[Strategy] Strategy for Science & Technology, Environment & Current Affairs

 General Science & Technology:



General Science Section is one of the important section and many direct and easy questions appear in the exam although this section needs lot of practice. Some latest questions related to Technology may be asked e.g. Nuclear Energy, Nano technology, Computer Science, Latest Happenings in Medical Field etc

Essential Booklist:

1. Any GS Manual is enough for this section.

2. NCERT/NIOS of Class 9th, 10th Science [ If you don't have GS manual]

3. Science background students don't need any other books if they have reference books of 11th and 12th PCB[Physics,Chemistry,Biology].

4. For Latest technology related News read Magazines/Newspaper [The Hindu Thursday Edition/ Science Reporter and Internet]

Nuclear Energy, Nano technology, Computer Science, Latest Happenings in Medical Field etc

In this Section 3-4 questions of Physics appears while Chemistry and Biology sections dominates, so around 10 questions or more questions appears from these sections. 

Environment & Biodiversity:

In this Section questions appears about the Environmental Phenomenons, Biodiversity and Ecology.

There are two kind of categories of Questions in this Section:

1. Theoretical Questions
2. Current Events Related to Environment & Biodiversity. 

Essential Books:

Theoretical Part:

1. Any Book That Covers Theoretical Part of Environment and Biodiversity  or  IGNOU/NIOS Books Related to EnB

2. GS Manual also covers Some Topics, but Not all the Topics so You need some standard reference books

3. Internet is full of Good material but be smart in choosing what to read and How much to read.

4. Topics related to Disaster Management

Current Events Related to Environment & Biodiversity

1. Newspaper TheIndianExpress/The Hindu

2. Magazines
3. Internet

Misc Questions/Current Affairs:

Current Affairs
Books and Author
Person In News
Places in News
International events and Happenings and XYZ other topics etc

Essential Books:

India 2014

India Yearbook 2014 [ A must Buy ]
2. Internet
3. Any Magazine
4. Newspaper

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