[Notes] HPAS/HAS Mains - 2013 Expected Topics

Here are Few Topics which can be expected in Mains this year, although its not sure that only these questions will appear in exam, but the pattern will remain like this and may be some topics appear in the exam.

1. In the context of December 2013 Assembly elections, do you think NOTA, which was first introduced in these elections, should be continued? Analyze its importance and relevance. 

2. What is Lokpal ? Write the features of Lokapal. 

3. What is bionics? What are its benefits?

4. Orange Revolution. 

5. Greater Adjutant Stork. 

6. Tyagaraja and Pancharatna kritis. 

7. The Constitution (120th Amendment) Bill, 2013, and the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2013, seek to reform the appointment of High Court and Supreme Court judges by establishing a Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC). criticisms against the bill? Comment. (200 Words) . 

8. `Limitation of Benefits (LoB)' clause between Indian and Mauritius.

9. "The Shunglu Committee had suggested structural changes in CAG by making it a multi-member body." What is the rationale behind such a recommendation? Analyze. 

10. Why Dombivili Industrial Belt was in the news recently?

11.Tax-free secured redeemable non-convertible bonds.

12. Octocopters 

13. What is Zero Sum Game? 

14. "Most importantly for regional competition stability, in favor the of completion of India's maritime deterrent skews the India-Pakistan nuclear India." Comment in the light of Indian navy's recent acquisition of various capabilities. 

15. Analise key issues related to the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill, 2013. Why some states are opposing the Bill? Examine.

16. What is ECB? What are the broad guidelines regarding it? 

17. Bodleian Library

18. International Cancer Genome Consortium 

19. Tumor Suppressor Gene 

20. Write a note on the significance of Hornbill Festival

21. The Nonhuman Rights Project 

22. Oxytocin and Autism 

23. Sphere of Influence (SOI) of the Earth

24. Do you agree be with the demand and that Siachen as a should demilitarized declared protected area? Substantiate.

25. What is `Dirty Bomb'? 

26. The Tropical Butterfly Park, Srirangam 

27. Write a note on India's nano Mission 

28. Section 8(1) (i) of the Right to Information Act.

29. Why The Bedouin were recently in news? 

30. What are Microplastics ?

31. Long March 3-B Rocket.

32. Mt. Gox.

33. Write a critical of the note its on wild India's tigers. of efforts. Has India succeeded in its mission?
(200 Words)

34. What are India Judicial highlights Appointments Commission Bill, 2013 (JAC Bill)? Do you think the provisions of the bill affect judicial independence? Substantiate. 

35. Do you think the recent WTO deal at Bali is a revival for the multilateral organisation? How will it boost exports? 

36. Pulichantala Project. 

37.What are implications of crisis in Thailand over its trade with India? 

38. What are facilities provided by the government for the welfare of Senior Citizens?

39. "The recommended higher percentage of devolution of Central taxes to states, coupled with the higher grant to states recommended by the Finance Commission, would result in less resources for expenditure." Comment on the statement in the light of states' demand for tax share from the Union government. 

40. Highlight the contribution of Indian diaspora to the politics and economy of Singapore during last few decades. (200 Words)

41. "School feeding can only help if the other major elements that are prerequisites for learning are also in place." Assess the performance of India's mid day meal scheme in improving the overall quality of primary education in India. What are the `prerequisites' mentioned in the statement that are required in the Indian context? Elaborate. (250 Words)

42. Kaam Maango Abhiyan 

43. Write a short note on the recent crisis in the Central African Republic. How was the international reaction to this crisis? (200 Words)

44. Recently there was lot of concern regarding treatment meted out to South Asian Laborers by the Qatari contractors and the inaction by the Qatar government in safeguarding immigrants rights? What measures has India taken in this regard ? Examine by highlighting the plight of immigrants in Qatar. (200 Words)

 45. What is NATGRID? Explain how its provisions will strengthen India's security structure? (250 words)

46. What are the advantages of Bitocoin? Explain in the Indian context. (200 Words)

47. Explain in  Differentiate between copyright and copyleft. (100 words)

49. Words  "Jade Rabbit" rover. (50 Words) 

50. Critically comment on the issue of `rights'  associated with the recent judgement by the Supreme Court in the case of Suresh Kumar Koushal and another v. NAZ Foundation and others. (200 Words)

51. What is GAAR ? Explain.

52. What implications Zone does China's have Air Identification  on Defence (ADIZ) India?  Comment. 

53. Enumerate any ten important rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document. Do you think India has succeeded in granting all of its citizens these rights fully? Examine.

54. What is Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)? How is it beneficial to India? Explain. 

55. Do you think the Women's Reservation Bill which is pending in the Parliament would benefit poor and rural women from non political backgrounds? Why is there an opposition to the passing of the bill from certain political parties? Comment.

56. Shimla Agreement

57. Artical 51(A)

58. What are Lok Adalat ?

59. Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Surakhsha Yojna

60. Buddhist Monasteries in Lahaul & Spiti.

61. Latitude and Longitude of Himachal Pradesh

62. Tropical Zones of Himachal Pradesh

63. Shivalik

64. Any Five Passes of Himachal

65. Vedic Names of the Rivers Beas, Chenab, Satluj, Ravi, Yamuna

66. History of Pong Dam ?

67. Bhagsunath

68. Pir Panjal

69. History of Kalka Shimla Railway ( 200 words )

70. Pin Valley

71. Author of the book - Adobe of God

72. Author of the book - Dharti hai Balidaan ki

73. Oldest Princely State in Himachal Pradesh

74. Locations of the following Places:

   Handur Fort
   Rang Mahal
   Maukot Fort
   Loh Tikri Stone Inscription
   Dibrikothi and Saichu Nala Inscription

75. Founder of the following Places:


76. History of Baijnath Temple ( 200 words )

77. Fairs
       Fulaich Fair (100 Words)
       Gasota Fair
       Pori Fair
       Sippi Fair
       Chrewal Fair

78.  Lake of Moon

79. Shahnahar Pariyojna

80. Mukhyamantri Adarsh Krishi Gaon Yojna

81. ICDP project

82. RUSA

83. Mahila Kalyan Board

84. Assistance under `Mukhya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojna', to be raised from 21000? How much to be raised ?

85. Why these were in the news :

       Arvind Kejriwal
       Gen. V. K. Singh
       Devyani Khobragade
       Shashi Kant Sharma
       Lalu Prasad Yadav
       Nelson Mandela

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