[General Studies Manual] Best GS Manuals Available for UPSC Civil Services Exams and HPAS Exams

What is a General Studies Manual/ GS Manual ?

A GS manual is a Book that is called Complete package which Provide many things in a Single book i.e. Study material of All the subjects, Practice Questions and Previous papers. It Includes History, Geography, Polity, Economic development, Environment & Biodiversity, Science, Misc GK, Current

events etc.

Why to have a General Studies Manual ?

Pros : There are plenty of benefits of a GS manual, some of them are following :

1. Covers the Pattern & whole Syllabus Very Well. You don't need to buy a Separate Syllabus.

2. It gives analysis of previous years papers and the trend too. For a starter this is immensely helpful.

3. It also gives 4-5 Years Previous Years Question Papers.

4. It also provides few Practice sets for practice.

5. It also provides Practice Questions at the end of each chapter and thus helps in proper revision and performance check.

6. It is very useful for quick revision.

7. Some sections Like Ancient History, Medieval History, Freedom struggle, Physical Geography, Science & Tech Sections are brilliantly covered. This is almost sufficient material for these sections.

8. GS manual Also covers Misc. GK and its useful for all other Exams. Useful for UPSC, SSC CGL, Railway, State exams etc.

Cons : 
There are No cons of having a GS manual.

Which GS manual is best and better Organised ?

Although all GS manuals are Good but from my Experience I can say that Tata Macgraw Hill GS manual is better organised and also have better quality of Study material. But it does not mean that others are not Good. All are good and anyone will fulfill the purpose. I have mentioned a few best GS available these days :

English Medium :

1 . Tata MacGraw Hill GS Manual  / Here

2. Arihant GS Manual by Manohar Pandey / Here 

3.  Access Publication GS Manual by Majid Hussain/DR Khullar/ND Arora / Here

4. Pearson GS Manual / Here

Spectrum GS Manual / Here

Hindi Medium :

Samanya Adhyayan Paper 1  Tata MacGraw Hill / Here

2. Arihant Samanya Adhayan Paper 1 Here

 Samanya Adhayan Access Publication by Majid Hussain/DR Khullar/ND Arora  / Here

Samanya Adhayan Paper 1 by Pearson / Here

For More Search  :  Here || Here

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