[Environment] Montreal Protocol: Role in Protecting Earth’s Environment. Comment

A layer exists consisting of Ozone Gas (O3) is found at the height of 20 to 60 km from the Earth’s surface. It is essential for living beings as it prevents the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun coming to the Earth UV protects living things from the dangerous effect of UV rays. But due to industrialization and pollution depletion of O3 in notices which poses a danger to all living things.
Industrialization and other develop-mental works have polluted the environment. These pollutants contains gases like chlorine, florine and bromine, which are the main O3 depleting gases besides chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which are used in industrial units. These are used in refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic industries and optical and electronic industries. CFC is formed from the atoms of chlorine, fluorine and carbon. All the three elements are reaching the ozone layer in large amount. The UV rays of the sun separate the chlorine from the CFC. The same chlorine reacts with the ozone and turns it into oxygen; thus they weaken the ozone layer and UV rays are able to reach the Earth’s surface.

The Ozone depletion has various dangerous effects on lives on Earth. It can cause skin cancer and other diseases of skin. UV rays increases temperature of the Earth also which can melt the ice-bergs; raising the seal level which may submerge the islands and the coastal areas causing damage to lives and property. International efforts to cope up with depletion of Ozone include Vienna Conference (1985) and Montreal Protocol (1989). London conference is also one of the important landmark in this direction. Kyoto Protocol 1997 is also related to that. Various agreements have been signed against the production of ozone depleting elements in these conferences. Still every nation needs to implement these treaties honestly. Inventions of Ozone-friendly technology and transfer of this to the developing nations is essential.

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