[SSC CGL Books] Best Books for SSC CGL - Tier-1 and Tier-2 (English and Hindi Medium)

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) holds Combined Graduate Level examination (SSC-CGL) every year wherein thousands of post for the various profiles are filled by the commission. The exam is held in three stages called as Three Tier Examination. First two tiers are having the written test whereas the third stage is of a personality test. The exam is usual and nothing so tough about it but
unpredictable at times. Here we are providing the pattern of examination and the books recommended for the preparation.

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New Scheme of Examination of  SSC CGL:

New Syllabus of SSC-CGL Notification Published on 1st July, 2016.

Latest News (01.07.2016):

SSC CGL 2016 will be a computer based test (online examination). Tier 1 and 2 will be held online. Tier 3 will be descriptive type test.

Download New Exam Pattern Notice

Latest News : SSC CGL Age Limit Increased – New Age Limit of 20 to 30 years will be effective from 2017, No interviews for any post
Tier -1 : (Computer Based Test)

 General Awareness

 General Intelligence and Reasoning 

 Quantitative Aptitude



Time : 75 Minutes
Negative Marking : -0.50
Total Number of Questions: 100
Sectional Cut off : No

Tier -2 :

Those who qualify in the Tier-I, have to appear for Tier-II. But unlike the UPSC mains, the SSC tier-II doesn’t have descriptive paper. You just have to face Multichoie Questions (MCQ).



 Negative Marking
 Paper 1 (Maths)


    2 Hours
 - 0.50
 Paper 2 (English)


    2 Hours
 - 0.25



Tier-3 :

Descriptive Paper (Pen and Paper Mode)

Descriptive Paper in English/Hindi (writing of Essay/Precis/Letter/Application Writing etc).

Maximum Marks = 100 , Time = 1 hour

(Books for Descriptive Paper SSC CGL is at the End of post)

Tier-4 :
Data Entry Skill Test  (DEST) / Computer  Proficiency  Test (CPT) (wherever  applicable)

Only Qualifying

....Thereafter NO Interviews....

Studyplan for SSC CGL :

SSC CGL is very Important exam and it requires Proper Planning and then execution of your Studyplan. Here are few Important things I want to advise you that will surely help you.

1. First thing is you have to be positive in your approach i.e. You don not need to worry that You Maths is not good or English is poor, no one born learned. Perfection comes with Practice. So don't ever doubt your abilities and keep practicing. Beginning always seems tough but with time and experiences things become simpler.

2. Maths/Quant  is main Scoring section in SSC CGL in both the Tiers, So most important thing is to do well in this section. For this You need conceptual clarity in all the topics. For this purpose you can solve NCERT maths books 7th to 10th or You can clear basics from some Good books e.g. I have mentioned below in the post. When basics are clear try to move to next level and try to solve practice sets as much as possible. Try to challenge yourself and don't hesitate to solve most of the problems. Remember more you practice more speed and accuracy can be achieved which is indeed very important in this exam.

3. For maths there is a Practice book of Previous Years Papers questions, this book Serves two things, First is that it gives you the idea of pattern and type of question asked in SSC exams and second is that it is very good for practicing like practice sets. So this book is extremely important. I have mentioned this book below in the Post.

4. Now comes English Section for SSC CGL exam, this Section is also very important in both the Tiers. So The problem lies that how to approach English Language, most of us try to learn it but in manner in which we don't give that much importance to grammar part. But for SSC exams you need to prepare accordingly grammatical rules. For that you need to have a Good Grammar that is easily understandable and also good for practicing. Second thing you need is to work on your vocabulary part. For building good vocabulary you need to do some efforts and believe me it can be improved in within 3 months time. For this You need to Read a English Newspaper regularly and try to note down maximum words/phrases/difficult words in a separate notebook assigned only for Vocabulary building. Also Try to read Norman Lewis's Books mentioned below in the post, they are really very useful.

5. English for SSC CGL also needs good practice. So for practicing there is a previous years question papers book. This book is really very useful and also gives an understanding the SSC CGL pattern in English section.  So along with a good grammar follow these practice sets that will be very beneficial. I have mentioned all the good books below in the post for English section.

6. Reasoning or General Intelligence in SSC CGL is easiest and one of scoring section in only Tier 1. So a Good reasoning book is all you need plus previous years papers.

7. General Knowledge is one of the difficult section in SSC CGL exam, so you also need to work hard to get 30-35 marks in this section. For this Follow a GS manual for this Section or Lucent GK/ Arihant GK along with Objective Question Book of Lucent or Arihant. Some current also needed to be learned. But remember one thing this section will need a lot of study of GK so read as much as you can. I have mentioned some very Useful and Best books for SSC CGL exam do go through them.

