[Strategy] Strategy for Himachal General Studies/Himachal General Knowledge for HPPSC: Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services ( HAS/HPAS ) Examination

Himachal Pradesh General Studies / Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

Himachal Pradesh General Studies plays a important part in the syllabus as it can consist 20 to 30 % of  marks in Prelims and also in Mains Exams so it becomes a very important section to cover.
For Himachal Pradesh General Studies there are so many books available in the market and most of them are really USELESS because these books just copy paste few important topics and ignores the most part that usually appear in the exams and these books lack the depth in the most the topics So these books are not of Good Quality. To cover this section you need very Good Study material and GOOD QUALITY books for the preparation of HIMACHAL PRADESH GENERAL STUDIES.  I have gone through many many books and have found few books really useful and IMPORTANT for HPAS/HAS and other Examinations.

Also Read :

The Books You will Buy will also come handy for other State Exams, So choose wisely and if you have older Editions of Any book then don't buy it Go for Other Best book So that you can have variety of Content.

Books I would mention are as Follows :

[Combo of these 4-5 very Good books is best for the Exams Like HPAS, Naib Tehsildar, CDPO-TWO Exams because for these Exams you need to study thoroughly and also need an analytical approach in writing the answers in the HPAS Mains and NT, CDPO-TWO Mains. Apart form the Mains Exam these are also useful for Prelims of HPAS, and NT, CDPO-TWO and other State exams. Due to lack of other good books and unavailability of Books these 4-5 books are highly useful and great source of knowledge with the promise of authenticity of the material and resource.]

Every Now and Then I receive a lot of messages regarding How to prepare Himachal GK/ HP GK for HPAS, Naib Tehsiladar, Allied services, CDPO etc Exams. Many asks which books to follow? Many asks which topics are Very Important ? Some ask for HP GK pdf. Some ask for Himacal GK Notes.
While some ask for Himachal MCQs. 

I don't have many solutions for that. Whenever somebody asks me anything regarding Himachal GK/HP GK Studyplan, Strategy, Notes and Books, I simply say one thing that follow : "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's Book. Then I further receive messages that what to read, what to skip, How to read such a bulky book etc. So I decided to write a small post about Himacahl GK strategy and Studyplan. But Before that I want make few things clear :

1. Which Books to read for Himachal GK ?

Answer : 
I know many of you that which books to study but many don't know which books to follow. Since there are hundreds of books on Himachal so it becomes very difficult for aspirants to choose the right ones. 

From Exam point of view there are many books in the market from the price range of 30 Rs to 500 Rs. But Frankly Speaking none of the these books are useful for exams. These Books are copy paste and have lot of errors in it. These books are total waste of money. So first of all I will request not to choose these books, believe me these books are not even good enough for a clerk exam. Level of clerical exams have also gone up and previous questions form HPAS etc appear in clerical exams nowadays. Those days are gone now when very straightforward questions used to come in these exams. What I want to say is that These books are not useful because they contain very less and unauthentic materiel, there are lot of errors in these books and that will puzzle too. So I advise you to read some reliable sources. So Please don't buy these cheap books just because they are very less in price and have exciting looks or few MCQs. There are some books online available too, Like Arihant's HP GK, R Gupta's Book etc. These books are very cheap in cost but in reality they are useless and contain very less material. These days many people do online shopping so I will suggest not to buy these cheap price books as they are not enough for even Prelims exams and forget about the Mains. I am writing all this because I haven't seen anyone who are preparing for these exams and read the GOOD HP GK books, most of the aspirants have 3-4 books and none of them are really useful. There are three things that they ignore Good books : First is that they think that its useless and difficult to read a bulky Book. Second thing is that they want to read small books in which important things are given. Third thing is everyone like to buy a book which is cheaper in cost.  And the problem arises for them in exams when they can't answer many questions from those books. This happens because HPPSC prepare papers after a lot of research and ask difficult questions. So for that kind of situations you have to study these subjective bulky and good Books. That's why say bye to these Jholla chaap books and read some Good Books.

