[Himachal GK] Himachal Pardesh GK Questions Answers

1. Shipki pass 4500 m is in the district of ? Ans kinnaur
2. Spiti and kinnaur are separated from tibet by? Ans Zaskar
3. Which lake in district Lahaul Spiti is known as the "lake of Moon" ? Ans Chandratal
4. The headquarters of kinnaur district is?  Ans Reckong peo
5. Himachal Pradesh became part-c state in?  Ans 1951

6. Who was the ruler of bilaspar at the time of India's Indepedence?  Ans Anand Chand
7. The town of Chamba was founded by?  Ans Sahil Varman
8. How many members were there in the legislative assembly constituted for H.P in 1952? Ans 36
9. Who became the first Lt. governor of H.P in 1952?  Ans Lt. General Himmat Singh
10. When did Dr. Y.S Parmar become the chief minister of H.P for the first time? Ans 24th March 1952
11. When did H.P made a Union Territory? ? Ans 1956
12. How many districts did Himachal have till 1966? Ans Six
13. Who was the first Chief Justice of H.P High court? ? Ans Justice M.H Beg
14. Gaiety theatre was opened in shimla by the british in?? Ans 1887
15. What was the Shivalik Mountain known as in ancient texts? ? Ans Mainak Parbat

16. The is a nine hole Golf course located somewhere in Shimla district. Where is it? ? Ans Naldera
17. The earthquake that caused great havoc in kangra occurred in? ? Ans 4th april 1905
18. Which district in H.P has its borders with, sirmaur, uttarakhand, solan and Mandi? ? Ans Shimla
19. The Bhootnath temple is at? ? Ans Mandi
20. Bir billing in kangra district has become famous for? ? Ans Hang gliding

21. The Suketi Fossil park is in? ? Ans Sirmaur district
22. In Dharamshala(kangra distt.) there is a british Lord's tomb. Who was he?? Ans Lord Elgin
23. H.P is situated in the hills of? ? Ans Western Himalayas
24. Which ruler built the Mandi Town in 1527? ? Ans Ajbar Sen
25. Which became the 5th district of H.P in 1954?? Ans Bilaspar

26. Area wise which is smallest district of H.P?? Ans Hamirpur (1118 sq km)
27. The hill state which used to be called Dhamin once, is now?? Ans Dhami
28. The Dhami firing took place on?? Ans 1939
29. "Prachin Himachal" was written by? ? Ans L P Pandey
30. "kinner" means? ? Ans People with ashwamukh

31. The festival "Bhunda" is related to? ? Ans Parshuram
32. The cement factory at Rajban in Sirmaur district was installed in? ? Ans 1980
33. How was Renuka related to Rishi Jamadagni? ? Ans Wife
34. "Rumal" is a famous handicraft of the district of?? Ans Chamba
35. There is a Sun temple at?? Ans Nirath (distt. Shimla)

36. The last village of the spiti valley is? ? Ans Losar
37. In which district district did Una tehsil fall in 1967?? Ans kangra
38. Where is Andhra Hydel project located?? Ans Shimla district
39. When was Solan district formed? ? Ans September 1, 1972
40. Where us the Mahima liberary located ?? Ans Nahan

41. Where is the headquarter of Army training command?? Ans Shimla
42. Where is 260 MW Hibra hydroelectric project situated? ? Ans Chamba distt.
43. A girl from Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of being the youngest in the world to climb Mount Everest in 1993. Who is she?? Ans Dicky Dolma
44. In which year Shimla become the capital of Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1966
45. In which year was the broad gauge Delhi-Nangal rail line extended upto Una?? Ans 1991

46. At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the 100 ton a day capacity Vanaspti ghee plant in cooperative sector, located?? Ans Mandi
47. Which country is assisting in the Pilot project on Trout in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans Norway
48. Which major hydel project in Himachal Pradesh is being run in collaboration with Russia?? Ans Kol Dam
49. In which year was the Abolition of Big Landed States Act passed in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1954
50. On which item was more than 50% of the first five year plan expenditure incurred in Himachal
Pradesh after it became a part "C" state?? Ans Road construction

