[Previous Paper] Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Allied Services Previous Paper - 2013 for the Posts of Excise & Taxation Inspector, Food Inspector, Election Kanungo and Extension Officer in Industries

[Total Questions : 200, Max. Marks : 200, Time : 3 Hours, No Negative Marking]

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(1)    In the Supreme Court of India, a judge holds office till he attains the age of ……………years.
A.      60
B.      62
C.      64
D.      65

(2)    ‘Area of Seven Sisters’ is
A.      North Eastern States
B.      Cambodia
C.      Mumbai
D.      Northern India

(3)    Which of the following is not directly addressed to the court?
A.      PIL
B.      CMP
C.      CWP
D.      FIR

(4)    Which of the following is known as ‘Forbidden City’?
A.      Lhasa (Tibet)
B.      Norway
C.      Kabul
D.      Vatican City

(5)    Who designed the Parliament House of India?
A.      Edwin Lutyens
B.      Herbert Baker
C.      Lord Curzon
D.      Shahjahan

(6)    Which of the following companies launched its video telephony service in Delhi and Mumbai?
A.      Idea
B.      MTNL
C.      Vodafone
D.      Airtel

(7)    Anand Bhawan is related with
A.      Sardar Patel
B.      Dev Anand
C.      Jawahar Lal Nehru
D.      Subhash Chandra Bose

(8)    Bankin Chandra Chatterjee composed ‘Vande Mataram’ in
A.      Tamil
B.      Bangla/Bengali
C.      Sanskrit
D.      Hindustani

(9)    The National Calendar based on the Saka Era was adopted from
A.      20th December, 1948
B.      26th January, 1950
C.      21st March, 1953
D.      22nd March, 1957

(10)   Who composed ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’?
A.      Mahatma Gandhi
B.      Tulsidas
C.      Surdas
D.      Kabir

(11)   Who was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?
A.      Dr. Rajendra Prasad
B.      Sardar Patel
C.      B.R. Ambedkar
D.      Maulana Azad

(12)   The hereditary system of government, where the ruling family has total control over the State is called……..
A.      Anarchy
B.      Dictatorship
C.      Monarchy
D.      Democracy

(13)   The term ‘division of power’ refers to a ……….government.
A.      Unitary form of
B.      Federal form of
C.      Feudalistic form of
D.      NOTA

(14)   Who has been chosen for ‘Jnanpith Award’ this year?
A.      Ravuri Bhardwaj
B.      Chaman Bhardwaj
C.      Mrinal Pandey
D.      A.B. Pandey

(15)   Who has written the book ‘In the Line of Fire’?
A.      Ahsan Kuraishi
B.      Parvez Musharraf
C.      Abhinav Bindra
D.      Gagan Narang

(16)   What is ‘Dial Kashmir’?
A.      Telephone company
B.      Army helpline
C.      Android application
D.      Police helpline

(17)   In Himachal Pradesh, ‘Morchella Esculenta’ is general known as
A.      Guchchhi
B.      Mushroom/Khumb
C.      Chhachhi
D.      Shamo

(18)   Pong Dam belongs to
A)      Punjab
B)      Himachal Pradesh
C)      Tamil Nadu
D)      Jammu & Kashmir

(19)   Pin Valley is situated at
A.      Spiti
B.      Kinnaur
C.      Keylong
D.      Shillai

(20)   Which of the following districts is fully located in the Shiwalik hills?
A.      Kangra
B.      Solan
C.      Sirmaur
D.      Una

(21)   Which of the following passes is not located in district Chamba?
A.      Sach
B.      Chini
C.      Kunzum
D.      Chobia

(22)   The famous lake Rewalsar is situated in district
A.      Bilaspur
B.      Sirmaur
C.      Mandi
D.      Chamba

(23)   Bhuri Singh Museum is situated at
A.      Chamba
B.      Kangra
C.      Mandi
D.      Kullu

(24)   ‘Ghantal’ festival is celebrated in….. District.
A.      Kinnaur
B.      Sirmaur
C.      Lahaul- Spiti
D.      Chamba