Few More things I want to say for those Guys who ask me for HP GK pdf, HP GK Notes or Online Quizzes on Himachal, Himachal GK MCQs etc stuff: 

- HP GK pdf on few topics are useless, you won't get any pdf on the internet so don't waste your time on these things, they will be unauthentic too, Few topics may be available but you will only get 5% of what you actually need. Don't waste time on that, Buy a "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's Book and make notes out of it and utilize your time carefully. You will get nothing useful on the internet about Himachal GK.

- Few Guys ask for Himachal GK MCQs, I would say that its wastage of time, you will get some copy pasted question from here and there and totally unauthentic materiel. Other day someone told me that in Himachal High court Clerk exam they asks Himachal GK questions from my site and from some random facebook posts of some users and many of those questions are wrong on the internet. In Himachal High court Clerk exam they may ask from internet anything useless but when it comes to HPPSC or HPSSC they are professional and they prepare tough questions from bulky books, so the mcqs on the internet are useless, highly unauthentic and hardly get repeated in HPAS etc exams. So its good that you read an authentic and original source. That's why I advise to read "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's Book or Mia Govardhan Singh's Books. Don't waste your time on HP GK MCQs or Quizzes on the internet and read proper Books. Use Internet for Current affair but when it comes to Static Himachal GK then read a Good Book. It will save your time and energy. 

Some very good books for Himachal GK are followings:

1. "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's 
If you are having this book then it is enough, No need to look for any other source, believe me its sufficient and covers almost 90% of syllabus for 
HPAS, Naib Tehsiladar, Allied services, CDPO etc Exams. Only problem is that it's a huge book of 1600 plus pages so you need to read it selectively. Read it in Parts or Sections. There are some errors in it too but that's not a problem with one or two reading you will come to know about that. This is one authentic source for Himachal GK. This Book is easily available at various book centers at various Places of the Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Delhi.  

Book is Available Online also  :



All Other Balokhra Books : Here / Here

2. If you don't like above book then you can read a series of books by Mian Goverdhan Singh. They are highly authentic and useful.

 (a) Himachal Pradesh : History, Culture And Economy by Mian Goverdhan Singh - This Book is the Main book and very Useful.

(b) History of Himachal Pradesh/HimachalPradesh ka itihasa  (Hindi Edition) by Mian Goverdhan Singh - Very Useful

(c) Festivals,Fairs and Customs of Himachal Pradesh by Mian Goverdhan Singh - Useful

(d)WoodenTemples of Himachal Pradesh by Mian Goverdhan Singh - Not very useful

(e) HimachalPradesh Aek Aithihasik Sarvekshan  (Hindi) - Somewhat useful

(f) Artand Architecture of Himachal Pradesh Hardcover by Mian Goverdhan Singh - Somewhat useful

[ Book (a) is the Main book,  (b) (c) (e) (f) are also useful while Book (d)  is not very useful, only Selective Chapters and Topics ]

Apart from these Books I consider few more books useful but alone they are not sufficient :

These Books are More Important from HPAS Mains Himachal GK point of view but for Prelims The Wonderland HIMACHALPRADESH by Balokhra is Enough. 

(Concise and Comprehensive Books - Covers about everything) 
[Books 1 and 2]
1. Social, Cultural and Economic History of Himachal Pradesh M.S. Ahluwalia

2. HimachalPradesh: Land and People S.S. Negi

Useful for Economic Development Section ) [Books 3,4 and 5]
(Useful for Environment & Biodiveristy Section) [Book 6]

Folk Traditions and Ecology in Himachal Pradesh by Usha Bande

(Useful for Geography Section) 
[Book 7]

7. Geographyof Himachal Pradesh Manoj Jereat

Apart from these books you can read as many as you want to read but I don't recommend any other books. I don't recommend any Jholla chaap Arihant HP GK, R Gupta type books which are useless books and those who say to you to choose these kind of books are fooling you for sure. So It's Up to you to choose Good Books. 

