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[Studyplan] Studyplan for HPPSC NT/CDPO-TWO Mains Exam

I am receiving a lot of queries and messages about the Mains Exam of NT/CDPO-TWO Exam Studyplan, Book list, Study material and Previous Papers, so I thought to write this post, I hope it will be helpful to all of you and future aspirants.

Syllabus for Main Examination

Paper 1 : General Knowledge & Current Affairs  100 Marks

(a)  History,  Geography  and  Socio-Economic  development  of  Himachal Pradesh. =40 Marks

Detail : In this Section Questions related to Himachal General Knowledge Will be asked related to History, Culture, Political History, Geography, Socio-Economic development and Current affair of Himachal Pradesh.

For this section you need to have One or two books of Himachal GK so that you can score in this section, this is a scoring section so it is important to prepare this section quite well. I will mention following books to cover this section:

1. The Wonderland Himachal Book - Jag Mohan Bhalokhra Or Himachal Pradesh: History, Culture and Economy - Mian Govardhan Singh

2. A book of Objective Questions "Himachal Darpan Samanya Gyan By Aaksah Publisher (Aakash Entrance Series)" this book is quite useful and contains a lot of questions. A must have book. 

3. Keep Reading Newspaper and prepare Himachal Current affair of last 12 or 15 months.

For More Info Visit : Strategy for Himachal General Studies/Himchal GK

(b) Knowledge of current events of National and International importance and  such  matters  of  every  day  observation  and  experience  in  their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific subject. =30 Marks

Detail: This section is Current Affair of India and International Events. So you have to prepare Current affairs of Last one year and current months too, they can ask from anywhere and any topic. So be prepared. If you have any Old Magazines of each months of One last year (i.e. from August 2013 to Till the month of Exam) then its good, read them again otherwise you have to buy yearbook that cover the current affair of one year. Otherwise [ India Yearbook 2015 
(English) / Hindi Here ] will also fulfill this purpose as well as for other exams because it will cover the whole current and also its official Govt Book.


1. Newspaper : The Hindu, The Indian Express, Or Hindi Newspaper if you don't read English.

2. Any Good Monthly Magazine e.g. PD, Competition in focus etc

3. India Yearbook 2015 (English) / Hindi Here  (Very important because it will cover Current of one year)

(c)  Paper  will  also  include  questions  on  Modern  History  (From  1857 onwards) of India, Indian culture, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Geography of India. =30 Marks

Detail: This Section will cover History, Culture, Polity, Economy etc... So you also have to work hard for this section because this section contains vast syllabus.


1. NCERT/NIOS/ICSE Books (6th to 12th of History, Polity, Geography, Economy) OR

2. TataMacGraw Hill General Studies Manual  English / Hindi (Also useful for IAS, HAS,SSC and all other Exams)

3. Lucent General Knowledge English / Hindi ( if you don't want to choose TMH Manual then its useful)

For Detailed study/Book list Visit : Studyplan for General Studies in Detail (GS)

Paper 2 : General English  50 Marks

Candidates  will  be  required  to  answer  questions  designed  to  test  their understanding  of English  and  workmen  like  use  of  words.  Some  of  the questions  will  be  devised  to  test  their  reasoning  power,  their  capacity  to perceive  implications  and  their  ability  to  distinguish between  the important and the less important.


1. Comprehension
2. Precis Writing
3. Paragraph Writing
4. Sentence Correction
5. Prepositions
6. Use of Verbs
7. Articles
8. Pair of Words

These are the likely Topics of the English section, although they may change the topics and ask different questions from different topics. So be prepared for any unusual questions. So prepare this section thoroughly and don't take this section lightly.

Sources :

1. Objective General English - SP Bakshi ( A Very important and Must have book Covers whole syllabus) OR

2. Cumposory English for Civil Services and Judiciary Services - A.P. Bhardwaj (Good Book)

3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension - Arun Sharma

Paper 3 :  Essay Writing (English)   50 Marks

Detail : You have to write an Essay in 1000 words in 1.30 hours from the 5 given topics.

They Mainly ask Essay in two Styles :

1. Current burning issues
2. Social Issues or Related to Ethics or Related to Science/Tech etc

E.g. : Price Rise : Causes and Remedies OR Forestation : Need of the Hour

Sources :

1. Newspaper, Magazines like PD they publish Essay in every edition in essay competition, they can ask essay on Current topics related to economy, banking, political issues, or international events etc. So you can cover these topics from magazines and newspapers. Opinions Section of the Hindu or other newspaper is quite helpful.

2. Contemporary Essays - Ramesh Singh   OR

3.  151 ESSAYS For UPSC Mains

Paper 4 :  Hindi  50 Marks

Detail :

(i) Translation of an English passage into Hindi.

(ii)  Explanation  of  Hindi  passage  in  Prose  and  Poetry  in  the  same language.

(They Will Give you One Hindi paragraph of any eminent Writer's in which you have to express in your words in such a way that it doesn't lose its central theme and message and meanings of Important words)

(They will also give an Poem or part of a Poetry of eminent Poet so you have to express in your words in such a way that it doesn't lose its central theme and message and meanings of Important words)

(iii) Composition (Idioms, Antonyms, corrections etc.)

Sources :

To prepare this section there are not specific Hindi Grammar and Literature books, but I am giving the links which are really useful for this and all other exams. Choose one of them I have posted them in a order I prefer.  ( Top 4 are best ones)

  • Lucent's Sampurna Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachna - Lucent
  • Manak Samadnaya Hindi - Prithvinath Pandey / Here
  • Samany Hindi - Lucent
  • Aadhunik Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachna - Vasudevnandan Prasad / Here 
  • Hindi - Civil Seva Mukhya Pariksha : Laghu Prashnotri Avam Adhaywar Hal Prashna Patra - Seema Bharti / Here
  • Samanya Hindi Bhasha / Here
  • Samanya Hindi - Verma / Here
  • Hindi Vyakaran: Ek Samrag Sahityik Sanklan - Dr. Bharti Pandey
  • Vastunisht Hindi Sahitya Tatha Vyakaran - R. Gupta
  • Samanya Hindi - R. Gupta

  • These are the likely Topics of the Hindi section, although they may change the topics and ask different questions from different topics. So be prepared for any unusual questions. So prepare this section thoroughly and don't take this section lightly.
    Word of Advise : Don't take these sections (English, Hindi) lightly because they can trouble if you don't practice them enough but if you will take them seriously you may score quite well in both these sections.

    Download Previous Year Papers :

    NT/CDPO-TWO Mains papers are Same so the pattern will remain almost Same.

    1. [Paper] HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Mains: Paper 1 - General Knowledge
    2. [Paper] HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Mains: Paper 2 - English
    3. [Paper] HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Mains: Paper 3 - Essay
    4. [Paper] HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Mains: Paper 4 - Hindi

    All the best...


    1. Sir,please give the format /idea for the answers required for hindi prose as well as poetry.will be of great help at this need of hour

    2. Sir please suggest me a best way to prepare for this exam and also about effective time management.

    3. Hi Khadubhai,

      Thank you very much for uploading the previous year mains paper. could you please let us know if each year GK mains exam is Objective(multiple choices) only ?