(25)   The most beautiful valley in Kinnaur is
A.      Morang
B.      Ribba
C.      Kanam
D.      Sangla

(26)   The place ‘Marhi’ is located near
A.      Rohtang
B.      Kunzum
C.      Sach
D.      Baralacha

(27)   ‘Gaggal’ is famous for
A.      Industrial area
B.      Ancient temple
C.      Airport
D.      Railway

(28)   The ’Kamrunaag’ lake is located in district Mandi. The Tehsil is
A.      Sarkaghat
B.      Karsog
C.      Chachiyot
D.      Sundernagar

(29)   Chamera Hydro-electric Project is situated in district ………. Of Himachal Pradesh.
A.      Chamba
B.      Kinnaur
C.      Una
D.      Kangra

(30)   In which of the following books, Kalidas has made a reference about ‘Kinners’?
A.      Kumarsambhava
B.      Abhigyanam Shakuntalam
C.      Meghdoot
D.      Raghuvansham

(31)   ‘Kahloori’ is spoken in the district
A.      Mandi
B.      Hamirpur
C.      Kinnaur
D.      Bilaspur

(32)   ‘Potala Palace’ is located at
A.      Dharmsala
B.      Rekong-Peo
C.      Lhasa (Tibet)
D.      Bengaluru

(33)   Which of the following is not correct about Jogdindernagar?
A.      Existence of Revenue Training
B.      Railway connectivity
C.      Falls in district Mandi
D.      Existence of Airport

(34)   At which of the following places, there is a Resident Commissioner in Himachal Pradesh?
A.      Bara Banghal
B.      Dodra Kwar
C.      Pangi
D.      Keylong

(35)   Who became the First Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court in 1971?
A.      Justice A.N. Ray
B.      Justice C.B. Kapoor
C.      Justice Fatima Biwi
D.      Justice M.H. Beg

(36)   ‘Mother Day’ is observed on
A.      8th May
B.      12th May
C.      14th May
D.      16th May

(37)   ‘Dev Anand’ the evergreen veteran film star died at the age of 88 in
A.      Mumbai
B.      Pune
C.      Washington
D.      London

(38)   The famous Academy Awards (Oscar) for the Best Picture of Year 2012 was given to
A.      Life of Pie
B.      Lincon
C.      Argo
D.      Curfew

(39)   Which movie was adjudged Best Children’s Film in the 59th National Film Awards?
A.      Bal Hanuman-I
B.      Chillar Party
C.      Bal Hanuman-II
D.      Byari

(40)   What is ‘Adhaar’?
A.      Computerized
B.      Bus Service
C.      Rural Development Project
D.      Unique Identity Project

(41)   Who is known as ‘The Iron Lady’ in International arena?
A.      Razia Sultan
B.      Indira Gandhi
C.      Margaret Thatcher
D.      Julia Gillard

(42)   Who is adjudged Best Actress in 59th National Awards 2012?
A.      Rupa Ganguly
B.      Vidya Balan
C.      Aishwarya Rai
D.      Katrina Kaif

(43)   ‘Numismatics’ is the study of
A.      Languages
B.      Kidneys
C.      Earthquakes
D.      Coins and Medals

(44)   ‘Deep Blue’ is a
A.      Super Computer
B.      Tablet
C.      Virus
D.      Under Water Project

45)   The National Bird (Peacock) is a symbol of
A.      Sacrifice
B.      Grandeur
C.      Peace
D.      Beauty & Grace

46)   Super Computer developed in India is
A)     Deep Blue
B)      Blue Gene
C)      PACE
D)     COMOS

(47)   Nelumbo Nucifera is a scientific name of
A.      Rose
B.      Marigold
C.      Lotus
D.      Sun flower

(48)   Nirvachan Sadan (Office of Election Commission of India) is situated at
A.      New Delhi
B.      Chandigarh
C.      Mumbai
D.      Lucknow

(49)   The new minimum limit is……….percent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly/Lok Sabha Polls to get the status of State Party.
A.      5
B.      6
C.      7
D.      8