2. What to read in The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's Book ? Or What are important Topics of Himachal GK ?

Answer : Important Chapters of  "The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh - Jag Mohan Balokhra's Book

Following Chapters are Important and Must Read for HPAS, Naib Tehsiladar, Allied services, CDPO etc Exams :

Chapters No-

1. Land (Geography)
2. People (Demography, Culture and Some History)
3. Social Life & Customs (Culture)
4. Art & Architecture  (Culture)
6. History of  Himachal (History)
7. District Profiles (History, Geography and Profile of District)
8. Freedom Struggle to Statehood (Modern History)
9. Himachal's Administrative History (Polity & Political History)
10. State Politics n Political History (Polity & Political History)
14. Wild Life in Himachal (Environment & Biodiversity)
15. Planning in Himachal (Selective topics)
16. Places (Not Very Important But one reading is necessary)
17. Personalities (Not Very Important But one reading is necessary)
18. Tourism (Selectively Important)
19. Economy of HP ( Most of the topics are Important, Economy is Now more Important because of NEW pattern for Mains Exam point of View )


-History & Geography is Most Important Sections.

-Kings, Kingdoms, Battles, Treaties, Dynasties, Mystic Stories are most important.

-Rivers, Peaks, Glaciers, Passes, Lakes, Springs, Valleys are most important in Geography.

- All Social Customs are Important Like Marriage, Death, Tribal customs etc are very important.

- Statehood Struggle n formation and after period is very Important. So keep the all the developments in mind.

- Wild Life in HP : Parks, Sanctuaries, flora n fauna of HP.

- Planning sector scattered topics but important all of them.

-Tourism Policy in HP and developments, This book lacks in this section.

- Economy : Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Industrial Development, Natural resources and Hydro power etc. This is most important section now from mains point of view.

- Some misc topics are important. you can see the previous papers and analyse the trend of questions in Prelims. Mains will be more analytical rather than factual things.   

How to Read This Book :

- Divide it into sections or parts e.g. History, Geography, Culture etc...- Underline the Important facts or information when you read it first or second time.
- Make notes from it after a reading or side by side.
- Skip topics or content that is not useful from exam point of view. There is lot of thing useless in this book. So analyse the previous papers and find out important questions/topics.
- This is bulky book to read but you have to read it any cost no matter how you read it.

3. How to prepare Himachal GK/HP GK for HPAS, Naib Tehsildar, Allied Services and CDPO etc Exams ?

Answer : 
- Most effective way is Know the syllabus and break the syllabus into Sections or Parts. Give a focused reading to any topic once and then give 2nd reading and side by side make notes of important points. You can make notes according to your style. Notes can be short or bit explanatory. Don't mug up anything.

- Ratta Approach don't work because you have a lot of facts and information to study and remember, so apply some logic, interrelate topics.

- You can underline the main points in the book itself with a Highlighter or red pen.

- For Studying Geography Use Maps extensively, e.g. For River system, Mountain Ranges, Passes, Lakes, National Parks, Places, Roads etc,

- For better understanding of events in History make a chronology of Kings and Kingdoms along with their Works, features and demerits etc. More you read this section more you will retain.

- Have a clarity about the events since freedom movement days to statehood days.

- Learn about the Culture and Customs, tribal topics are very important.

-Form now onward economy section is going to be very important so make sure you read it well and read with analytical approach.

- Facts are important from Prelims point of view but Subjective approach is required to write answers in mains so you have to read accordingly.

- Skipping Himachal GK is not recommended at all, believe me its not very tough to prepare this section. All you need is have a Good Book and read it thoroughly and if possible make notes out of it. That's it.

