[UPSC Mains GS4] Paper IV : GS4: Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Paper IV : GS4: Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Important Books

New Arrival : IAS Mains General Studies - Ethics Integrity & Aptitude (Paper 4) - Arihant

  1. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Civil Services Chronicle ( Ethics – GS4)
  2. Ethics In Governance. ( Ethics – GS4)
  3. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for Civil Services Mains. / Here ( Ethics – GS4)
  4. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude - PD Sharma Here  ( Ethics – GS4)

Also Read:

Paper 2 : GS2 Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and IR

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Detailed Studyplan and Booklist

Ethics and Human Interface:
  • Ethics 
  • Essence, determinants and Consequences of Ethics in human actions
  • Dimensions of ethics
  • Ethics in private and public relationships.

  • Human Values
Human values – IGNOU Material
  • Lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators
     from from websites
  • Role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values.
Chapter 10 of this book. Google Books - Value Education.

  • Structure and Function
Source – 1 - Very Basic
Source – 2 - Structure
source – 3 - Functions
Source – 4 - Complex and Specialized (if you can understand! Page no. 38,39…)
  • Its influence and relation with thought and behaviour
Source – 1 - Attitude and Behaviour
Source – 2 - Values, Attitudes and Behaviour -
Source – 3 - Very Advanced
  • Moral and political attitudes
Source 1 – Political Attitudes
Source – 2 – Moral Attitudes
  • Social influence and Persuasion
Source – 1 - Simple and Straight to the point.
Source -2 - Very Advanced

  • Attitude for Good Governance

Aptitude and foundational values for Civil Service
  • Integrity
Critical Look at Integrity
Integrity and Transparency – critical article
  • Impartiality and non-partisanship, objectivity, dedication to public service, empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker sections.
     2nd ARC in its report (10th Report, Chapter 16)

Emotional intelligence
  • Concept
  • Their utilities and application in administration and governance
Emotional Intelligence and Public Leadership
Emotional Intelligence in Bureaucracies

Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and world.

Read these Topics
  • Ethics in the history of Indian Philosophy
  • Ethics in Contemporary Indian Philosophy
  • Ethics in the history of western philosophy
  • Ethics in Medieval Western Philosophy
  • Ethics in Greek Philosophy

Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration:

Status and problems

Public Service Values – Status
Professionalism and Ethics in Public Service
  • Ethical concerns and dilemmas in government and private institutions
Ethical Concerns in Public Administration
Ethical Dilemma 
Ethics in Public Administration
  • Laws, rules, regulations and conscience as sources of ethical guidance
  • Accountability and ethical governance
Ethical Governance in twenty first century
Ethics As element of Good Governance 
Ethics and Governance – T N Chaturvedi (he was CAG and Governor of Karnataka)
  • Strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance
  • Ethical issues in international relations and funding
Ethics in International Relations 
Ethics in International Relations 
  • Corporate governance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance – An Ethical Perspective
PPT Presentation – IIT Bombay

Probity in Governance

Written by two retired IAS officers of Gujarat cadre. All the topics of this part of the syllabus and other topics of importance are covered in this book.
I am giving below PDFs to some topics taken from some UN sites, books and ministries websites.
  • Probity in Governance
Probity in Governance – Excellent one 
What is Probity in Governance – Private context
  • Concept of public service
  • Philosophical basis of governance and probity
  • Information sharing and transparency in government – Right to Information
  • Codes of Ethics
           Codes of Ethics – OECD 
           Codes of ethics – World Bank -
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Citizen’s Charters
  • Work culture
  • Quality of service delivery
  • Challenges of corruption
 The Hindu   Source 

Also Useful : 

  1. Ethics and Integrity of Governance: Perspectives Across Frontiers
  2. Public Administration Ethics for the 21st Century
  3. Corruption, Ethics and Accountability: Essays by an Administrator
  4. Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration: Concepts and Cases
  5. Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution
  6. Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions
  7. Managerial Ethics: Managing the Psychology of Morality
  8. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for Civil Services Mains. (Written according to UPSC syllabus)
  9. Ethics – by Frankena K William (Used in many universities)
  10. Human Values and Professional Ethics with Case Studies

GS Manuals :

  1. Tata Macgrawill General Studies Manual [English]
  2. Tata Macgrawill General Studies  Manual [Hindi]
  3. General Studies Manual Paper - I  Publisher: Arihant
  4. The Pearson General Studies Paper I Publisher: Pearson
  5. General Studies - 2014 (Paper 1) 35th Edition Publisher: Unique
  6. Spectrum's Handbook for General Studies 24th Edition

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