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[IBPS Books] Best Books for Banking Exams IBPS PO/SO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, RBI Assistants, SBI PO/Clerk, LIC AAO/ADO, National Insurance Exams etc

This is Common Post about the Books and Study material required for Banking Exams like IBPS PO/SO/Clerk,  IBPS RRB, RBI Assistants, SBI PO/SO/Clerk, LIC AAO/ADO, National Insurance Exams etc.

Although format or Scheme of these Exams keep changing but the Main syllabus remains almost Same for all the Exams i.e. Four Sections in all these exams remains same although the level of difficulty may vary in different exams. These four basic Sections are English Grammar & Composition, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude (Maths), General Awareness. Apart from these Computer Knowledge is also asked, Some exams ask Marketing related questions and Some ask specific banking related questions etc. In some exam Descriptive Exam is also conducted.

Scheme of Examination


These are 4 Basic Sections in Every Exam. Compulsory Sections.

  Negative Marking
 English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.)

 Quantitative Aptitude (Maths)


 General Awareness


Note : Number of questions may vary in different exams Like IBPS PO asks 50 questions of Reasoning and Maths, while 40 Questions of English and General Awareness and remaining 20 related to Computers Knowledge. In SBI PO All sections English, Maths, Reasoning consists of 50 questions each and General Awareness+ Marketing+Computer consists remaining 50 questions. Number of questions may vary in different exams but books and way of preparation remains the same.

The candidates are required to qualify in each of the Tests by securing passing marks, to be decided by the Bank.

Some Exams ask More Computer Questions, some ask less, Some ask Banking Questions, Some ask marketing Questions.

 Computer Knowledge
 Banking & Financial Awareness
 Marketing Knowledge

In these above sections Number of question Vary, in Some exam they ask 40 question of Computer and in some just 20 questions, Similarly Banking questions are asked in Some exams and in SBI PO/CLK they ask marketing questions. So the total number of questions vary in different exams but the thing is that these sections are very scoring so you can't ignore them.

Phase-II : 

Those who qualifies the Phase 1 will be called for the Interview according to the Number of Posts or vacancies by various banks.

IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB Pattern from 2015-2016 : 

Exam Structure of Preliminary &  Mains examination.

(I) Structure of  Preliminary Examination : 

S.N.Name of TestsNo of QuestionsMarksDuration
1.English Language3030
Composite time
of 1 hour
2.Quantitative Aptitude3535
3.Reasoning Ability3535

Note:- The marks obtained in the Preliminary examination will not be considered for preparing the final merit list and the marks obtained in the Main Examination will only be considered for short listing for interview. 

(II) Structure of Main Examination :

Name of Tests
No of Questions
Time allotted for each
test (Separately timed)
 40 Minutes
English Language
30 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude
40 Minutes
General Awareness (with special Reference to Banking Sector)
20 Minutes
Computer Literacy
10 Minutes
140 Minutes

Also Read  :

Books Recommended for All these Banking Exams :

Books for Banking Exams IBPS PO/SO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, RBI Assistants, SBI PO/Clerk, LIC AAO/ADO, National Insurance Exams etc

Basic 4 Sections :

Section 1 : English Language & Comprehension :

This Section consist of  Comprehension, Vocabulary (synonym, antonym), Sentence correction, Fill in the blank, Sentence arrangement / sentence completion etc.

English Section is a very important section but it is not very difficult section, you can go through any Good English Grammar and composition book.

If you are looking for a multipurpose Book For English Grammar and Composition then I will Suggest to choose any one of the mentioned below, these books are also useful for CSAT, SSC, SBI, IBPS PO/CLK and many other Exams.

1. Objective General English by SP Bakshi (Arihant) / Here 
Just Go for it. Beautifully Written and lot of practice questions are included. This is best Book I have gone through.

2. Lucent General English / Here 

Amazing book for SSC CGL English, A must have book. Beautifully Written and lot of practice questions are included.

3. Objective English for Competitive Exams by Tata McGraw Hill / Here
This is another Good book for all the Exams. 

4. Objective General English by R. S. Aggarwal / Here

This is another great book by RS Aggarwal.

This Book covers Verbal ability and Comprehension Part very well. In depth and detail.

6. Compulsory Englishfor Civil & Judicial Services ( Mains) by Tata McGraw Hill / Here
I found this book quite useful for various exams.

Some Other Best Book of English :

1. A Mirror Of Common Errors (English+Hindi) 
by Ashok Kumar Singh / Here

2. A Handbook of Spotting Errors 
by Hari Prasad / Here

For Vocabulary Building & English Complete Command :

Best Books till Date, If you strictly follow these books and try to improve your English I can bet you will improve very quickly within a couple of months and in 6 months your English will be at a different level.