4. How to Prepare for Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs and from Where to prepare ?

Answer: Current Affairs of Himachal can be read from Newspapers Like Giri Raj [ Most Preferred ], Amar Ujala, Denaik Bhasker, Some regional Magazines etc. But you will come to know that these may be full of gossips or useless material in these newspapers/magazines so you have to cleverly read the useful stuff like Govt plannings, declarations and policies, High court decisions, Budget and Economic Survey, Environmental topics and economic and social current topics etc. Apart from that You can also get information from Himachal Pradesh Govt's Website.  

- Best way to prepare Current affair is to make notes from Newspaper/Internet daily.
- You can make Notes on your notebook or E-notes on your Computer or Mobile.

Hot Topics:
Govt plannings, declarations and policies,
High court decisions,
Budget and Economic Survey,
Environmental topics and
economic and social current topics etc. 

Something about Books Mentioned Above  :

Perspectives on a Growth-Oriented Hill Economy: Himachal Pradesh by LR Sharma

This is another Great Good Written by many Authors/Researchers So the content of the book is Highly Authentic and useful. This is Book which covers all Economy, Social Development topics and facts related to the State. A must have book.

Book Covers Topics Like :

Strategies for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Horticulture,

Modern Manufacturing Sector: Status and Suggestions,
Village Industries: Growth and Revitalization Policy,
Tourism and Development,
Need and Measures for Strengthening and Diversifying Rural Sector,
Himachal's Tribal Economy, 
Upgradation of Physical Infrastructure,
Fiscal Measures for Fiscal Health,
Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation.

Folk Traditions and Ecology in Himachal Pradesh or Here by Usha Bande

This book is a very Good Book that covers the Whole Folk Traditions, Culture, and Ecology in detail. Book is written in very Good Manner and provides the deep knowledge and authentic facts. A Must have book.

Dr. Usha Bande, till recently Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, was on the faculty of English Literature in Govt. College for Women, Shimla, and Principla of Govt. College, Arki. Having had a brilliant academic career, she worked for her doctorate on the novels of Anita Desai, interpreting Desai's characters from the Angle of Third Force psychology, an innovative approach, which has been widely acclaimed by U.S. scholars in the field.

Book Covers:

Folklore and Ecology: The Connecting Links
Cosmological Consciousness and Temple Lore
Local Deities Alias the Power of Nature
Justice for Trees; Role of Myths and Traditional Wisdom
Folk Arts and Ecology
Glossary of Local Terms
Select Bibliography

Himachal Pradesh Now and Then or Here by V VermaThis Book is Also very Good, and covers all the aspects of the State.

Content of the Book:

1. The Land
2. Constitutional Evolution
3. Fusion of Two States
4. Society and Economy
5. Economic Growth
6. Population
7. Tribal Culture
8. Understanding Environment
9. Grazing as Ecological Stress
10 Supplement

Overall this is also very Good book and all the Topics are written very well with Authentic facts. Altough this book alnoe in not Sufficient because author have written it in very brief manner but still very useful, So You will need to have the book I mentioned above. All these Books Provide a great amount of Himachal General Studies Resource. So if you want to prepare for the Exams which asks Himachal Studies you have to follow Some Good and Authentic books.

Khadubhai Also have Published Some Articles about HP GK, So you can read them here at:

Himachal GK Articles

Some Other Books Available :

I have gone through Some of the Great Books Written about Himachal Pradesh by various Authors, these books have been written on some particular topic and describes in a great depth.

Competition Oriented Books

1. Know Your State - Himachal Pradesh by Arihant

2. Himachal Pradesh Digdarshan (Hindi) by Arihant

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

4. Himachal General Knowledge - Ek Parichaya (Hindi)

5. Himachal Pradesh - Objective General Knowledge (Hindi)

6. HP-TET (Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test) Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Shastri (Popular Master Guide)

7. HP-TET (Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test) Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Language Teacher (Popular Master Guide)

HPTET-2011 Himachal Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Prashikshit Snatak Shikshak TGT (Non-Medical)

HP-TET (Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test) Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Science (Medical/Non-Medical) (Popular Master Guide)

HPTET-2011 Himachal Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Prashikshit Snatak TGT (Arts)

HP-TET (Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test) Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Arts (Popular Master Guide)