(50)   The world’s cheapest tablet PC, launched by India is
A.      Aksh
B.      Aakash
C.      Rudra
D.      Tab S-5

(51)   In which of the following fields, Nobel Prize is not given?
A.      Music
B.      Peace
C.      Literature
D.      Chemistry

(52)   The Headquarter of International Labour Organization is situated in
A.      Paris
B.      Vienna
C.      Geneva
D.      Rome

(53)   The main purpose of the WHO is
A.      To improve conditions and living standard of workers
B.      To attain highest possible level of health by all people
C.      To improve living conditions of rural people
D.      To promote international cooperation in human environment

(54)   Which of the following car manufacturing companies has recently launched its new model (MPV) named ‘Enjoy’?
A.      Hyundai
B.      Honda
C.      Ford
D.      Chevrolet

(55)   Which of the following organizations (international) has recently observed its 150th anniversary?
A.      Red cross
B.      CRY
C.      UNO
D.      ILO

(56)   Who has recently become the youngest ever topper (18 years only) of California University?
A.      Shubhankar Dass
B.      V. Gopalan
C.      Ritankar Dass
D.      Byomkesh Mukherji

(57)   Which of the following parties has recently won the general elections in Pakistan?
A.      PML-N
B.      PTI
C.      PPP
D.      MQM

(58)   National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched on
A.      8th April, 2006
B.      2nd April, 2005
C.      12th April, 2004
D.      14th April, 2007

(59)      Planning Commission was established in the year
A.      1948
B.      1949
C.      1950
D.      1951

(60)   National Solar Mission’s target is to achieve………………MW Solar Power generating capacity by year 2022.
A.      16000
B.      17000
C.      20000
D.      18000

(61)   Which of the following is not included in 16 Navratnas?
A.      BEL
B.      BHEL
C.      GAIL
D.      SAIL

(62)   Which of the following started Mutual funds?
A.      LIC
B.      SBI
C.      UTI
D.      GIC

(63)   ‘Wealth of Nations’  is written by
A.      David Racardo
B.      J.M. Keynes
C.      Adam Smith
D.      Karl Marx

(64)   Which of the following banks has been merged with ICICI?
A.      Bank of Hindustan
B.      Bank of Allahabad
C.      Bank of Baroda
D.      Bank of Rajasthan

(65)   The return received by OPEC in exchange for oil is generally called
A.      Petro currency
B.      Petro dollars
C.      Petro pounds
D.      Dirham

(66)   B.B. Mahajan Committee is related to
A.      Steel Industry
B.      Jute Industry
C.      Sugar Industry
D.      Coal Industry

(67)   The term ‘Black Revolution’ is associated with
A.      Coal production
B.      Petroleum production
C.      Cocoa production
D.      None of the above

(68)   Agriculture contributes……………percent to the GDP of nation (2010-11)
A.      12
B.      13
C.      14.2
D.      15.6

(69)   ECG is used to detect the disorder in
A.      Brain
B.      Heart
C.      Kidney
D.      Liver

(70)   Which one of the following is not a viral disease?
A.      Dengue
B.      AIDS
C.      Typhoid
D.      Influenza

(71)   Which one of the following is not transmitted by mosquitoes?
A.      Brain fever
B.      Malaria
C.      Typhoid
D.      Dengue

(72)   The steroid responsible for balance of water and electrolytes in our body is
A.      Insulin
B.      Melatonin
C.      Testosterone
D.      Aldosterone

(73)   Which of the following is not a connective tissue?
A.      Bone
B.      Cartilage
C.      Blood
D.      Muscles

(74)   Yellow color is found at which place in rainbow?
A.      Second
B.      Third
C.      Fourth
D.      Fifth

(75)   What is the function of battery?
A.      To convert mass into energy
B.      To convert current into heat
C.      To convert energy into mass
D.      To convert chemical energy into electrical energy

(76)   Temperature of stars can be calculated from their
A.      Composition
B.      Spectrum
C.      Colour
D.      Distance

(77)   An adult person has ………..liters of blood.
A.      3-4
B.      5-6
C.      7-8
D.      8-9

