[Polity] Ordinance amending criminal laws

An Ordinance was signed by President under article 123 of the constitution in Feb 2013, which amends some sections of CrPC and IPC. This ordinance was passed to prescribe more severe punishments to criminals who attack women and to pacify recent discontent among public due to brutal assault and gang rape of Delhi student.
Apart from modifying provisions of sexual assaults, two new sections 326A and 326B were added in IPC to punish criminals involved in acid attacks on women as directed by Supreme court recently to come up with comprehensive and effective law to deal with growing incident of acid attacks. Supreme court also asked to regulate sales of acids in market. Bangladesh has enacted Acid Control Law, 2002 to deal with acid attacks where more than 3000 cases of acid attacks were reported during last decade. 
326A prescribes minimum 10 years imprisonment and maximum life imprisonment for deadly acid attacks that leaves victim grievously injured and causing permanent or partial damage and disability
326B makes plans and attempts to fling acids another punishable offence with jail term of 5-7 years and a fine upto 10 lakh that goes to victim.
This ordinance with certain amendments has been converted into law in subsequent budget session of 2013. 

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