Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions - Random

1. Who is Forest Minister?

(A) Thakur Gulab Singh (B) Dr. Rajeev Bindal
(C) Kishan Kapoor (D) Thakur Singh Bharmouri
Ans : (D)

2. Who is food and civil supplier Minister?
(A) J.P. Nadda (B) G. S. Bali
(C) Rajiv Bindel (D) none

Ans : (B)

3. Bandli sanctuary located in—
(A) Una (B) Mandi
(C) kullu (D) None
Ans : (B)

4. What are the total No. of Panchayat in Shimla district?
(A) 330 (B) 331
(C) 333 (D) 309
Ans : (B)

5. Moti Mahal located at—
(A) Nahan (B) Una
(C) Mandi (D) Shimla
Ans : (A)

6. How many Panchayts Samitis are there in Una district —
(A) 2 (B) 3
(C) 5 (D) 4

Ans : (C)

7. The book ‘History of Mandi State’ is writhen by—
(A) Manmohan Singh (B) A.K. Kaushal
(C) A.K. Randhawa (D) none
Ans : (A)

8. Which is birth place of C.M. Virbhadra Singh?
(A) Hamirpur (B) Sarahan
(C) Mehatpur (D) Samirpur

Ans : (B)

9. How many DIETS are there in H.P.?
(A) 13 (B) 12
(C) 11 (D) 19
Ans : (B)

10. Give the No. of Govt universities in H.P.?
(A) 2 (B) 3
(C) 4 (D) 5

Ans : (C)

11. Pathankot to Mandi is a NH of No.—
(A) 21 (B) 20
(C) 23 (D) 24
Ans : (B)

12. Tirthan Sanctury is located—
(A) Shimla (B) Kullu
(C) Una (D) none

Ans : (B)

13. What is overall literacy rate of H.P.?
(A) 83.78% (B)86.78%
(C) 80.83% (D) 82.20%

Ans : (A)

14. What is Literacy rate of Female in H.P.?
(A) 67.76% (B) 76.60%
(C) 80.76% (D) 74.67%

Ans : (B)

15. Who built Gouari Shanker Temple in Chamba ?
(A) Sahil Verman (B) Meru Verman
(C) Yuzankar Verman (D) Champavati

Ans : (C)

16. Who built Hidimba Temple in Manali?
(A) RB Singh (B) RS Singh
(C) R.N. Singh (D) none
Ans : (A)

17. What is height of Shimla above sec Level?
(A) 2205 (B) 2206
(C) 2208 (D) None

Ans : (B)

18. How many district are in H.P.?
(A) 13 (B) 14
(C) 12 (D) 19
Ans : (C)

19. Who is district head of Medical Services?
(C) SMO (D) None
Ans : (A)

20. Who is district head of Police?
(C) SP (D) None
Ans : (C)

21. Who is Officer Incharge of Headquarter?
(A) IG (B) DIG
(C) DSP (D) None

Ans : (A)

22. Shri Naina Devi Ji is a Sub-Tehsile of Which district?
(A) Bilaspur (B) Una
(C) Shimla (D) None
Ans : (A)

23. Battle of Haloti fought in which year?
(A) 1650 AD (B) 1670 AD
(C) 1690 AD (D) None

Ans : (B)

24. Who is Founder of Chamba State?
(A) Meru Verman (B) Maru Verman
(C) Hari Chand (D) Sahil Verman
Ans : (B)

25. Who is founder of Jubbel ?
(A) Karam Chand (B) Karan Chand
(C) Karan Prakash (D) Karam Prakash
Ans : (B)

26. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University was established in—
(A) 1980 (B) 1985
(C) 1978 (D) 1977
Ans : (B)

27. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University located in H.P.—
(A) Shimla (B) Nanni
(C) Sundenagar (D) Solan

Ans : (B)

28. Where is place of Publication of Newspaper Ooncha Himalaya?
(A) Una (B) Shimla
(C) Delhi (D) None

Ans : (B)