Books Recommended for Tier -I and Tier-II :

Previous Years Papers Questions : Very Useful

These previous papers questions are best by Kiran Publishers for Practice Specially Maths, Reasoning and English. Highly Recommended for all SSC Aspirants.


These previous papers questions are best by Kiran Publishers for Practice Specially Maths, Reasoning and English. Highly Recommended for all SSC Aspirants.


SSC General Awareness - Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 totill Date (8425+Objective Question) by Kiran Prakashan (English) / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

SSC Reasoning - Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 to till Date 6200 + Objective Question by Kiran (English)  / Here

Hindi  Edition 
 / Here

SSC Mathematics - Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 to till Date 5800 + Objective Question by Kiran (English)  / Here

Hindi Edition 
 / Here

Hindi Edition  / Here


General Awareness / Knowledge :

This section consist of 50 Questions of General Knowledge SSC CGL questions Related to History, Geography, Polity, Social-Economics Development, Science & Technology, Environment and Current Affairs. So here are few highly Recommended books for this Section. I have also mentioned Hindi medium books for SSC CGL. 

Apart from NCERT/NIOS Books, General studies manual is very important because it covers almost whole syllabus for the Prelims and will be useful in mains in some parts, it is having Last years of Question papers as well as the breakdown of questions. Apart from this will cover History, Geography, Polity, Economic & Social Development, Environment & Biodiversity, Science and GK. So this is Must buy book for all CSE or State PSC, Not only this book is useful for only CSE students but it is very important for Every Competition Exam where General Knowledge/General Studies is asked in the Exam and its One time investment. So Without any Doubt Go for this Book.

1. Tata MacgrawHill General Studies Manual (English) / Here

2. Tata MacgrawHill General Studies  Manual (Hindi) / Here

Although I will recommend Tata MacgrawHill  manual then I rate Arihant's GS Manual 2nd best.

Arihant General Studies Manual / Here  (English)

Arihant General Studies Manual Here  (Hindi)  

If you Don't Want to read these GS manuals then choose other Concise GK books here :

1. Lucent'sGeneral Knowledge (English) / HereThis is One of the best book for GK, it almost covers whole syllabus and also useful for many other exams. So a Must buy book. Book is in English Medium and have 662 Pages. Book is Updated and at the same time it is available at very low cost.

2. Lucent's Samanya Gyan (Hindi) / Here 

This is One of the best book for GK, it almost covers whole syllabus and also useful for many other exams. So a Must buy book. Book is in Hindi Medium and have 500 Pages. Book is Updated and at the same time it is available at very low cost.

Lucent's Vastunishta Samanya Gyan (Hindi) / Here

This is a Book which consist of Objective questions on History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Environment, Science and Technology. This is quite useful book for many other exams too.

4. Arihant General Knowledge (English) Here

 Arihant General Knowledge (Hindi) 

This is also Very good Book which cover the whole syllabus, book is in both Hindi and English Medium. A must buy book. Less in Cost.

GK Section Wise Best Books SSC CGL:

History, Geography, Environment & Biodiversity Parts will be nicely covered in Tata Macgraw Hill GS Manual or Arihant GS manual but for some section You may want to study in detail so these are very useful and best books for GK in SSC CGL.

Modern History :

Brief History of Modern India- Spectrum / Here

Hindi / Here

Polity :

Indian Polity - M. Laxmikanth / Here 

Hindi / Here

Science :

Arihant General Science /  Here

Hindi / Here


Lucent General Science / Here

Hindi / Here

Economy :

Indian Economy - Ramesh Singh / Here

Hindi / Here

Previous Years Papers Questions :

SSC General Awareness - Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 totill Date (8425+Objective Question) by Kiran Prakashan (English) / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

General Intelligence and Reasoning :

This Section Consist of 50 questions of Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning So here are the books which will cover all the syllabus and books are also useful for other Competitive Exams. So these are must buy books.

1. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoing by R. S. Aggarwal  / Here
This is the best book in Reasoning with lots of Questions and solid basics.
Covers Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
Covers Analytical and Logical Reasoning.
If you Want to choose only Verbal Reasoning Part by R. S. Aggarwal then Choose this One :

This Book is Best Book Available for Analytical Part with lots of questions for Practice. Best Part of this Book is the Great Conceptual Approach and problem solving methods. Syllogism, Statement, assumptions, Input output, Puzzles ect are the some topics which are explained Very Well. This Book is Very much needed for every Exam where Reasoning is asked whether its UPSC CSE exam or bank Exams or SSC Exams. This is one time investment and provides Great material. 

3. New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal by Arihant  / Here

This book is also very Good covers almost all the topics of Reasoning, nicely written and have lots of questions for practice.

4. Competitive Reasoning Verbal and Non Verbal Fully Solved: Question Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability by Kiran Publication / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

Believe me this book is better than RS Aggarwal Reasoning book, reason is this book is up to date and have very good basics and includes last few years previous questions and standard of difficulty is very good. Book is written in a very lucid manner and very easy to understand the concepts and practice. Fully solved and lots of question for practice.

