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Shale Gas : Is It A Viable Source Of Energy For India

Energy as from the beginning of its Invention has dramatically Changes the Mindset and the World Around us Whether it was  Invention of steam then Coal and now  Crude oil ,with new form coming as CNG’ s and LPG’s etc, but all these are not permanent , rather they all are near to the extinction specially the coal and crude oil reserves and as the world is progressing towards a new future , now with a new era there needs are changing so as the power consumption needs of the people , Increase in population have directly increased the power needs and requirements but we already facing shortage and since many such natural resources are decreasing Day by Day ,
there is a sincere need for mankind to search  for other viable options around us, And one of such option is Recently Emerged basically in abundance in USA but have created a worldwide impact on other countries and given another ray of hope in energy sector specially to the energy deficient countries , the resource is Shale .

Shale Gas is Basically Extracted from the Pores of Shale Rock deep in the Waterbeds of fresh water source because Shale Rock Exists in the fresh water so there is a need  for lot of fresh water , then after assuring the Shale Rock reserves A Mixture is injected into the rocks and then the pores are formed which evolves Shale gas which is further Trapped after wards used  it , This is typical Extraction of shale gas and now let’s focus on the Application and features with some short comings .

Shale Gas : Features, Application And Issues :

 Since Shale Gas is Widely extracted and now used in USA so we need to discuss its features and application and there is also a need to see the possible harm of the Shale Gas .

Features :

*             Extracted from Fresh water beds , from Shale rock so that is why the gas evolved named as Shale Gas

*             A mixture of Chemical and an Heavily Equipped Mechanism id used to extract the Shale Gas .

*            Since no Burning , Neither any pollution been caused in the process of the extraction and further in use so    it is considered as clean source of energy as per the atmospheric perspective is concerned but there could be   some negative effects on the Water from which it is extracted .

*             It can be a Viable Option when found in Abundance For example in USA .

*             Since it is a Natural Gas SO further it does not pollute the Atmosphere and no threat for “Global    Warming “ As said by many experts but their opinion differs on the way of extraction .

Applications :

*             Can be used as an alternative to the already deficient resources and can ease the pressure hence put on them .

*             Viable for the country Extracting the resource as it can Boost the Economy , We have seen the Affect its invention has                 caused in USA their long term limping Economy has got a Boost and now they are not only extracting and using rather they         are also Exporting it to other countries.

*             It can dramatically reduce burden from the resource if it cannot alter them and their use but can be of a Big help.

*             Reduce the increasing percentage of  Green House Gases such as Carbon Dioxide , Methane , Nitrous Dioxide  from the             Atmosphere  as it is termed as Natural Gas but this is also a matter of Discussion . 

*             Bring Down the Growing Rates of the oil and other Gases as it has been already brought down the usage in USA we have           already seen that when Shale was Invented then it was 12 $ and now it has been reduced 3$ .

Since we have discussed the features and application of this form of energy , there is an Enormous need to also Assess the Shortcomings from Using or Extraction of this Gas Cause .

 Some Issues:

*             Due to use of Chemical Injection for the extraction of this Gas , it can cause the Water Unfit for Drinking purposes as the gas is extracted from fresh water beds .

*             The more extraction , the more harm to the fresh water living aquatic animals , mad made and ma carried Extraction can cause a great to already in danger of extinction of aquatic life of the water .

*             With the Shale gas , There is also a Fear of Methane gas Leakage which can cause harm to both the water where it is spread and to the nearby atmosphere .

      Since Shale Gas is in abundance for USA so it can cater their needs but for instance in United Kingdom or France similarly for India where there is less availability of fresh water and Shale rocks this extraction can drastically effect the country’s environment, so it is not advisable of water deficient countries to carry out an operation in the way for Shale Gas .

Above Section we have discussed the important things of Shale Gas for m its Extraction to the market effect and the possible hamper it could do to the environment but we have to further investigate whether this shale gas could be of some help for India which we will discuss in the next section .

Shale Gas : As in India’s View 

India as like rest of world is also Quiet excited by this form of Natural resource and they are trying their best to spread it in all the countries so that their exports could gain and reduction in imports specially of crude oil and LPG, CNG etc.

Now, let’s get back to towards India , for now there has been some attempts already made to know about this natural resource and its application and further it’s uses in the present context . One step has already been taken in that way by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas  by identifying six places in our country which may have some Shale resource those places are Cambey Basin, Assam Basin, Gondwana Basin, Godavari Basin, Kaveri Basin , Indo-Gangtic Plain , these all places are in the Process of study and data collecting further after that there could some report on it .
The Government has set up an Draft Policy to take care of the matter of whole Shale Gas and further basic Extraction and implementation policy are yet to be decided now ,for India if we find some concrete evidence on Shale Gas Reserves ,is it a viable option , may be Yes or may be not that time will decide but for now let’s discuss the possible merits and demerits of the Shale Gas for India.

Merits of Shale for India :

*             Can be a rope to a falling person or seriously to a falling Economy of India but can be if and only if Successfully Harnessed .

*             Since new Industry would be set up so more Employment can be a boom for the Unemployed of this country .

*             Can take Some Burden Off Coal, as is exploited to a large extent and this can certainly reduce it .

*             Reduce the demand for other fuels such as Oils, CNG, LPG etc as India is already energy deficient in there .

*             Since it is a clean form of energy so the position of India in pollution Index Listing in world Can come dramatically  Down.

Problems for India in Shale Gas :

*             Land Acquisition a major difference between India a Quasi-Federal  Union from USA  complete Federal            state Could caus some problems for India.

*             Again, India is a water scarce state , we largely depend on Monsoon for fresh water and Shale Gas is only    found in fresh  water which could be a possible problem from Indian Context .

*             Similar Problems as USA is facing about possible Environmental  hazards which could be a spot on the Shirt could  not be easily Removable .

*             Policy Paralysis is a  very Strong problem in India and currently in our country many policies have already been unde   Scanner .

*             We are not as much as Technologically Advanced as the USA which itself is a Very Grave Concern to look Into.

To  sum up there are some advantage but on the same road some Grave concerns regarding it, Further we would move to conclusion Section.


 This is very New And relatively   not experimented though for India for  the time being but in past we have seen such things have Changed the whole perspective of the time being According to me Shale Gas is not a Viable resource form India’s Point of view Because I Think we should wait for Some time before Hurriedly Flowing into the stream and further in USA too  There  has been a lot of voices Raised against the Shale Gas and mainly IT’s  Extraction way and it’s Possible effect on  Environmental benefits Because we Know that many things which could benefits us in Short Run Can be hazardous in Long Run , In USA the government has form an EPA whose once a report on it has come which had made much negative on Shale but due to much Protest a new Report Is expected To hit I this year and the I think the things will get much clear about the Shale and its Effect on the Environment .

I think we should first Have Access to the proper  information about Shale and its usage for  India  In the present Scenario , it’s merits and demerits as in Indian View everything regarding Shale should be properly taken care and then considering and thinking the proper decision should be taken but for now Yes Shale gas is a new form of Energy and we Indian People Should be Cautious Welcome It, Before Applying Consider every aspect of it .

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