29. Lahauli Language in Spoken in which area—
(A) Lahaul Spiti (B) Kullu
(C) Pangi (D) Kinnuar

Ans : (A)
30. Gujjar are—
(A) SC (B) ST
(C) OBC (D) None

Ans : (B)

31. Lahaulis are—
(A) ST (B) SC
(C) OBC (D) None
Ans : (A)

32. What is area of Una district?
(A) 1550 sq. km (B) 1540 sq. km
(C) 1550 sq. km (D) 1545 sq. km

Ans : (B)

33. Which district is Most Literate?
(A) Hamirpur (B) Una
(C) Shimla (D) Kangra
Ans : (A)

34. What is Sex Ratio in H.P?
(A) 970:1000 (B) 974:1000
(C) 972:1000 (D) 980:1000
Ans : (B)

35. Dal Lake is located in—
(A) Una (B) Kangra
(C) Chamba (D) Shimla
Ans : (B)

36. Pong Dam is in—
(A) Kangra district (B) Una district
(C) Shimla (D) Hamirpur
Ans : (A)

37. What is height of Shilla Peak ?
(A) 7020 m (B) 7026 m
(C) 7030 m (D) 7050 m
Ans: (B)

38. Who built Maukot fort?
(A) Salim  (B) Salim Shah Suri
(C) A and B (D) None
Ans : (B)

39. Who is the founder of Hamirpur?
(A) Hamir Chand (B) Raja Ram Singh
(C) Deep Chand (D) Bir Sen
Ans : (A)

40. Who is the first C.M. of H.P.?
(A) Y.S. Parmar (B) Y.S. Singh
(C) Y.S. Sharma (D) N.C. Mehta
Ans : (A)

41. In area wise, which is the smallest district?
(A) Una (B) Hamirpur
(C) Bilaspur (D) Sirmaur
Ans : (B)

42. Highest rain occur at—
(A) Una (B) Dharamshala
(C) Shimla (D) Mandi
Ans : (B)

43. Write name of the Constituency of Anil Kumar (MLA) ?
(A) Mandi 61 (B) Mandi 68
(C) Mandi 19 (D) None
Ans : (B)

44. G. S. Bali belongs to which party—
(C) BSP (D) None
Ans : (B)

45. Roop Singh belong to which Party—
(C) BSP (D) None
Ans : (A)

46. Who is Transport Minister?
(A) Sri G. S. Bali (B) Shri S.K. Sharma
(C) Rajeev Bindel (D) Sarveen Chaudhary
Ans : (A)

47. The book ‘Prachin Himachal’ is written by—
(A) L.C. Sharma (B) L.C. Parathi
(C) L.R. Sharma (D) L.P. Pandey
Ans : (D)

 48. Which is the birth place of Shanta Kumar?
 (A) Dharamshala (B) Kangra
(C) Gharjumla (D) Palampur
Ans : (C)

59. Vidya Stokes belong to which district?
(A) Una (B) Shimla
(C) Manipur (D) None
Ans : (B)

50. How many Hospitals are there in Himachal Pradesh?
(A) 79 (B) 80
(C) 81 (D) None
Ans : (A)

51. How many mountain ranges are there in Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Four (B) Three
(C) Two (D) One
Ans : (B)

52. In which mountain range ‘Hamirpur and Una’ Districts are located?
(A) Outer Himalayas (B) Inner Himalayas
(C) Great Himalayas (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

53. Outer Himalayas is known as—
(A) Lower Himalayas (B) Shivalik
(C) Manak (D) All of these
Ans : (D)

54. Where is ‘Dashahar Lake’ Situated?
(A) Near Mandali (Kullu) (B) Rewalsar Town (Mandi)
(C) Dankhar (Sirmaur) (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

55. Which district has been declared as the Mushroom District of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Shimla (B) Solan
(C) Bilaspur (D) Una
Ans : (B)

56. In which District of Himachal Pr Pradesh to produce Sugar beet?
(A) Kullu (B) Sirmor
(C) Kinnour (D) Kangra
Ans : (C)