1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis / Here

2. How To Read Better & Faster by Norman Lewis / Here

3. Speak Better Write Better English by Norman Lewis / Here

4. Better English by Norman Lewis / Here

5. The Comprehensive Word Guide by Norman Lewis / Here

6. 30 days to More Powerful Vocabulary by Norman Lewis / Here

More Books By Norman Lewis Click Here / Here

Section 2 : Quantitative Aptitude (Maths) :

This section consists of 50 questions of 
Quantitative Aptitude (Maths) and Data Interpretation & Analysis. This section requires a lot of practice. For this section one needs books that are very easy to understand and have conceptual clarity as well as shortcuts to solve quickly. Here are some books that are very Good for this section. These books have shortcuts to solve and lots of questions for practice.

This book is a Amazing book with Very good basics and shortcuts and lot of Questions for practice. It covers almost whole syllabus, Book is very Useful for SSC, IBPS, and all other exams. Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry and many other topics are give very good quality and depth. 

Go for this book its not very costly, covers almost everything, written nicely and the book you were looking for.

2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant / Here

This book is also very good book Covers whole syllabus and shortcuts are given. Book is written very beautifully and have very good basics. I will say this is one of the best book.

Data interpretation is also included.

3. Quantitative Aptitude Numerical Ability by Kiran Publication / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

This book is another brilliant book for Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical ability with all formulas, shortcuts and lot of fully solved questions. Data interpretation is also included. This is one of the best book for SSC CGL for Quantitative Aptitude.

Some Other Good Books :

1. QuantitativeAptitude by R. S. Aggarwal / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

2. Magical Book On Quicker Maths by M.Tyra / Here
Hindi Edition / Here

3. QuantitativeAptitude by Abhijit Guha (Tata McGraw Hill) / Here

4. QuantitativeAptitude for Competitive Exams by Pearson / Here

Data Interpretation :
(Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency etc)

For This section and great practice follow one of these books

1. Data Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Arihant / Here 
(best without any Doubt, also very useful for SSC, Bank Exams etc)

Hindi Edition / Here

2. Data Analysis Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Kiran Publication /  Here  (Another brilliant book)

Hindi Edition / Here

3. An Advanced Approach to DataInterpretation by R.S. Aggarwal / Here (Good Book)

4. DataInterpretation by BSC Publishers / Here ( Really Good Book)

Section 3 : Reasoning (Verbal & Non Verbal) :

This section consists of Coding-Decoding, Direction based tests, Dictionary (Alphabet) test, Maths operations, inequalities, Sitting arrangement, Eligibility Test, Odd pair, Data Sufficiency, Input output, assumption-inference-conclusion, Course of Action, Cause effect, Strong/weak argument, Syllogism, and non-verbal (image based).

A lot of practice is needed to fetch good marks in this section, here are some of the required books for this section:

Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability, General Mental Ability, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning etc

R.S. Aggarwal Reasoning + Analytical Reasoning M. K. Panday is the Best Combination, because 
R.S. Aggarwal Reasoning Covers Some part very Good + Lots of Questions for practice But it lacks in Analytical Reasoning part so for this Part Analytical Reasoning M. K. Panday is very very useful. These are also very useful for SSC, Bank Exams etc

1. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoing by R. S. Aggarwal  / Here

This is the best book in Reasoning with lots of Questions and solid basics.
Covers Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
Covers Analytical and Logical Reasoning.
If you Want to choose only Verbal Reasoning Part by R. S. Aggarwal then Choose this One :

This Book is Best Book Available for Analytical Part with lots of questions for Practice. Best Part of this Book is the Great Conceptual Approach and problem solving methods. Syllogism, Statement, assumptions, Input output, Puzzles ect are the some topics which are explained Very Well. This Book is Very much needed for every Exam where Reasoning is asked whether its UPSC CSE exam or bank Exams or SSC Exams. This is one time investment and provides Great material. 

3. New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal by Arihant  / Here

This book is also very Good covers almost all the topics of Reasoning, nicely written and have lots of questions for practice.

4. Competitive Reasoning Verbal and Non Verbal Fully Solved: Question Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability by Kiran Publication / Here

Hindi Edition / Here

Believe me this book is better than RS Aggarwal Reasoning book, reason is this book is up to date and have very good basics and includes last few years previous questions and standard of difficulty is very good. Book is written in a very lucid manner and very easy to understand the concepts and practice. Fully solved and lots of question for practice.

Other Sections :

1. Computer Knowledge : 

For this section you need A book with Computer basics Which covers following Topics :

Computer History & Generations
Computer Hardware
Computer Softwares
Networking & Internet
Databases Management
Operating Systems
Microsoft Office Knowledge

Here are the few best books for this section, these covers whole syllabus. This section consists 40-20 questions. These Books have basics as well as lots of questions for practice. So choose any one of these for this section.

1. Computer Literacy And Knowledge for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam by Kiran Publications 

2. Computer Awareness by Arihant Publication

2. Banking & Financial Awareness :
This section is very important as most of the candidates feel this section tougher than other sections except Economics or Commerce background Students. But this section is not very difficult if you read couple of good books then you will easily score well.