(78) The respiratory organs of ‘Frog’ and ‘Earthworm’ is
A.      Lungs
B.      Skin
C.      Gills
D.      None of the above

(79)   ‘Hydrophobia’ is caused due to
A.      Rubella virus
B.      Variola virus
C.      Herpes zoster virus
D.      Rabies virus

(80)   WIDAL test diagnoses
A.      AIDS
B.      TB
C.      Typhoid
D.      Plague

(81) Fuel used in thermal power plants is
A.      Water
B.      Uranium
C.      Biomass
D.      Fossil fuel

(82)   The device used to examine the internal parts of the body is
A.      Electroscope
B.      Endoscope
C.      Phonograph
D.      Thermometer

(83)   Who discovered ‘Antibiotic’?
A.      Alexander Fleming
B.      Joseph Lister
C.      Robert Cock
D.      W. Roengton

(84)   Where is the Lakshadweep Islands located?
A.      Arabian Sea
B.      Bay of Bengal
C.      Indian Ocean 
D.      None of the above

(85)   Lucknow city is situated at the bank of
A.      The River Ganga
B.      The River Gomati
C.      The River Yamuna
D.      The River Kosi

(86)   Rhodesia is known as
A.      The city of Roads
B.      The City of Lakes
C.      The Country of Islands
D.      Zimbabwe

(87)   Which of the following is known as ‘Garden of Spices of India’?
A.      Kerala
B.      Tamil Nadu
C.      Karnataka
D.      Andhra Pradesh

(88)   The ‘Bhil’ tribe is found in
A.      Andhra Pradesh
B.      Tripura
C.      Bihar
D.      MP & Rajasthan mainly

(89)   Ghana Bird Sanctuary is in
A.      Bihar
B.      Rajasthan
C.      Madhya Pradesh
D.      Uttar Pradesh

(90)   Which state of India has the longest coast line?
A.      Andhra Pradesh
B.      Tamil Nadu
C.      Gujarat
D.      Kerala

(91)   Kalka – Shimla Railways is
A.      Narrow Gauge line
B.      Broad line
C.      Meter Gauge line
D.      None of the above

(92)   White coal is
A.      Uranium
B.      Hydro-electricity
C.      Ice
D.      Diamond

(93)   Koyna Hydro-electricity Project is situated at
A.      UP
B.      MP
C.      Maharashtra
D.      Kerala

(94)   The River Cauvery falls into
A.      Gulf of Khambat
B.      Bay of Bengal
C.      Arabian Sea
D.      Indus River

(95)   Least Populas State of India  is
A.      Himachal Pradesh
B.      Sikkim
C.      Mizoram
D.      Goa

(96)   38th Parallel Line is a boundary line between
A.      Indian & Pakistan
B.      USA & Canada
C.      North & South Korea
D.      France & Germany

(97)   Kharif crops are shown in
A.      September-October
B.      October-December
C.      June-July
D.      August-September

(98)   Which of the following is not the cause of Tsunami?
A.      Earthquake
B.      Under water land slide
C.      Volcanic eruption
D.      Gravitational force of heavenly bodies

(99)   The Olympic Emblem of five intertwined rings is symbolic of
A.      Brotherhood
B.      Five Continents
C.      Five Oceans
D.      Five Countries

(100)   Hockey World Cup-2014 will be held in
A.      Poland
B.      Netherland
C.      Scotland
D.      England 

Choose the correct sentence, out of the four alternatives in Question Nos. 1 to 5.

(101)   A. How I wish I was a fairy!
B. How I wish I were a fairy!
C. How I wish I had been a fairy!
D. How I wish I will be a fairy!

(102)   A. You would be punctual.
B. You should to be punctual.
C. You must be to punctual.
D. You ought to be punctual.

(103)   A. I am angry by your rude behavior.
B. I am angry with your rude behavior.
C. I am angry of your rude behavior.
D. I am angry for your rude behavior.

(104)   A. She gave me a ten rupees note.
B. She gave me a ten rupee note.
C. She gave me a ten rupees notes.
D. She gave me a note of ten rupees.