Previous Years Papers Questions :

SSC Reasoning - Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 to till Date 6200 + Objective Question by Kiran (English)  / Here

Hindi  Edition 
 / Here

Apart form these there are many books but these are best ones. These are Useful for almost Every Exam, so choose wisely, if you have one of them already then no need to buy. but in case you don't have then choose one of them.

Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CGL :

This Section Consist of 50 Questions of Quantitative Aptitude which includes Simplifications, LCM/HCF, Number System, Roots, Fractions, Average, Percentage, Loss & Profit, Ratio and Proportion, geometry, trigonometry, quadratic equations etc. So here are the highly recommended books for this section.
This book is a Amazing book with Very good basics and shortcuts and lot of Questions for practice. It covers almost whole syllabus, Book is very Useful for SSC, IBPS, and all other exams. Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry and many other topics are give very good quality and depth. 

Go for this book its not very costly, covers almost everything, written nicely and the book you were looking for.

2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant / Here

Hindi Edition 

This book is also very good book Covers whole syllabus and shortcuts are given. Book is written very beautifully and have very good basics. I will say this is one of the best book.

Data interpretation is also included.

3. Quantitative Aptitude Numerical Ability by Kiran Publication / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

This book is another brilliant book for Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical ability with all formulas, shortcuts and lot of fully solved questions. Data interpretation is also included. This is one of the best book for SSC CGL for Quantitative Aptitude.

Previous Years Papers Questions :

Paramount Books :

2. Advance Maths for General Competitions (English) by Paramount

Hindi  Edition 

Rakesh Yadav SSC Books are Good : Here

Some Other Good Books :

1. Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Aggarwal / Here

Hindi  Edition / Here

2. Magical Book On Quicker Maths by M. Tyra / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

3. Quantitative Aptitude by Abhijit Guha (Tata McGraw Hill) / Here

4. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by Pearson / Here

Data Interpretation :
(Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency etc)

For This section and great practice follow one of these books

1. Data Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Arihant / Here 
(best without any Doubt, also very useful for SSC, Bank Exams etc)

Hindi  Edition / Here

2. Data Analysis Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Kiran Publication / Here (Another brilliant book)

Hindi Edition / Here

3. An Advanced Approach to Data Interpretation by R.S. Aggarwal / Here (Good Book)

4. Data Interpretation by BSC Publishers / Here ( Really Good Book)

English Language for SSC CGL :

English Section is a very important section but it is not very difficult section, you can go through any Good English Grammar and composition book.

If you are looking for a multipurpose Book For English Grammar and Composition then I will Suggest to choose any one of the mentioned below, these books are also useful for CSAT, SSC, SBI, IBPS PO/CLK and many other Exams.

1. Objective General English by SP Bakshi (Arihant) / Here 

Just Go for it. Beautifully Written and lot of practice questions are included. This is best Book I have gone through.

2. Lucent General English / Here 

Amazing book for SSC CGL English, A must have book. Beautifully Written and lot of practice questions are included.

3. Objective English for Competitive Exams by Tata McGraw Hill / Here
This is another Good book for all the Exams. 

4. Objective General English by R. S. Aggarwal / Here

This is another great book by RS Aggarwal.

This Book covers Verbal ability and Comprehension Part very well. In depth and detail.

6. Compulsory Englishfor Civil & Judicial Services ( Mains) by Tata McGraw Hill / Here
I found this book quite useful for various exams.

Some Other Best Book of English for SSC CGL:

1. S.S.C. English: PT & Mains - Previous Papers Till 2014 by Ajay K. Singh / Here (Excellent Book)

2. A Mirror Of Common Errors (English+Hindi) 
by Ashok Kumar Singh / Here (Excellent Book)

3. A Handbook of Spotting Errors by Hari Prasad / Here 

Previous Year Papers Questions :

For Vocabulary Building & English Complete Command :

Best Books till Date, If you strictly follow these books and try to improve your English I can bet you will improve very quickly within a couple of months and in 6 months your English will be at a different level.

1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis / Here

2. How To Read Better & Faster by Norman Lewis / Here

3. Speak Better Write Better English by Norman Lewis / Here

4. Better English by Norman Lewis / Here

5. The Comprehensive Word Guide by Norman Lewis / Here

6. 30 days to More Powerful Vocabulary by Norman Lewis / Here

More Books By Norman Lewis Click Here / Here

Complete Coaching Material for SSC CGL :

Overall Good Study Material and Good Test Series too. 4 Point out of 5.

Useful Practice Sets for SSC CGL :

Arihant Practice Sets for SSC CGL 

1. ArihantSSC - Combined Graduate Level Pre. Examination: 30 Practice Sets / Here


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