[Notice] Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to Abolish One Optional Subject ! New Pattern with Two New General Studies Papers will be implemented w.e.f. 2016

     PRESS NOTE by HPPSC                                       Shimla  3rd March, 2015

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission took bold decision to abolish  one optional subject (300 Marks)  in  HAS  and  Allied  Services  main  examinations  and substitute it by two papers of 150  marks  each  of  general  knowledge  to  give  equal playing field to all candidates.

The decision will be implemented from 2016.

The  Commission’s  meeting  held  today  was  presided  over  by  Sh.  K.S.  Tomar which considered the  preliminary  report  submitted  by  three  Member  Committee headed by Prof. J.C. Sharma. 

The  Commission’s  meeting  was  attended  by  Hon’ble  Members  Prof.  J.C. Sharma,  Sh.  Pardeep Chauhan,  Sh.  R.S.  Negi  and  Sh.  B.C.  Badalia,  Secretary,  HP Public Service Commission. 

Chairman  had  declared  last  year  that  he  intended  to  switch  over  current  HAS Pattern  of  Main written  examinations  of  optional  subjects  to  IAS  Pattern  of  UPSC which has abolished one optional subject.  

Chairman  Sh.  K.S.  Tomar  said,  “UPSC  is  now  having  one  optional  subject which  will  be applicable  to  HAS  and  Allied  Services  main  written  examinations  w.e.f. 2016 batch.

“Now instead of two optional subjects in HAS, candidates will be required to opt for one optional subject of 300 marks, ” said Sh. Tomar.

Chairman  made  it  clear  that  existing  system  of  two  optional  subjects  of  300 marks  each tilted the balance in favour of those candidates who opted for the papers as they are having very high scoring potential thereby creating imbalance.

“Now equal level playing field will be created for all candidates and none will l be at the disadvantageous position due to high scoring optional subjects.

Henceforth,  the  Commission  will  add  two  new  GK  Papers  of  150  marks  each (GK  Paper  -II  and  GK  Paper-  III)  and  syllabus  will  be  formulated  by  an  expert Committee  and Members  will  be  drawn  from  Universities,  and  different  fields. However,  General  Studies Paper  –  One  will  be  retained  by  adding  new  topics  besides updating the entire syllabus. 

The composition of Committee is being worked out. 

The  New  Papers  will  cover  wide  ranging  topics  like  General  Studies  Paper-Two (Indian  Constitution  &  Polity,  Governance  and  International  relations,  Freedom Struggle, Economy, Statistics and Security issues. 

General  Studies  Paper-Three  (Science  &  Technology,  Environment,  Disaster Management, Problem Solving and Decision making and Interpersonal skills including communication skills and handling the situation.  

The  current  Papers  of  English  (Qualifying)  and  Hindi  (Qualifying)  will  also remain unchanged. Similarly, Essay paper will be part of main written examinations. Chairman  said the Expert  Committee  had  studied  the  written  examinations pattern of UPSC, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Karnataka etc. prior to submitting the report to him.

He  disclosed  that  Commission  would  send  the  new  proposal  of  getting  rid  off one optional subject and introduction of two new GK Papers to the Government which will be approved by the Cabinet. 

Chairman felt that New Pattern will also help those candidates who compete for IAS  exam  as retention  of  one  optional  subject  will  prove  be neficial  to  them  for  Civil Services examinations. 

Sd/-(B.C. Badalia), IAS

H.P. Public Service Commission.
Phone No. 0177-2623786

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Khadubhai : Humne to pehle he kaha tha ( par hamari sunta kon hai :D) Existing pattern tilts the balance in favour of those candidates who opted for the papers as they are having very high scoring potential.  Plus Science & Engineering students were suffering due to this e.g. these subjects don't even exist in HPPSC's Dictionary.. Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering many other etc. At least its a sigh of relief for non humanities background candidates who now have to study only One optional instead of Two.

Der Aaye Durust Aaye !  Bhaiya Ab nhi Chalega Optional ke bharose ! Now GS, Essay will be the New game changer.  Thanks HPPSC !

So how the new HPAS pattern will look Like :

New Proposed HPAS Mains Pattern :


 Paper 1 : English

  Likely will Remain Unchanged

 Paper 2 : Hindi

  Likely will Remain Unchanged

 Paper 3 : Essay

  Likely will Remain Unchanged

 Paper 4 : GS 1

 History, Culture, Social
 Geography of India & World,
 Himachal General  Knowledge 
 (In GS 1 Some Topics will remain Same while Some  new will be added)

 Paper 5 : GS 2

 Indian  Constitution  &  Polity,  Governance  and  International  relations,  Freedom Struggle,  Economy,  Statistics and Security issues.

 Paper 6 : GS 3

 Science & Technology,  Environment,  Disaster Management,  Problem Solving and  Decision  making and Interpersonal  skills  including communication skills and handling the  situation.

 Paper 7 : Optional Subject Paper 1

 Only 1 Optional : Paper 1
 e.g. Physics Paper 1

 Paper 8 : Optional Subject Paper 1

  Optional : Paper 2
 e.g. Physics Paper 2

 Total : 8 Papers in Mains
 850 Marks [English, Hindi Only Qualifying]



 Likely will Remain Unchanged

 150 Marks

Final Stage

 Final Total 

 1000 Marks

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