[Environment] Damages Caused by Deforestation to Our Environment

Damage due to reduction of forest cover and deforestation is of enormous proportion. Forests provide many environmental benefits for all living beings and touch upon nearly all aspects of human activities. Forests influence the rainfall through a recycling of moisture back into the atmosphere through transpiration. Deforestation breaks this natural water cycle. It affects rainfall, wind velocity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration greatly, and thus, influences the gaseous composition of the atmosphere.

Soil erosion due to deforestation leads to reduction in the area of cultivable land and at the same time poses a threat of flash floods. It also changes the course of rivers. On e of the consequences of deforestation is scanty rainfall, erratic rainfall, and drought. All these have serious consequences on agricultural output. This may lead to malnutrition, starvation, diseases, and death.

As an example of the undesirable effects caused due to deforestation, we can take the area of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. This area used to have a large and dense forest cover and used to record the highest rainfall in the country. But in recent years there has been such a relentless deforestation of this area that only a few trees have been left standing. This has resulted in the adverse changes in the climate. The rainfall in this area has become erratic.

Man is surrounded by greed or lust to earn more. Industrialization induces vacating the land and fixing rocks of industry or towers for industrial offices. This process is rightly described by the people, who visited New York and saw the high building with no trees near about, ‘This city of rocks’, dwells and exposed to all roots of danger for humanity’. In the same way land grabbers are capturing the forests and making big buildings. Deforestation not only involves the tree destruction but also manages the wild animals. They as much block the natural circle and this ultimately results into race destruction. This action ahs long-lasting effect on the survival of human race.

The polluted environment can cast severe effects on human life. Value of trees should be explained to all the people and they should be encouraged to include tree plantation in our traditional life. There is an effective saying that everybody should plant a tree on his birthday every year. In the same manner, presenting trees as birthday gift should be popularized. This will help us to restore tree forestation as much as we can.

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