(105)   A. Have I not studying for three hours?
B. Have I not been studying for three hours?
C. Was I not working for three hours?
D. Am I not been working for four hours?

In Question Nos. 6 to 10, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

(106)   Lamentable
A.      Remorseful
B.      Contemptible
C.      Scornful
D.      Deplorable

(107)   Docile
A.      Easily managed
B.      Easily fooled
C.      Easily irritated
D.      Easily disturbed

(108)   Abash
A.      Amaze
B.      Embarrass
C.      Refuse
D.      Squash

(109)   Divulge
A.      Reveal
B.      Explore
C.      Strip
D.      Conceal

(110) Indigenous
A.      Normal
B.      Natural
C.      Native
D.      Internal

In Question Nos. 11 to 15, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word from the four given alternatives.

(111)  Hawk
A.      Pacifist
B.      Dove
C.      Pigeon
D.      Conciliation

(112)  Reserve
A.      Popular
B.      Companionable
C.      Likeable
D.      Talkative

(113)   Mundane
A.      Heavenly
B.      Superb
C.      Excellent
D.      Extraordinary

(114)   Pastel
A.      Bright
B.      Sweet
C.      Delicate
D.      Urban

(115)   Debacle
A.      Rise
B.      Movement
C.      Progress
D.      Regain

Group of four words are given in Question Nos. 16 to 20. In each group, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the mis-spelt word.

(116)   A. Instructor
B. Grammer
C. Organizer
D. Carrier

(117)   A. Adiction
B. Address
C. Adhere
D. Advice

(118)   A. Soldier
B. Clearify
C. Infinite
D. Beautiful

(119)  A. Medium
B. Museum
C. Emporium
D. Curiculam

(120)  A. Device
B. Advice
C. Demice
D. Revise

In Question Nos. 21 to 25, do as directed. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which expresses the sentence as directed.

(121)  His pocket has been picked. (Change into active voice)
A.      Picked has been his pocket.
B.      Someone has picked his pocket.
C.      Picking has been done to his pocket.
D.      Someone had picked his pocket.

(122)   Please help me. (Change into passive voice)
A.      You are being requested to help me.
B.      You have been requested to help me.
C.      You were requested to help me.
D.      You are requested to help me.

(123)   Can you read this lesson? (Change into passive voice)
A.      You are ordered to read this lesson.
B.      This lesson can be read by you.
C.      Can this lesson be read by you?
D.      Could this lesson be read by you?

(124)   He said to her,” Don’t read so fast.”
A.      He told her don’t read so fast.
B.      He told her not to read so fast.
C.      He advised her don’t read so fast.
D.      He requested her not to read so fast.

(125)   My friend said to me,” Has your father returned from Calcutta?”
A.      My friend told me that his father had returned from Calcutta.
B.      My friend asked me if my father had returned from Calcutta.
C.      My friend asked me that has my father returned from Calcutta.
D.      My friend enquired of me if his father has returned from Calcutta.

(126)   How many sixes Chris Gayle hit to break a record in T-20 format of IPL-2013?
A.      14
B.      15
C.      16
D.      17

(127)   The film actor who has been chosen for Dada Saheb Falke Award this year is
A.      Dev Anand
B.      Yash Chopra
C.      Pran
D.      Irfan

(128)   ‘LIIVA ETIOS’ is a new model (car) of
A.      Honda
B.      Toyata
C.      Hyundai
D.      Tata

(129)   The 14th Finance Commission has been constituted under the Chairmanship of……….
A.      Montek Singh Ahluwalia
B.      P. Chidambaram
C.      Y.V. Reddy
D.      Usha Thorat

(130)   Name the European city that was united in 1989
A.      Berlin
B.      Bosnia
C.      Scotland
D.      Spain

(131)   Which of the following city is associated with Indus Valley Civilization?
A.      Jhansi
B.      Kalibangan
C.      Jhanjhar
D.      Kalighat

(132)   Which of the following is known as the ‘New World’?
A.      Africa
B.      America
C.      Russia
D.      Australia

