[Himachal GK] Himachal Pradesh GK Questions Bank Series 1

1.      Who was the founder of Mandi State ?
   a. Vir Sen
   b. Ajbar Sen
   c. Sur Sen
   d. Ban Sen
2.      Jahangir invaded Nurpur in
a.      1601
b.      1688
c.       1620
d.      1622
3.      In which year Mahmood Ghaznavi plundered Kangra fort
a.      1001
b.      1004
c.       1009
d.      1010
4.      Which was the first hill state to merge with the Indian Union after Independence
a.      Suket
b.      Theog
c.       Mandi
d.      Trigart
5.      When did Himachal Pradesh obtained statehood ?
a.      25th January 1950
b.      25th January 1971
c.       25th January 1948
         d.   25th January 1969

6.      When was first Vidhan Sabha Elections held in Himachal Pradesh ?
a.      1951
b.      1971
c.       1950
d.      1948
7.      Which Aryan Leader defeated the local tribe leader Shambar ?
a.      Krishan Chander
b.      Som Chander
c.       Surya Chander
d.      Sushram Chander
8.      Who was the founder Suket State ?
a.      Ban Sen
b.      Gaj Sen
c.       Vir Sen
d.      Govind Sen
9.      Who was the leader of the Gorkha forces of Nepal which attacked Himachal Pradesh
a.      Amar Singh Thapa
b.      Jang Bahadur Thapa
c.       Zoravar Singh Thapa
d.      Sher Singh Thapa
10.  Who was the leader of Dhami Movement in 16th July 1939
a.      Dr. Y. S. Parmar
b.      Bhagmal Sautha
c.       Kanshi Ram
d.      Pt. Radam Dev

11.  Pt. Padam Dev was the leader of which movement
a.      Mandi Agitation
b.      Dhami Movement
c.       Suket Satyagrah
d.      Jugga Movement
12.  Who was the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh
a.      Vir Bhadra Singh
b.      Dr. Y. S. Parmar
c.       Prof. P. K. Dhumal
d.      Shanta Kumar
13.  Who was the court poet of Mahmood Ghaznavi
a.      Abul Fazal
b.      Taansen
c.       Utbi
d.      Shah Jahan
14.  Bhimkot was the ancient name of
a.      Kangra Fort
b.      Kamlah Fort
c.       Bilaspur fort
d.      Nahan fort
15.  Alexender reached the banks of which river with his troops
a.      Satluj
b.      Beas
c.       Yamuna
d.      Chenab

16.       What is the total area of Himachal Pradesh
a.         55673 sq. km
b.         55764  sq.km
c.          55073  sq. km
d.         55573  sq.km
17.       What is the total population of Himachal Pradesh in 2011 Census
a.         68,56,509
b.         67,56,509
c.          69,56,509
d.         64,56,509
18.       Population density of Himachal Pradesh is
a.         109
b.         114
c.          119
d.         123
19.       Sex Ratio per thousand males in HP is
a.         904
b.         914
c.          974
d.         1004
20.       Total percentage of rural population in Himachal Pradesh
a.         90.01%
b.         90.21%
c.          91.91%
d.         92.14%

21.       Literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh is
a.         83.78%
b.         82.11%
c.          83.14%
d.         78.90%
22.       Total number of villages in HP are
a.         20504
b.         20118
c.          19745
d.         18990
23.       Which district has the highest literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh
a.         Chamba
b.         Mandi
c.          Kangra
d.         Hamirpur
24.    Which is the largest district of Himachal Pradesh
a.         Kinnaur
b.         Shimla
c.          Bilaspur
d.         Lahaul Spiti
25.  Which is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh
   a.      Sirmaur
   b.       Mandi
   c.       Hamirpur
   d.       Una

26.   Which is the highest peak of HP
a.    Shipki
b.    Kinner kailash
c.     Shilla
d.     Geyphang
27.   Which lake is the biggest natural lake of Himachal
a.    Rewalsar
b.   Nako
c.    Renuka
d.    Govind Sagar
28.   Satudri is the ancient name of this river
a.     Beas
b.    Satluj
c.      Ravi
d.     Yamuna
29.    Ancient name of Ravi is
a.     Kalindi
b.     Parvati
c.     Iravati
d.     Asikani
30.   Satluj originates from
a.     Rohtang pass
b.    Yamunotri
c.     Bara Bhangal
d.    Mansarovar

31.  Which is the highest mountain range of Himachal Pradesh
a.     Shivalik mountain Range
b.     Dhauladhar mountain range
c.      Pir Panjal Mountain Range
d.     Zaskar Mountain Range
32.   The river which covers the longest distance in Himachal Pradesh is
a.     Satluj
b.     Beas
c.     Yamuna
d.     Chenab
33.   Parvati, Tirthan, Uhal, Pin are the tributaries of
a.      Satluj
b.     Beas
c.      Yamuna
d.     Chenab
34.   Which lake is famous for its floating pieces of land
a.      Parashar
b.     Rewalsar
c.       Bhrigu
d.       Renuka
35.   Which among the following places do not have the hot springs
a.      Tattapani
b.      Mahikaran
c.      Khir Ganga
d.      Malana

36.   Which is the highest pass in Himachal Pradesh
a.      Chhobu
b.       Rohtang Pass
c.       Jalori Pass
d.       Bara Lachhla
37.   Chandra and Bhaga rivers join at this place and merge into Chenab
a.       Tattapani
b.       Pandoh
c.       Tandi
d.       Slappar
38.    Mandi town is situated in the banks of
a.       Satluj
b.       Ravi
c.        Chenab
d.       Beas
39.   Rampur town is situates in the banks of
a.        Satluj
b.        Ravi
c.         Beas
d.        Yamuna
40.   Ancient name of river Yamuna is
a.       Iravati
b.       Parvati
c.       Kalindi
d.       Satudri

 41.   Where is the  Gaggal Airport in the Himachal Pradesh?
a.      Kullu
b.     Kangra
c.       Mandi
             d.      Shimla 
42.    Where is Bhunter airport in Himachal Pradesh?
a.      Shimla
b.      Dharmshala
c.       Kulllu
d.      Una
43.   How many domestic airports are in H.P.?
a.      5
b.      4
c.       3
d.      2
44.  The Kalka-Shimla Railway track  passes through ____tunnels
a.     100
b.     101
c.      102
d.     103
45.  The Kalka-Shimla Railway track  crosses over ____ bridges
a.      860
b.     864
c.       868
d.      866

46.  Where is Central Potato Research Institute in H.P.?
a.      Nalagarh
b.      Baddi
c.       Solan
d.      Kufri
47.  Where is Indian Institute of Advanced Studies located in H.P.?
a.      Manali
b.      Dharamshala
c.       Waknaghat
d.      Summer Hill, Shimla
48.  Where is Suketi fossil park situated in H.P.?
a.      Mandi
b.      Kullu
c.       Kangra
d.      Sirmaur
49.   When was Himachal Pradesh formed?
a.      25 January 1970
b.      26 January 1970
c.       25 January 1971
d.      25 January 1970
50.  Where is Rock Cut Temple situated in Himachal Pradesh ?
a.      Lahaul-spiti
b.      Solan
c.      Kangra
 d.      Kinnaur 

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