57. The State Day  or Statehood Day of Himachal Pradesh is—
(A) 15th April (B) 25th January
(C) 26th January (D) 15th May
Ans : (B)

58. The High Court of Himachal Pradesh is in—
(A) Una (B) Hamirpur
(C) Shimla (D) Mandi
Ans : (C)

59. How many Divisions are there in Himachal Pradesh?
(A) 4 (B) 5
(C) 2 (D) 3
Ans : (D)

60. Which of the following is a tributary of Beas river—
(A) Chandra (B) Kunah
(C) Htli (D) Baira
Ans : (B)

61. The location of Himachal Pradesh is—
(A) 32022’ to 34012’ North latitude and 750 47’ to 780 04’ East Longitude
(B) 30022’ to 33012’ North latitude and 75047’ to 79004’ East Longitude
(C) 31022’ to 300 12’ North longitude and 75047’ to 79004’ east longitude
(D) None of these
Ans : (B)

62. The area of Himachal Pradesh is—
(A) 55673 sq km (B) 55574 sq km
(C) 55373 sq km (D) 55272 sq km
Ans : (A)

63. Which of the following district is Renuka lake situated?
(A) Mandi (B) Una
(C) Sirmour (D) Shimla
Ans : (C)

64. In which district Mani Mahesh Lake situated?
(A) Kangra (B) Una
(C) Chamba (D) Palampur
Ans : (C)

65. The river Satluj arise from which of the following Lake—
(A) Bradonsar Lake (B) Kamru Nag Lake
(C) Mani Mahesh Lake (D) Man Sarover Lake
Ans : (D)

66. In which district a Budha monastry was established?
(A) Kangra (B) Lahaul Siti
(C) Una (D) Shimla
Ans : (B)

67. The Idol of Raghu Nath was brought to Kulu frm Ayodhya in—
(A) 1651 A.D. (B) 1751 A.D.
(C) 1851 A.D. (D) 1951 A.D.
Ans : (A)

68. Mandi Town was established by—
(A) Raja Suraj Sen (B) Raja Ajber Sen
(C) Raja Ber Sen (D) None of these
Ans : (B)

69. When was Mandi town established?
(A) 1512 (B) 1517
(C) 1527 (D) 1530
Ans : (C)

70. Where was Ras Bihari Bos Stayed in 1913 A.D.—
(A) Kullu (B) Kangra
(C) Lahaul Spiti (D) Palampur
Ans : (C)

71. The greatest Ruler Raja Rattan Chan ruled over—
(A) Kahloor (B) Bilaspur
(C) Kullu (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

72. In which district the highest pass of Himachal Pradesh is located?
(A) Kangra (B) Kullu
(C) Shimla (D) Lahaul Spiti
Ans : (D)

73. Banganga is tributary of which of the following rivers?
(A) Beas (B) Yamuna
(C) Ganga (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

74. National Institute of Technology is in—
(A) Shimla (B) Chamba
(C) Hamirpur (D) Kullu
Ans : (C)

75. The height of District Shimla is—
(A) 2205 (B) 2305
(C) 2405 (D) 2505
Ans : (A)

76. Which is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh ?
(A) Shimla (B) Hamirpur
(C) Kullu (D) Chama
Ans : (A)

77. Find out the following Place is called ‘Mini Lahasa’—
(A) Solan (B) Kinnaur
(C) Sirmor (D) Dharamshala
Ans : (D)

78. The longest river of Himachal Pradesh is—
(A) Jehlem (B) Beas
(C) Chenab (D) Satluj
Ans : (D)

79. The main religion of People of Lahul Spiti?
(A) Hinduism (B) Christian
(C) Budhism (D) None of these
Ans : (C)

80. Who is the Public works Minister of the State?
(A) Thakur Himmat Singh (B) Thakur Gulab Singh
(C) J.P. Nadda (D) Kishan Kapoor
Ans : (B)

81. Who is the chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Kurian Joseph (B) Narende Bragta
(C) Rajeev Bindal (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