51. When was Himachal Pradesh compulsory Education Act passed?? Ans 1953
52. What is Guru Ghantal? ? Ans a famous monastery in lahaul spiti
53. Which Himachali ruler renovated the famous Baijnath temple in kangra in the 19th centuary?? Ans Raja Sansar Chand
54. To which place in Delhi was a stupa constructed by Ashoka in the Poanta valley in Himachal Pradesh, shifted by a Muslim ruler?? Ans Firoj shah kotla
55. Who was the chief commissioner of Himachal Pradesh between March 1951 and february 1952?? Ans Bhagwan Sahai

56. Who founded the princely state of Bushaher in the upper Satluj valley? ? Ans Pradyumna
57. In which year did the Punjab hill states merge with Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1966
58. In which state did the Praja Mandel demand abolition of Begar in 1939?? Ans Dhami
59. The ruler of which princely state sides neither with the British government nor with the rebels during the war of indepedence of 1857? ? Ans Rampur Bushaher
60. Who prevented Raja Ghamand Chand from expanding his empire further?? Ans Jassa Singh

61. Who was the first to discover Shimla as a fine hill station?? Ans Major Kennedy
62. Which place in Himachal Pradesh is held sacred by Buddhists, hindus and Sikhs alike?? Ans Rewalsar in distt Mandi
63. Which party gained a majority in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly in the general election of 1977?? Ans Janata Party
64. Among Punjab, Haryana,Himachal Pradesh and kerala which state has the largest area?? Ans Himachal Pradesh
65. Which river do the glacier fed streams, Bhadal and tantagiri form?? Ans Ravi

66. At which place does the Beas river enter the plains?? Ans Mirthal
67. Which larger river does the tributary "Tons" join?? Ans Yamuna
68. What is the share of Himachal Pradesh in the total National hydro electric potential?? Ans 25%
69. In which district of Himachal Pradesh is Tea grown traditionally?? Ans kangra and Mandi
70. When was "territorial council" formed in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1957

71. In which century Padam Sambhava preached Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 8th century
72. Which Muslim ruler constructed a mosque inside the fort of Nagarkot?? Ans Jahangir
73. Which ruler expanded the territory of his state after the disintegration of the Mughal empire?? Ans Raja Ghammad Chand
74. In which princely state did Yashwant singh parmar serve as District and Session Judge?? Ans Sirmaur
75. Which states were under the direct rule of the british before 1947?? Ans kangra, kullu, lahaul n spiti, chamba and Mandi

76. Which princely state initially refused to join the Indian Union when the british rule ended in India?? Ans Bilaspar
77. Which ruler renovated the famous 13 th centuary Baijnath temple in the 19th centuary? ? Ans Raja Sansar Chand
78. In which year hp attain full Statehood?? Ans 1971
79. In which year did Timur attacked kangra?? Ans 1398
80. Where in hp is the 81 foot idol of Lord Shiva installed?? Ans Kotla kalan (Una)

81 Which Governor general was the first to stay at Shimla?? Ans Lord Amherst
82. Which two sides were the signatories to the treaty of Sagauli in 1815 AD?? Ans Gurkhas and the British
83. In which year did the first legislative assembly come into existence in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1952
84. At which place in hp is Mohan Meakins Breweries located?? Ans Solan
85. At which place are resins and turpentine oil factories located in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans Nahan and Bilaspar

86. On which rivet is the kol dam hydro power plant with Soviet Collaboration?? Ans Sutlej
87. Which district of hp has rock salt deposits?? Ans Mandi
88. Which princely state was founded by Raja Rasalu in 1139 AD?? Ans Sirmaur
89. Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans Shilla
90. Which district in himachal Pradesh is the highest producer of Mango?? Ans kangra

91. Which district in Himachal Pradesh has largest area under potato production?? Ans Shimla
92. The district with the lowest percentage of electrified village in Himachal is? ? Ans Kinnaur
93. On the basin of which river is Dodra kawar situated?? Ans Tons
94. What is the architectural style of Jawalamukhi temple in kangra district?? Ans Domed style
95. In which district of Himachal. Pradesh is surajtal lake located?? Ans Lahaul and spiti

96. Who founded Guler state in 1405 AD?? Ans Hari Chand
97. Which ruler of chamba defied Aurangzeb's order to demolish the hindu temples in his state?? Ans Chatar singh
98. In which district of hp Uhal hydroelectric project located?? Ans Mandi
99. 2011 Census which district of himachal pradesh has the highest child (0-6 years) sex ratio?? Ans Lahaul n spiti
100. In which year was "Swarna jayanti Gram swarozgar Yojana" launched in Himachal Pradesh?? Ans 1999-2000

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