[Result] HPAS 2014 Mains Result Declared !


No.3-14/2014 –PSC (Exam.) Dated, Shimla-17100, the 26th November, 2015

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission today declared the result of Main Written Examination of HP Administrative and Allied Services-2014


In  all  45375  applications  were  received  for  the  admission  to  the  aforesaid  examination  for 2014  as against 43379 who applied last year. It was an increase of 4.39% which is quite significant and meaningful. Out of 45375 candidates, 41063 were admitted provisionally.

25235 candidates appeared in HPAS preliminary examination-2014 held on 07/06/2015.

612 candidates  were  declared  qualified  for  main  written  examination  of  HPAS.  Out  of  which 464 candidates appeared in HPAS Main Examination-2014 held w.e.f. 12/09/2015 to 23/09/2015. 

Expressing  satisfaction  over  the  timely  declaration  of  result  of  HPAS  Combined  Competitive 

Examination, Sh. K.S. Tomar, Chairman, H.P. Public Service Commission (HPPSC) said “due to coordinated efforts and  systematic  planning,  the  one  year  gap,  in  declaring  final  result  of Main Examination  of  HPAS  Combined Competitive Examination, stands eliminated”.

He said “the date of interviews will be decided shortly and will be uploaded on the official website of
the Commission and also be conveyed to successful candidates. The advertisement for fresh posts of HPAS and other services will be printed in newspapers during the month of January, 2016.”

“It is an achievement for Commission to restore the schedule which will save one year of the aspirants,” Sh. Tomar Said.

Sh. Tomar said, “On 24th Aug. 2014, Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission had started Toll Free Centre  to  enable  the  Government  to  Citizen  (G2C)  interface  for  the  quick  delivery  of information  and  public amassing the information through Help Centre. Toll Free Number 1800-180-8004 is being answered by a team of Help Centre Executives on every working day and the calls are attended by the highly experienced and skilled professionals.”

He said, “Till date 25780 Calls on Toll Free Number and 20425 Calls on some other Telephone bearing No. 0177-2629738. (Only incoming facility) have been received. In all 46205 calls were received by the Toll Free centre executives.”

Sh. Tomar said, “43379 applications were received during 2013, out of which 4353 (10.03%) applications were  rejected  for  want  of  Examination  fee  etc.  and  in  HPAS-2014  Examination, 45,375  applications  were received, out of which 4310 (9.49%) applications rejected. The percentage of rejection came down sharply by 0.54% because of induction of Toll Free Centre.”

84  Candidates  with  the  following  roll  numbers  have  qualified  the  main  written  examination. Roll Numbers are:

100349 100558 100711   100736 101063 101076 101558 102302 103056 103752 104176 
105059 105814 105962 106353 106363 106589 107736 107750 107982 109254 109479 
109957 110030 111107 111137 111504 200186 200427 200465 200492 200841 202115 
202570 202799 203068 203118 203273 203999 204031 204042 204331 300095 302463 
302524 400297 400454 400763 400957 400989 401669 401752 403717 405569 501358 
601430 601456 701192 701262 800003 800637 800934 803207 

No. of candidates : 63

Category:[02]SCHED.CASTE OF H.P. 

100442 103561 103809 200537 201935 403017 405097 406516 500090 701346 801917 

No. of candidates : 11

Category:[03]SCHED.TRIBE OF H.P. 

203559 203916
No. of candidates : 02

Category:[04]O.B.C. of H.P. 

202468 401263 602199                  

No. of candidates : 03

Category:[06]GEN.EX.S.MAN OF HP

406447 406703 602511 701667 800771        

No. of candidates : 05

The result is available on Commission’s website at http://hp.gov.in/hppsc/   and the same has also been displayed on the Notice Board of the Commission.

Sd/-( Trilok Singh Chauhan), 

Deputy Secretary   
H.P. Public Service Commission.
Phone No.0177-2623784 

Download Result PDF Here : HPAS 2014 Mains Result

Interview : 

First of all I congratulate all the aspirants who made it to the Interviews. You are now one step closer to your dream so try to give your best in this final round too. For Interview you have to prepare extensively all the things that matter in this stage, I am mentioning the main things you have to prepare for the HPAS interviews below :
  • 1st thing that matters the most is that You remain Hopeful and Confident about you Success. Whatever you do, do it with confidence. Try to be genuine and have positive attitude.
  • During Interview try to be calm and composed, try to overcome nervousness by remaining confident, don't reply in a haste manner, take your time and then express relevant points.
  • Work upon your Academic/Professional Profile, They will ask questions about your Education background, qualifications/professional and related fields, so prepare basic things about these.
  • They can ask about your Hobbies, Likes, Dislike, Social awareness, mental and psychological aspects too, reply honestly and don't try to pretend and try to become over smart.
  • They can ask about your Birthplace, Hometown, District and finally about the State in a depth, so do prepare about these things and related things.
  • Prepare Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs, Political, Social-Economical and Environmental mainly.
  • National and International Current affairs, can ask about your opinions on various issues like burning social issues like Intolerance these days, communal harmony etc, International issue like Syria situation, terrorism etc
  • They will ask about your choice of optional subjects and related things.
  • Work on overall all things you think are important and try to overcome your weaknesses, if possible do mock interviews or try to discuss with your friends or family members and do kind of mock interviews. Ask your seniors if they have some experiences. So all these things are the important ones, Be confident and be Hopeful. All the Best.

You can also discuss the details here. Comments are welcomed.

What's Next by HPPSC :
HPPSC this year conducted HPAS very smoothly according to their pre-planned schedule, whether it was Prelims, Mains and now Interviews will be held quickly within one month of time, its Clear that HPPSC is going to do reforms and the "PATTERN CHANGE" will be the next Move and optional will reduce to one only. I have already mentioned the New Pattern for Mains in an earlier post.
Other Notable thing is that HPAS 2015 Advertisement will be released in January and Exam will likely be conducted in April End or May 1st Week and then Mains in September, and in November/December the final result will be Declared. So the whole schedule is clear.


  1. I want to write hpas mains in hindi medium. Kindly give me some suggestion for success.Is there any influence of medium in hpas exam ?

    1. I think there is No problem with choice of Medium in Mains its like they say difference is 19/20. Quality of answers matter more than that of quantity or medium.

  2. thanks a lot for your kind suggestion.

  3. Manager/Project Manager Answer key is out.... Anyone having idea of its cutoff category wise???

    1. 75 plus for general

    2. Its too high dude....i dont think so this would be cutoff...

    3. dude paper was was easy that y

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