82. When was the first General Election held in Himachal Pradesh—
(A) 1953 (B) 1954
(C) 1952 (D) 1951
Ans : (C) 

83. The old name of Ravi is—
(A) Ravati (B) Ramani
(C) Kalindi (D) Iravati
Ans : (D)

84. Which of the following districts is the biggest in area wise?
(A) Shimla (B) Una
(C) Lahaul Spiti (D) Palampur
Ans : (C)

85. On which river ‘Bhakra Dam’ Project is located?
(A) Satluj (B) Ganga
(C) Ravi (D) Beas
Ans : (A)

86. Which was the first Capital of Nurpur State?
(A) Niyajpur (B) Trigarta
(C) Pathan Kot (D) Shahpur
Ans : (C)

87. When was the Battle of Bhagini fought?
(A) 1586 A.D. (B) 1686 A.D.
(C) 1786 A.D. (D) 1886 A.D.
Ans : (B)

88. The battle of Bhangini was fought between—
(A) Guru Gobind Singh and Sansar Chand (B) Siks and Chande Bhan
(C) Ishwar Sen and Siks (D) Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Bhi Chand of Bilaspur
Ans : (D)

89. When was Gandhi Ji visited Shimla?
(A) 1916 (B) 1917
(C) 1918 (D) 1921
Ans : (D)

90. Gandhi ji Visited Shimla and he stayed at—
(A) Peterhaff (B) Chauki
(C) Shanti Kutir (D) None of these
Ans : (C)

91. Who was the Great General of Ranjit Singh King?
(A) Hari Singh Nalwa (B) Gorkhas
(C) Bhagat Singh (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

92. The book ‘Country Life’ written by—
(A) M. Pallis (B) U.S. Kumar
(C) Nora Richard (D) None
Ans : (C)

93. ‘H.P. Area and Languages’ written by—
(A) Shanta Kumar (B) Dr. Y. S. Parmar
(C) Hari Ram Jasta (D) None of these
Ans : (B)

94. Who is Deputy-Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Assembly?
(A) Sh.Kuldeep Kumar (B) Sh. Dev Raj Negi
(C) Rikhi Ram Kaundal (D) Vijay Kumar Joshi
Ans : (C)

95. Which is the State Bird of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Sparrow (B) Monal
(C) Peacock (D) None of these
Ans : (B)

96. On which river a bridge was constructed in 1894?
(A) Satluj (B) Ravi
(C) Beas (D) Chenow
Ans : (B)

97. Which was the ancient name of Kanga?
(A) Trigarta (B) Nagar
(C) Triartan (D) Kot-kangra
Ans : (A)

98. The Capital of Trigarta was—
(A) Nagoori (B) Nagar
(C) Nagarcot (D) Narvani
Ans : (B)

99. When was Dharam Chand ascended the Kangra Throne—
(A) 1516 (B) 1518
(C) 1524 (D) 1528
Ans : (D)

100. Hamirpur town was established by—
(A) Alam (B) Hamir chand
(C) Bhim Chand (D) Sansar Chand
Ans : (B)


  1. Height of shilla peak 7026 or 7025 meter.

  2. Tell something more about battle of haloti sir.

  3. 98 should be c..nagarkot not naggar.plz check.

    1. ancient name of kangra was trigarta and its capital was prasthala nowdays jalandhar( punjab). medieval name of kangra was nagarkot.so iam confused that the above given option seems wrong to me. answer should have been prasthala but its not been shown as an option.

  4. State bird update

  5. height of shila peak is 7026 mtr., sex ratio is 973/1000(updated) state day of himachal pradesh is perhaps 15th april.lots of question have been answered wrongly above.

  6. i think q. 20 and 57 are wrong.. correct ans will be SP and 15th April

  7. State day is on 25 jan becoz on this day in 1971 indira gandhi announced statehood to himachal pradesh.

  8. Statehood day is 25 Jan and Himachal day is 15 April.

  9. In question 82 first election was held in 1951 but the govt. was formed in 1952

  10. Where is the "Shilla Peak" is exactly located? what is the location on map? it is Doubtful.

  11. In which distt shila peak situated