[UPSC Mains GS3] Paper III : GS3: Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

Paper III : GS3: Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

Important Books

New Arrival : IAS Mains General Studies - Technology Economic Development Bio Diversity Environment, Security & Disaster Management (Paper 3) - Arihant

  1. Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations - Ramesh Singh (Indian Economy – GS3)
  2. Economic Survey (2013-14) (Indian Economy – GS3)
  3. India YearBook 2014  (Indian Economy – GS3)
  4. Science and Technology in India – Kalpana Rajaram : Spectrum. or Here (Science and Technology – GS3)
  5. Environmental Studies from Crisis to Cure 2nd Edition – R.Rajagoplan. ( Environment – GS3)
  6. India’s National Security: A Reader. (Internal Security – GS3)
  7. Disaster Management / Here  (Disaster Management – GS3)
  8. Indian Economy - Dutt & Sundharam (Indian Economy – GS3) [Optional]
  9. Indian Econmy - Mishra & Puri (Indian Economy – GS3) [Optional]
  10. IAS Mains Civil Services Main Examination: General Studies Chapter-wise Solved Papers. [Question Papers]

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Detailed Studyplan and Booklist

Topic 1 : Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment.

Essential NCERT textbooks
  1. NCERT Class X – Understaning Economic Development 
  2. NCERT Class XI – Indian Economic Development
  3. NCERT Class XII – Macroeconomics
Don’t go for Uma Kapila, Dutt and Sundaram and Mishra Puri unless you have a lot of time.

Topic 2 : Inclusive growth and issues arising from it

Topic 3 : Government Budgeting

  • NCERT Class XII – Macroeconomics (Chapter 5)

Topic 4 :
Major crops cropping patterns in various parts of the country, different types of irrigation and irrigation systems; storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints;e-technology in the aid of farmers

  • NCERT – Resources and Development
For cropping pattern read this topic
  • Cropping Pattern in India
For irrigation methods, irrigation systems and Irrigation in India, read these topics
  • Irrigation Methods
  • Types of Dams (storage structures)
  • Irrigation types
For agriculture marketing, storage and reforms in these areas, one should resort to ‘State of India Agriculture report’ and Economic Survey.
  • Agriculture Marketing Reforms
  • Agricultural Prices and Markets – State of India Agriculture Report
E-technology for the aid of Farmers read this topic
  • E-technology in the aid of farmers

Topic 5 : Issues related to direct and indirect farm subsidies and minimum support prices; Public Distribution System- objectives, functioning, limitations, revamping; issues of buffer stocks and food security; Technology missions; economics of animal-rearing

Sources : Newspapers

Minimum Support Price and Farm Subsidies:
  • Agriculture – Price Policy and MSP
News Articles (to develop opinion)
  • Farms need a free market -BusinessLine
  • How to fix agricultural pricing mess – Business Standard
  • India’s food conundrum – The Hindu
Public Distribution System
  • Public Distribution System – IGNOU Notes – 1
  • Public Distribution System and Food Security – IGNOU Notes – 2
News Articles;
  • Food Security Bill – The devil is in the detail – The Hindu
  • The shaky geopolitics of India’s food security – The Hindu
Basics of Food Security - NCERT source – Class IX Economics
 Technology Missions in Agro:

Economics of Animal Breeding –  Study it here

Topic 6 : Food processing and related industries in India- scope and significance, location, upstream and downstream requirements, supply chain management.

Food Processing

Topic 7 : Land reforms in India

   IGNOU material

Topic 8 : Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth

Topic 9 : Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc

Topic 10 : Investment models


Topic 11 :

- Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life

- Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

-Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nano-technology, bio-technology and issues relating to intellectual property rights

NCERT Class VI to X Science Texts

Toppers used to recommend this book by Spectrum Publisher,
The Hindu -  Thursday Edition,
Wikipedia and New Scientist sites.
Articles on Nanotechnology, Robotics, IPR etc.
India’s achievements in the field of S&T, you must read India 2014 Year Book (chapters on Defence and Scientific and technological developments)

Topic 12 : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

 The Hindu Environmental Survey 2012 
Sources from the ministry of environment
Annual Report of the Environment Ministry 2012-13 - Click Here.
Complete info on Conservation. click here.

Topic 13 : Disaster and disaster management

IGNOU Material
Download special edition of Yojana on Disaster Management.
A report on Disaster Management. (read selectively).


Topic 15 :

- Linkages between development and spread of extremism.

- Role of external state and non-state actors in creating challenges to internal security.

- Challenges to internal security through communication networks, role of media and social networking sites in internal security challenges, basics of cyber security; money-laundering and its prevention.

- Security challenges and their management in border areas; linkages of organized crime with terrorism

Internal Security
Internal Security Challenges
Money Laundering - 

Topic 16 : Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate

This topic is completely factual. You can read it on Wikipedia.

GS Manuals :
  1. Tata Macgrawill General Studies Manual [English]
  2. Tata Macgrawill General Studies  Manual [Hindi]
  3. General Studies Manual Paper - I  Publisher: Arihant
  4. The Pearson General Studies Paper I Publisher: Pearson
  5. General Studies - 2014 (Paper 1) 35th Edition Publisher: Unique
  6. Spectrum's Handbook for General Studies 24th Edition

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