(133)   USA has a military base at
A.      Iran
B.      Sir Lanka
C.      Diego-Garcia
D.      Medagaskar

(134)   Which of the following was the first to become Communist State in the Western Hemisphere?
A.      Cuba
B.      Brazil
C.      Italy
D.      Venezuela

(135)   Which of the following countries has the Intelligence Agency named ‘MOSSAD’?
A.      Iran
B.      Israel
C.      Japan
D.      Egypt

(136)   “White Flag” is the symbol of
A.      Peace
B.      Justice
C.      Mourning
D.      Truce

(137)   Prior to 1971, Bangladesh was known as……….
A.      Eastern Pakistan
B.      Western Pakistan
C.      NWFP
D.      Eastern Myanmar

(138)   Who discovered North Pole?
A.      Vasco de Gama
B.      Robert Peary
C.      Amundsen
D.      Marco Polo

(139)   Japan is also known as
A.      Jeipan
B.      Osaka
C.      Nippon
D.      Kyoto

140)   The ‘First Sermon’ of Gautam Buddha is known as
A.      Nirvana
B.      Gyana
C.      Mahaparinirvana
D.      Dharamachakra Parivartana

(141)   The ‘Pashupatinath’ temple is located at
A.      Nepal
B.      Bhutan
C.      Assam
D.      Kinnaur

(142)   First Muslim to invade India was
A.      Mohammad Bin Qasim
B.      Mahmud of Ghazni
C.      Mohammad Ghori
D.      Mohammad Shah Abdali

(143)   ‘Ghumar’ is a folk dance of
A.      Haryana
B.      UP
C.      Rajasthan
D.      Himachal Pradesh

(144)   What is known as ‘Union Jack’?
A.      Spare part
B.      The British Flag
C.      A country
D.      Labour Union

(145)   Jerusalem is sacred to…………religions.
A.      1
B.      2
C.      3
D.      4

(146)   Whose name is associated with ‘Alfred Park’ of Allahabad?
A.      Chandra Sekhar Azad
B.      Bhagat Singh
C.      Ram Prasad Bismil
D.      Rajguru

(147)   The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan is modeled on
A.      Vrindaan Gardens
B.      Shalimar Gardens
C.      Rock Garden
D.      None of the above

(148)   The first general election for Lok Sabha was held in the year
A.      1948-49
B.      1949-50
C.      1951-52
D.      1953-54

(149)   Who wrote Anandmath?
A.      Raja Ram Mohan Roy
B.      Sharat Chandra
C.      Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
D.      Mulkraj Anand

(150)   ‘Fundamental Duties’ of the Constitution have been taken from
A.      England
B.      Ireland
C.      Scotland
D.      Erstwhile USSR

(151)   Which of the following States has been given Special Status under Article 370?
A.      Jammu & Kashmir
B.      Himachal Pradesh
C.      Meghalaya
D.      Mizoram

(152)   ………….is an introduction to the Constitution.
A.      Preamble
B.      Act
C.      Bill
D.      The Parliament

(153)   The national sport of China is
A.      Badminton
B.      Sumo wrestling
C.      Table tennis
D.      Volley ball

(154)   The word (sports term) ‘Slice’ is associated with
A.      Golf
B.      Hockey
C.      Lawn Tennis
D.      Badminton

(155)   Davis cup is associated with
A.      Hockey
B.      Football
C.      Lawn tennis
D.      Golf

(156)   Special Olympics World Winters Games-2013 were held at
A.      Pyeong Chang
B.      Beijing
C.      Switzerland
D.      North Korea

(157)   Manpreet Kaur is related with
A.      Boxing
B.      Wrestling
C.      Archery
D.      Weight Lifting

(158)   NASA marked…………… anniversary of Space Shuttle Colombia Disaster on Feb. 1, 2013.
A.      9th
B.      10th
C.      11th
D.      12th

(159)   The smallest planet discovered outside our Solar System is
A.      Kepler-35
B.      Kepler-36
C.      Kepler-37
D.      Pluto-2

