[Himachal GK] Gujjar Tribes

The Gujjars are a nomadic mountain tribe who can be found in various parts of the Indian Himalayas. They are entirely dependent on their buffaloes, horses, cows, sheep and goats. They are nomadic and

trek with their animals.

The Gujjars follow their herds to the high alpine pastures in the summer. They even take their buffaloes up to around 12,000 ft and tend to travel with their entire families. Gujjar encampments -- low log structures -- can be found all over the region, as well as in the Chamba region, especially near Laga and other areas above an altitude of 8,000 ft.

Gujjar groups in the Garhwal region trek from the Terai region in Rishikesh in April and within a month or two reach the different high altitude meadows. In September they trek back to the Terai, thus completing their annual cycle. Due to their scattered living and nomadic habits, it is almost impossible to educate their children. However, efforts are being made to make education available to these people.

Often the Gujjars travel long distances daily to distant, lower towns to sell the milk that their animals produce. Descents and ascents of 8,000 ft carrying their product is a daily feature.

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