Comment and elaborate.

4. Answer the following question in about 350 words: 20 Marks
Does the outcome of the 2009 general elecyion indicate a rise in the maturity level of the Indian electorate ?


How has indian economy faced the onslaught of global recession and neutralised its adverse impact?

5. Express your views on the following in a paragraph: 20 Marks

(1)Do you support or oppose the ban imposed by some educational institutions on girls wearing jeans ?
(2) Has the Oscar award won by slumdog millionaire enhanced india's repution abroad ?
(3) will the abolition of the board examination at 10th class level be in the interest of students ?
(4) do the violent attacks on north Indians in maharastra and some other states indicate weakening of national integration ?

6. Express your views on the following in a paragraph: 20 Marks

(1) in the ban on wearing burqa in public places announced by the French president justified ?
(2) what in your opinion, are the reasons for a sudden spurt in ethnic violence against Indians in Australia ?
(3) how does the American support to the Pakistan government in its fight against the Taliban and al qaida affect india ?
(4) will the expansion and restructuring of the UN Security council make it a more effective medium for resolving disputes in the world ?

7. What are the following and why they have been in media news recently : 20 Marks (2 Marks each)

1.Kevin Budd
2.Saina Nehwal
3.Nirupama Rao
4.Mir Hussain Mousavi
5.Nandan Nilekani
6.Farah Pandith
7.Shashi Tharoor
8.Karia Munda
9.Sara Palin
10.Michael Phelps

8. What are the following and why they have been in media news recently : 20 Marks (2 Marks each)
5.Staples centre
6.Naz foundation
7.Admiral gorshkov
9.Nathpa jhakri

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