(160)   Who has been honoured with top French honour, the highest civilian award on February 15, 2013?
A.      Dr. Manmohan Singh
B.      Khushwant Singh
C.      Dr. Amartya Sen
D.      Malala

(161)   Onkareshwar Bhatt is a/the
A.      Film Director
B.      Chairman of Law Commission
C.      Social Worker
D.      Retired Justice conducting Judicial Probe in Allahabad Railway Station Stampede

(162)   Who has written the novel ‘Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati’?
A.      Swami Vivekanand
B.      Ved Vyas
C.      Narender Kohli
D.      Swami Shraddanand

(163)   The name of the First Complete Bionic Man of the World is
A.      Chang
B.      Arnold
C.      Randy
D.      Rex

(164)   Which of the following does not find mention in the Preamble to the Constitution?
A.      Dignity of the Individual
B.      Dignity of the Constitution
C.      Fraternity
D.      Unity and Integrity of the Nation

(165)   Which constitutional amendments introduced the anti-defection provisions in the constitution for the first time?
A.      51st amendment
B.      52nd amendment
C.      53rd amendment
D.      54th amendment

(166)   Which of the following statements describes a ‘Hung Parliament’?
A.      A Parliament in which no party has clear majority
B.      The Prime Minister has resigned but Parliament is not dissolved
C.      Parliament lacks quorum to conduct business
D.      A Lame Duck Parliament

(167)   Which of the following is not correct?
A.      The President appoints the Chief Justice of Union Judiciary and other judges on the advice of on the Chief Justice
B.      In practice, these justices are actually selected by Union Cabinet
C.      If the President considers a question of law has arisen, he/she can ask for the advisory opinion of the Supreme Court
D.      The President must accept the opinion of the Supreme court

(168)   Which of the following is not correct about Rajya Sabha?
A.      It is called the Upper House of the Parliament
B.      The strength of the Rajya Sabha is fixed at 350 members
C.      The President nominates 12 members to the Rajya Sabha
D.      1/3rd members retire at the end of every two years

(169)   Which of the following is not correct about ‘Jute’?
A.      The Jute plant needs high temperature
B.      The Jute plant need medium rainfall
C.      The jute plant depletes the fertility of the soil  very rapidly
D.      India and Bangladesh are the two leading producers of jute in the world

(170)   The grasslands of South Africa are called
A.      Veld
B.      Down
C.      Pampas
D.      Prairies

(171)   Anand Milk and Mother Dairy are examples of
A.      Private Sector Industries
B.      Public Sector Industries
C.      Co-operative Sector Industries
D.      Joint Sector Industries

(172)   Maximum salinity is found in
A.      Pacific Ocean
B.      Dead Sea
C.      Arctic Ocean
D.      Red Sea

(173)   Sindhu Darshan festival is celebrated in
A.      Nepal
B.      Leh
C.      Kashmir
D.      Jammu

(174)   Which of the following is not correct about ‘Sahara’ desert?
A.      It is the largest desert in the world
B.      The days are extremely hot and the nights may be freezing cold
C.      Even the thorny scrub and wiry grass cannot survive
D.      The average temperature ranges between 30°C and 45°C

(175)   With increase in temperature, the viscosity of
A.      Gases decreases
B.      Liquids increases
C.      Gases increases
D.      Gases remains constant

(176) स्वर संधि के कितने भेद हैं?
A.  दो
B.  तीन
C.  चार
D.  पांच

(177) द्रविड़ भाषा परिवार मे कौन सी भाषा नहीं आती?
A.  तमिल
B.  तेलुगू
C.  गुजराती
D.  मलयालम

(178) अनुनासिक स्वर का उदाहरण निम्न मे से कौन सा है?
A.  ऊंट
B.  कवि
C.  पैसा
D.  हिमेश