Search More Books Here  Amazon | Flipkart

Geography of Himachal

1. Geography of Himachal Pradesh Manoj Jereat

Ancient and Modern History of Himachal

People of India: Himachal Pradesh

2. Himachal Pradesh Now and Then by V Verma

3. Himachal Pradesh: Land and People S.S. Negi

4. Himachal Pradesh Hari Krishan Mittoo

5. History of Kangra and Kulu States J. & J. Ph. Vogel Hutchison

6. The Princely and Noble Families of the Former Indian Empire: Himachal Pradesh v. 1  Mark Brentall

7. The begar & beth system in Himachal Pradesh: A study of erstwhile Shimla Hill States Jaideep Negi

8. Himachal Pradesh (Hindi)

History, Archaeologyandculture Of Himachal Pradesh by Dr. B.L.Kapoor

Gazetteer of the Simla Hill States 1910 (Gazetteers of Himachal Pradesh)  by Pankaj Gupta

Political Development and Political History

Social and Culture of Himachal

1. Where Mortals and Mountain Gods Meet: Society and Culture in Himachal Pradesh by Laxman S Thakur Published by Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla

2. Across Peaks & Passes in Himachal Pradesh Harish Kapadia

3. Social, Cultural and Economic History of Himachal Pradesh M.S. Ahluwalia

4. Forts and Palaces of Himachal Pradesh Dr Usha Bande & Dr. Him Chatterjee

5. Art and Architecture of Himachal Pradesh Mian Govardhan Singh

6. Crafts of Himachal Pradesh (Living Traditions of India) Subhashini Aryan

7. Heritage of Himachal Pradesh (Cultural Forum, July 1971) P. N. Chopra

8. Gods of Himachal Pradesh  B. R. Sharma

9. The Temples of Himachal Pradesh Shanti Lal Nagar

10. Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in Himachal Pradesh by MR Thakur

11. Folk Tales of Himachal Pradesh K.A. Seethalakshmi

12. Folklore of Himachal Pradesh Gautam Sharma

13. Folklore of Himachal Pradesh by MR Thakur

14. Language Use in Himachal Pradesh Bal Govind & Hans Raj Dua (eds.) Misra

15. Folk Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh Subhashini Aryan

16. Numismatic History of Himachal Pradesh & the Catalogue of Coins in Himachal State Museum, Shimla and Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba Parmeshwari Lal Gupta

