[Sci-Tech] Robotics

The word robot was first used by the science fiction author Isaac Assima in 1941. A Robot is automatically operated machine that replaces human effort. Though it may or may not resemble human being appearance or can perform human like function. Robotics is a field of science and technology that deals with the design, manufacture of robots which manipulates and processes its function with the help of computer.

Basic Classification of robots: Robots are classified into two major categories based on the nature job performed by them.

Work in which robots can excel human: In this they can accelerated the rate of work, productivity and endurance. Industrial robots are of this category.

Works in which Human are better than robots: Military and Domestic is areas were human outperform the robots as it requires high degree of sensibility to accomplish these sophisticated tasks.

Types Of Robots

Industrial Robots: These are automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move with various degree of freedom.

Domestic Robots: Robots used for household course. It includes indoor and outdoor functions. Demobot, is the highest level of domestic robot used for household course. It gets automatically connected to Wi-Fi Network.

Chat Bots: These are virtual robots which are programmed and designed to simulate like a real robot, it displays an almost human like ability to hold a conversation. Speech Interpretation Recognition Interface (SICI) is type of Chat Bot which helps users with large natural language data base.

Humanoid Robot: These have overall physical appearance very much symmetrical to that of human body. These are autonomous robots because they adopt changes as per the environment. Humanoid robot can perform wide range of task including its own maintenance. ASIMO made to Honda Motor, Japan is of this kind of robot. It resembles a small astronaut wearing a back pack and can run at the speed of 6 Km/Hr.

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