[History] Simla Deputation

Simla Deputation :

In 1906 a group of Muslim landed magnates and chieftains organized a deputation of Lord Minto, the Viceroy, at Simla and pleaded for a few concession to the Muslim community of India.

The Simla Deputation, the meeting came to be called, was a pre-arranged affair. And it is said that the Deputation that waited upon Lord Minto was actually a British move.

However, within a few months following the Simla Deputation a political forum of the communalist Muslims emerged. Nawab Salimullah of Dacca took initiative in organizing a conference of the communalist Muslims in which a resolution was adopted in favour of the foundation of the All India Muslim League.

Accordingly the All India Muslim League was founded in 1906.

Objectives of the Muslim League:

The All India Muslim League was formed under the initiative of Nawab Salimulla of Dacca in 1906 with the following objectives .

(1) To promote among the Mussalmans of India a feeling of loyalty to the British government.

(2) To protect and advance the political rights and interests of the Mussalmans of India, and to represent their needs and aspirations to the British government.

(3) To prevent the rise among Mussalmans of India of any feeling of hostility towards other ; communities. Above were the objectives with which the All India Muslim League was founded.

Idea of a Separate State:

In the Lahore session of the Muslim League held in 1940 Jinnah put forward the Two-Nation theory. The theory explained the Hindus and Muslims of India as two different nations and on the basis of the theory a Resolution was adopted at the Lahore Conference demanding a separate State for the Muslims of India This Resolution laid the foundation of Pakistan.

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