17. Temples of Himachal Pradesh: Architectural, Sculptural, Religious And Cultural Significance  by Neelmani Upadhyay

18. Buddhist Art & Antiquities of Himachal Pradesh: Up to 8th Century A.D. O. C. Handa

19. The Architectural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh: Origin and Development of Temple Styles

20. Himachal Ke Lok Geet
(Hindi)  by Gautam Sharma

21. Encyclopaedia of Art And Culture In India (Himachal Pradesh) 6th Volume by
Ed.Gopal Bhargava

22. The Brahmanical and Buddhist Gods and Goddesses in Himachal Pradesh by Kanai Lal Hazra

23. Changing Face Of Family In Himachal Pradesh: A Sociological Study by R Chauhan

Social and Economic Development

Tourism in Himachal Pradesh Hardcover by Jreat Manoj

2. Perspectives on a Growth-Oriented Hill Economy: Himachal Pradesh by LR Sharma

3. Infrastructure and Economic Development in Himachal Pradesh by A.K. Tiwari

4. Himachal: Science, People and "Progress" Gerald D. Berreman

5. Essays on urban patterns in nineteenth century Himachal Pradesh by Pamela Kanwar

6. Economics of Apples: A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh A. L. Nadda

7. An American in Gandhi's India: The Biography of Satyanand Stokes

8. Himachal Pradesh Development Report (State Development Report Series)  by Planning Commission Government of India

9. Industrialization in Tribal Areas of Himachal Pradesh by Vijay Kumar Sharma

Tea of Himachal Pradesh by Ram Gopal Sud 

Environment & Biodiversity

1. Environment Agriculture and Community in Himachal Pradesh Dr. Richa

2. Himalayan Ecology, Transhumance and Social Organization ; Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh

3. Forest settlements in Himachal Pradesh by H. C Sharma

Flora of Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh

5. Folk Traditions and Ecology in Himachal Pradesh by Usha Bande

6. Ecology and Human Well-Being: Nature and Society in Himachal Pradesh by Raghubir Singh Pirta

7. Environment, Agriculture And Community In Himachal Pradesh by Richa

Tribal of Himachal

1. Kanauras of Kinnaur: A schedule tribe in Himachal Pradesh  V Verma

2. Dolma Ling: A Pilgrim's Progress Across the Himalayas

3. Tribes of Himachal Pradesh and Northern Highlands by S. S. Negi

4. Ban-Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in Himachal Pradesh by V Verma

5. Tribal Melodies of Himachal Pradesh: Lahaul Valley Hardcover by Manorma Sharma

6. Lahaul: A Tribal Habitat In Himachal Pradesh by V Verma

Other Books

Guide to Trekking in Himachal Pradesh: Over 65 Treks and 100 Destinations

2. Himachal Paperback –  by Outlook Publishing (India)

3. Himachal: A Complete Guide to the Land of Gods

4. Road Map Himachal Pradesh

5. Himachal Pradesh (Beautiful India) S. A. Rahman

6. Short Stories of Himachal Pradesh Paperback by Paul Meenakshi

More Readings:

I have Gone through these books and found them very useful for Exams points of View although Content is very particular but still you can find the Useful Study Material. If you are not satisfied with the Content or having not enough content related Himachal then in that case You can Go thorough These books Mentioned Below in the Links, You can read these books Freely on Google books. Links Are Below :

1. The Emergence of Himachal Pradesh: A Survey of Constitutional Developments By V. Verma

2. Social, Cultural, and Economic History of Himachal Pradesh By Manjit Singh Ahluwalia

3. Himachal Pradesh, Development Report

4. The Princely and Noble Families of the Former Indian Empire: Himachal Pradesh edited by Mark Brentnall

5. Myths, Rituals, and Beliefs in Himachal Pradesh By Molu Ram Thakur

6. Wooden Temples of Himachal Pradesh By Mian Goverdhan Singh

7. Tribal Development in Himachal Pradesh: Policy, Programmes, and Performance By H. S. Parmar

8. Value-structure of Indian Administrative Service: A Case Study of Himachal ... By Rachna Dutt Goswami

9. Shimla Then and Now By Vipin Pubby

10. Splendours of Himachal Heritage edited by Mulk Raj Anand

11. The Magic Mountains: Hill Stations and the British Raj By Dane Keith Kennedy

12. Tribal Melodies of Himachal Pradesh: Gaddi folk music By Manorma Sharma

13. Across Peaks & Passes in Himachal Pradesh By Harish Kapadia


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    Also the difficulty level as compared to UPSC interview. Thanks!

  23. please tell me the hindi medium books to hpas exam.

    1. Aditi follow this link http://www.imsharma.com/2014/04/Book-for-hppsc-hpas-exam.html

  24. any good book for himachal gk... balokhra's book is not available online.. whhat to do ??

    1. Read This Article again !

  25. Hello sir....sir is maths section is coumplousry to attend ...cz ma maths is very weak

  26. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest a good English news paper as Giriraj which you have mentioned here is not available in English I believe.
    Also, if I want to appear for the HPAS exam next year, when will it be advisable to start reading news papers.

    Thanx. in advance.

  27. sir meri study starting se hi govt. school me hui hai and hindi medium me hi meri puri study hai . so sir kya mai HPAS ka test hindi me kr skti hun aur iske lie muje koun si books leni chaiye aur ghr pe bith k kitne time me taiyari ho skti hai ek saal me . mai next year ye test dena chahti hu.................pls pls pls. sir guide me muje ek din me ktne ghnte pdna hoga.....pls.give me ans.................

