[Polity] President Rule ( Article 356)

President Rule....Why, What When are the questions that really rise in the minds of many people and generally people get scared of the mere thought of president rule. President rule is something that is
really not advisable in a democratic setup. It creates ripples, chaos and disturbance in the smooth flow of the country. 

What is President Rule?
President's rule is a word that generally gets coined in India when a state legislature and state executive are suspended. Suspension of all the powers from the council of ministers and the president taking charge of the issues of the state is what President rule is. It is also called as Central rule. Federal government another name of presidential government takes the hold of all the powers of the state and the Governor of the respective state who is usually considered as having nominal authority rises to power and becomes the real authority like a lion coming out of den. 

The governor is held responsible and answerable to all the proceedings of the state to the president. The Governor appoints advisory committees who are retired civil servants and retired government officials for the proper working of the state.

As per article 356, this rule comes into effect and the president on the advise of the governor or on his own attains the right to dissolve the state government and its council of ministers, thereby imposing president rule.The parliament must approve the president rule to come into effect. After the implementation of president rule, the governor heads the state and takes all the power. When President's rule is imposed, the assembly is either dissolved or kept in suspended.

When does presidential rule come into effect?
President rule generally gets into effect when political unrest takes the lead role in a democratic setup. This rule also gets implemented when the government of the state fails to meet the required majority in the office. If two thirds majority is not held then there is a chance of president rule. When the entire constitutionality breaks down then there is president rule after the agreement in parliament.

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