Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (HPAS/HAS): Political Science Mains Exam Syllabus

Detailed SYLLABUS for Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (HPAS/HAS) Mains Examination

Political Science



Political Theory:
1.  The State: Theories of Origin of the State: Historical or Evolutionary Theory, Social Contract Theory, Marxist Theory.

2.  Theories of Function of States: Liberal-welfare Theory, Marxist Theory.
3.  The Concept of Sovereignty: Monistic and Pluralistic Views.
4.  Key Concepts: Rights, Property, Liberty, Equality, Justice and Law.
5.  Political Theories: Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism, Marxism and Anarchism.

6.  Concept of Government Forms of Government, Parliamentary and Presidential System, Unicameralism and Bicameralism, Federal and Unitary System, Theory of Separation of Powers, Electoral System.
7.  Power, Legitimacy and Authority.


1.  The Nature and Impact of British Colonial Rule in India.
2.  Indian National Movement and Political Development Since from 1885. (The Emphasis on this Section will be on a Thorough Knowledge of Forces and Ideas that led to Institutional changes. There will be no Specific Question on Acts)
3.  Indian System of Government:
(a)  Executive (President, Prime Minister, Cabinet).
(b) Legislature and Judiciary.
(c) State Government Structure: The Interaction among Executive, Legislature and Judicial Institutions at Union and State Level.
(d) Federal Structure and Dynamics: State of Federal Polity Today.
(e) Role of Bureaucracy in Socio-Economic Development.
(f) Civil Liberties, Human Rights.
(g) Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy.
(h) Amending Process.
(i) Political Parties: Their Ideology, Social Base and Political Performance.
(j) Pressure Groups in India.
(k) Role of Caste in Indian Politics, Communalism, Regionalism, Regional Imbalances and Regional Movements

Note: Emphasis will be on the Study of Institutional Structure and their actual Working.



1.  Decolonisation, Emergence of New Nations and Its Implications on nature of International Relations.
2.  Cold War –Origin, Development, D├ętente, Post-Cold War World Order with Special Reference to the Disintegration of the U.S.S.R.
3.  Concept of Non-alignment –Development of Non-alignment Movement, Political and Economic Dimension of Non-alignment Movement, Changing Character of Nonalignment Movement in the Context of Post-Cold War Era.
4.  New International Economic Order: Globalisation, W.T.O., North-South Dialogue, South South Cooperation.
5.  U.N.O: It’s role in the Developing International Order.


1.  Government and Politics of U.K., U.S.A., China & Switzerland.

Note: “Candidates are required to have the Knowledge of the actual Working of Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Political Parties and Pressure Groups of the countries Mentioned Above”.


  1. Sir, please suggest books for political science HPAS mains and if u have any information about NET/SET Political science references too then please share it with us here

    1. Ok Give me Couple of days time,I will tell you the whole books related to Mains and NET/SET

  2. Sir pls suggest books for has present himachal current affairs having new scemes policy .
    History of himachal since 326 BC
    General study and paper 2 of pre Has

  3. Sir pls suggest books for has present himachal current affairs having new scemes policy .
    History of himachal since 326 BC
    General study and paper 2 of pre Has

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