  28. Sir plz give ur reviews on allied exam. Do u also think that this was totaly unexpected xam. And wat could be the minimum qualifying score

    1. HP Subordinate Allied Service 2015 Cut off will be around 140 or Above 140 marks for General Category!

  29. I think 120 for general

  30. Sir Thanks a lot for ur reviews

  31. sir meri study starting se hi govt. school me hui hai and hindi medium me hi meri puri study hai . so sir kya mai HPAS ka test hindi me kr skti hun aur iske lie muje koun si books leni chaiye aur ghr pe bith k kitne time me taiyari ho skti hai ek saal me . mai next year ye test dena chahti hu.................pls pls pls. sir guide me

  32. Hello

    First of all Read NCERT Hindi Books of Social Sciences and Science of 6th to 10th.
    Read NCERT Hindi Books of History, Political Science, Geography, Economics of 11th 12th.

    After NCERT, Read few Reference books I have mentioned for HPAS Hindi Medium People Here Read the Whole post.

  33. sir
    Is there any good test series available for HPAS exams kindly suggest and how to plan for optional? What should be the best time to start preparation to cover whole syllabus ideally (in ref. to 2016 exam)?

  34. Same question sir,
    I am new comer to start the preparation for hppsc, so if u can please guide me about how to start preparation and books to collect for prelim and mains prep. (All the books which are required for any new aspirant plz recommend) thanks, waiting!!

    1. For 2016 exam and how to start my preparation, i need proper guidance sir plz help me out i am so much confused right now !!

  35. Which monthly magazine to follow sir?

    1. If you Read newspaper daily then no need to follow any magazine, otherwise any magazine like Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle etc are Good.

  36. Sir I belongs to Delhi.
    What are the chances of outsider in HAS.

  37. Sir I belongs to Delhi.
    What are the chances of outsider in HAS.

  38. Sir I belongs to Delhi.
    What are the chances of outsider in HAS.

  39. sir , I am preparing myself for HAS 2016, can you guide me . what is average cut off for pre.

  40. Hello Sir I am appearing in Excise and Taxation Department Exam held by HPPSC
    I need to buy book for Himachal GK
    By i want to buy only one book Regarding HP GK. So will you please help me to find out only one book for H.P. general knowledge.

  41. Hello Sir I am appearing in Excise and Taxation Department Exam held by HPPSC
    I need to buy book for Himachal GK
    By i want to buy only one book Regarding HP GK. So will you please help me to find out only one book for H.P. general knowledge.

    1. Best Book for HP GK is Wonderland Himachal Pradesh by Jag Mohan Balokhra ! Read this article again I have mentioned this book above.

  42. Sir, I am an outsider and have a decent command over GS portions excluding HP(UPSC). Does 'Jagmohan Balokhra' book suffice for the pre and mains HP portion or would you suggest a detailed study of the various sources you have mentioned?

  43. sir do we need to buy all above listed books...is there any weblink to study from these books

  44. @khadubhai Bhai g 'the wonderland himachal' it's a huge book to read..... Khtm he ni hoti..... Bro can u please suggest some must read sections from the content table of this book.....it will be very kind of you.

    1. Cover History, Political History, Geography, Society & Culture in depth. And after that some important misc topics.

    2. How many pages the book by Jagmohan Balokhra contains? From where did you buy this book??

  45. @kadhubhai IAS: Do you have any idea about the availability of the book "The wonderland Himachal Pradesh by Jag Mohan Balokhra" in Chandigarh, like any particular book store where this book can be bought?

  46. There are a no. of books on HP GK you have suggested in the beginning, but its not feasible to go through all the books. Suggest top two books for Himachal GK. (for Prelims & Mains)

    1. The wonderland Himachal Pradesh by Jag Mohan Balokhra

    2. Himachal Naib Tehsildar ke exam prepare karne ke liye best book batayein please ???

  47. is there any publication or coaching institute which are revealing gist of books for HPAS. i feel the Goverdhan singh and Balokra will not work anymore. The HPPSC has woven their syllabus around the current policies and scheme of H.P Govt and its not possible to go through every single policy of each Department. plz suggest some authentic and feasible material...