This section consists of two types of Questions :

(i) Static Economic and banking Related Questions
(ii) Current 
Economic and banking Related Questions

(i) Static Economic and banking Related Questions : For this section you need any Good book with very clear Concepts Related to Indian Economy and Banking system. Here are Few good Books for this part:

1. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 

Although this book is for Civil Services Exam but the quality of this book is so good that it is useful for almost every exam where questions related to Economy and banking are asked. So this is a multipurpose and a must have book. So choose this one + one more from the given below So this combo will work great.

Now Comes Very Specific Books for this Section

2. Money, Banking and Finance by BSC Publishers 

This is a very very Good book covers every thing about Indian Banking System. A must Have Book.

3. For JAIIB Principles and Practices Of Banking by Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance(IIBF)

Another classic book by IIBF, this is a book with a great depth. Very useful one.

Now very Specific Questions Books about this section :

4. Banking And Financial Awareness (Covering General Banking & Socio-Economic Awareness) IBPS Bank PO/SO/MT,IBPS Clerk,RRBs Office Assistant & Officer Rbi,SBI PO & Clerk by Kiran Publication

Very Good book with lots of questions.

5. Banking Awareness by Arihant Publications
Good book Clear and Concise with lots of questions.


Another Very Good Book by BSC Publication. 

(ii) Current Economic and banking Related Questions : For this section you don't need any book you only read to read newspaper daily and monthly magazines like BSC, PD etc...

3. Marketing Knowledge : 
For this section you again need to go through some Good basic books. Here are some very Good books which covers theory as well as Lots of questions for Practice. 

1. Text Book Approach To Marketing Aptitude / Knowledge For SBI PO & SBI Clerk Exams by Kiran Publications

This is a very good Book and best of all the books for this section, with lots of questions and previous papers. 

2. Marketing Aptitude by Arihant Publication 

This is A good book with very good concepts and lots of questions.

3. Marketing Aptitude Test for Competitive Exams by BSC Publications

Another Good by BSC publications, Strong Basics and good questions for practice.

 4. Objective Marketing Aptitude / Knowledge - 2050+ Objective Questions 
by Kiran Publications

Another Good Collection of Questions by Kiran Publications. 

Practice Papersets :

Practice Papersets are very important for Improving speed, Accuracy and analyzing the performance So in this Part I will mention some Practice sets that will be very helpful in your Preparation. Here are some :

For SBI/ SBI Associate PO :

1. Solved Papers Bank PO Exam (English) 6th Edition by Arihant Publication

2. SBI PO Exam - 20 Practice Sets by Arihant Publication

3. Associate Banks of SBI PO Examination : 15 Practice Sets with Solved Paper by Arihant Publication

4. SBI PO Online Exam State Bank Of India And State Bank Associates - Self Study Guide - Cum - Practice Work Book (With CD) by Kiran Publication

5. Target SBI Associates & SBI Bank PO Practice Workbook with CD : 3 Past Papers 15 Practice Sets (English) 3rd Edition by Disha Publication

for More 
Search Here

Buy Solved Papers Bank PO Exam 6th  Edition: BookBuy SBI PO Exam - 20 Practice Sets 4th Edition: Book

For SBI/SBI Associate Clerk :

1. State Bank of India Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam 2014 / State Bank of India Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam - 10 Solved Papers /State Bank of India Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam 2014 - 20 Practice Sets (Set of 3 books) by Arihant Publication

2. SBI & Associates Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam 2015 : 20 Practice Sets with Solved Paper 2014 by Arihant Publication

3. 20 Practice Set For SBI Clerk Exam by Arihant Publication

4. SBI Assistants Clerk Online Exam - Superfast Practice Sets (With Solution Book) by Kiran Publication

5. SBI Bank Clerk - 101 Speed Tests by Disha Publication

for More 
Search Here

For IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB :

IBPS PO : Chose any one of these

My Preference : Kiran > Arihant > BSC > Disha

1. 20 Practice Sets IBPS CWE PO/MT Online Exam by Arihant Publication

2. 30 Practice Sets For Bank PO / MT IBPS (CWE) Pattern by BSC Publications

3. IBPS Bank PO/MT Probationary Officer / Management Trainee CWE III Practice Work Book (50 Sets)(With CD )  by 
Kiran Publications

4. Target IBPS CWE Bank PO / MT Exam Practice Workbook (With CD) : 15 Practice Sets - 3 Past Papers by Disha Publications

for More Search Here

IBPS Clerk : Chose any one of these

1. 50 Practice Sets IBPS Bank Clerk Recruitment Exam by Arihant Publication

2. 20 Practice Sets for Online IBPS Bank Clerk CWE by Arihant Publication

3. IBPS Bank Clerk CWE ONLINE Exam Practice Work Book by Kiran Publication

4. 20 Practice Sets For IBPS (CWE) Bank Clerk Exam Fully Solved by BCS Publication

for More Search Here

IBPS Regional Rural Banks (RRB)

1. IBPS CWE  Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Office Assistant Recruitment Examination : 15 Practice Sets by Arihant Publication

2. IBPS RRBs - Gramin Bank Office Assistant (Multipurpose) CWE Online Exam Practice Work Book by Kiran Publication

for More Search Here

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