(179) ‘ऊ’ का उच्चारण स्थान क्या है?
A.  दंत
B.  कंठ
C.  ओष्ठ
D.  कंठ-तालु

(180) ‘परसद’ का शुद्ध रूप चुनिये:
A.  परशाद
B.  प्रशाद
C.  प्रसाद
D.  प्रासाद

(181) ‘सरकार’ व ‘शादी’ कैसे शब्द हैं?
A.  विदेशज
B.  देशज
C.  तत्सम
D.  तदभाव

(182) ‘प्रत्येक’ मे उपसर्ग क्या है?
A.  प्रत्य
B.  प्रति
C.  प्रत
D.  परा

(183) ‘भयाक्रांत’ मे प्रयुक्त प्रत्यय कौन सा है?
A.  अंत
B.  क्रांत
C.  याक्रांत
D.  आक्रांत

(184) ‘भारत का स्वर्णिम इतिहास रहा है।’ वाक्य के रेखांकित शब्द मे कौन सा विशेषण है?
A.  गुणवाचक
B.  संख्यावाचक
C.  परिमाणवाचक     
D.  सर्वनामिक

(185) ‘माँ दुर्गा ने महिसासुर को मारा।’ इस वाक्य मे ‘महिसासुर को’ में कौन सा कारक है?
A.  कर्ता
B.  कर्म
C.  करण
D.  संबंध

(186) छोटो के लिए लिखे गए पत्र मे समाप्ति पर समाप्ति सूचक शब्द क्या होंगे?
A.  तुम्हारा शुभचिंतक
B.  तुम्हारा चरणसेवक
C.  विनीत
D.  भवदीय

(187) ‘राम गीता गा रहा था।’ वाक्य मे काल है
A.  अपूर्ण भूतकाल
B.  पूर्ण भूतकाल
C.  सामान्य भूतकाल
D.  पूर्ण वर्तमानकाल

(188) किस शब्द का अर्थ अन्य तीन शब्दों से भिन्न है?
A.  चंद्र
B.  शशि
C.  राकेश
D.  चंद्रिका

(189) ‘आकर्षण’ शब्द का विलोम है
A.  अनाकर्षण
B.  विकर्षण
C.  अपकर्षण
D.  अनुंकर्षण

(190) ‘मेष’ को समान्यतः क्या कहा जाता है?
A.  मास
B.  भैंस
C.  भेड़
D.  ग्रह

(191) ‘कामायनी’ किसकी रचना है?
A.  जयशंकर प्रसाद
B.  हरिवंश राय बच्चन
C.  रामधारी सिंह दिनकर
D.  माखन लाल चतुर्वेदी

(192) ‘धूनी रमाना’ लोकोक्ति का अर्थ है
A.  जलने से उतपन धुआँ
B.  यज्ञ करना
C.  जमकर बैठना
D.  बैरागी हो जाना

(193) शुद्ध शब्द रूप कौन सा है?
A.  बज्रभाषा
B.  बृजभाषा
C.  बर्जभाषा
D.  बरिजभाषा

(194) ‘मुख बाल रवि सम लाल होकर ज्वाल सा बोधित हुआ।’ वाक्य मे कौन सा अलंकार है?
A.  रूपक
B.  अनुप्राश
C.  अतिश्योक्ति
D.  उपमा

(195) निम्न मे से कौन सा जोड़ सर्वनाम नहीं है?
A.  आप, तुम
B.  मैं, तू
C.  कौन, क्या
D.  जब, तब

(196) ‘दुधमुंहा’ शब्द कौन सा समास है?
A.  तत्पुरुष
B.  द्वंद
C.  बहुब्रिही
D.  अवयईभाव   

(197) ‘त्राहि त्राहि’ किस का बोधक है?
A.  आश्चर्य
B.  ग्लानि
C.  तिरस्कार
D.  भय

(198) ‘जो वचन द्वारा कही न जा सके’ वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द बताइये।
A.  अनर्गल
B.  अनिर्वचनीय
C.  निर्वचनीय
D.  अवचनी

(199) ‘चिड़िया’ का सही बहुवचन बताइये।
A.  चिड़ियाँ
B.  चिड़िएँ
C.  चिड़िया
D.  चिड़ियों

(200) निम्न मे से वर्णो का कौन सा जोड़ा ‘अल्पप्राण’ है?
A.  श, ष
B.  स, ह
C.  ष, ह
D.  ल, व 


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