  48. Pls guide me current affairs of gk so that I can get daily notification of the same on my mobile

  49. These are too many...plz give only one or two specific books for hp gk because these books are very costly...and i cant buy all....of them ...so which one book i should buy ....plz reply

    1. Wonderland by Jag Mohan Bhalokhra is one of the best.

      U can also read Mian Govardhan's Book too.

  50. Sir I m preparing for hp tgt arts plz suggest me books...please

  51. bekar book hai jan mohan so many repetation and hp high clerk level tak ke question k answer nhi mile usme

  52. Shubham Sharma1 May 2017 at 00:29

    Can anyone please tell me what is the exact price of original book The wonderland Himachal Pradesh because on amazon it seems to be very costly which are recommended by the link in this site.On the other hand this is also available at Rs400 in the same site i.e Amazon.Which one to buy?

    1. 175 to 250 with discount

  53. I am exm ( gen) and my accuracy is 35-39 in all mock tests. what could be the prelim suffice marks to go for mains

  54. Narender singh21 May 2017 at 17:53

    Sir, pls advise strategy to prepare for hp tet exam in non medical stream. There is no proper book on this.

  55. Sir.... Me hpas ki preparation krna chati hun.... So plzz kya aap mujhe guideline de skte ho ki kese preparation kru. ...is test ke liye... Sir plzz guide me


    2. first apne mind se reservation ka bhoot hataou or studiezz mI dhyan do reservations ka use tou loosers layte hai faida

  56. Sir for kangra cooperative clerk exam which book is good for himachal GK section.

  57. sir please tell me about time table of study for hpas

  58. Nice post,it's very informative.i found the best information.I updated my knowledge with this blog.it can help me to crack GIS jobs in Hyderabad.

  59. Sir topic wise notes can we get?

  60. Sir i m appearing for mains. Pls suggest.i already cleared pre

  61. Hi Sir,
    Can u please provide topic wise YouTube lectures of jag mohan balokhara.

  62. plz recommend a book for hpssb J.E Civil exam preparation.

  63. Hii sir as you mention so many book list above for mains I am totally confused what to buy or what to not... I think for pre jangmohan balokhra is enough but I am bit confused how to prepare ol what to read for mains....plzzzz sir do rply for mains....egrly waiting for your reply bcoz I don't have anyone to guide me am just getting confused and simply wasting my time so plzzzz if possible rplyme as soon as possible......

    Thank you....

  64. Hi sir
    Main allied service ki teyari kr rha hu balokhra 2015 edition se sir is se ho jayega ya muje new edition lena chahiye.
    Thank you.

  65. In this article, we have discussed How to prepare for IBPS PO Clerk Exam At The Same Time? Interested candidates need to focus on IBPS PO 2018 & IBPS Clerk 2018. Candidates who want to crack the IBPS Bank Exam need to read the information of the post for more information.

  66. i am looking for hpsssb previous year practise book if anyone knows please let me know

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Wowww what a detailed, long and informative post....I can not thank you enough for time and effort you have put into this....It is most helpful post I have ever found on internet..
    I just have 1 question for NT and HAS I'm going for Mian Govardhan Singh's series of books, what % of pre and
    mains syllabus with it cover, I am asking as you have provided a detailed list of additional books like "HP : land and people", Usha Bande , L.R Sharma etc...so what is cost to benefit ratio of these books in terms of time investment for studing these additional books..

  69. I am work in pvt company can I have a chance to get govt job in HP I am B.SC.completed in. 2014.

    1. I am work in pvt company can I have a chance to get govt job in HP I am B.SC.completed in. 2014.

  70. Which book is best alloukik Himachal Pradesh or the wonderland Himachal Pradesh