[Himachal GK] Himachal Pradesh GK Questions Bank Series 2

1. The State Animal of Himachal Pradesh is
a.     Musk Deer
b.     Leopard
c.     Snow Leopard
d.     Deer

2.  “Losar” is celebrated in:
a.     Outer Kullu
b.     Spiti
c.     Kinnaur
d.     Sirmaur

3. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Govt. Medical College is situated at:

a.     Nagrota
b.     Kangra
c.     Dharamshala
d.    Tanda

4. “Bhoj” festival is celebrated
a.     Every Year
b.     After four years
c.     After Ten Years
d.     After Twelve Years

5. The Head Office of Exiled Tibetian Govt. is situated at
a.     Mcleodganj
b.     Dharamshala
c.     Shimla
d.     Chamba

6. “Chander Nahan Lake” is situated in ____________ district.
a.     Shimla
b.     Sirmaur
c.     Kinnaur
d.     Kullu

7.  Which river is in Shimla district?
a.     Banganga
b.     Ravi
c.     Pabbar
d.     Beas

8.  Identify the Victoria Cross Awardee ( From Himachal Pradesh).
a.     Bhandari Ram
b.     Capt. Prem Chand
c.     Maj. Dhan Singh Thapa
d.     Bhag Singh Thakur

9.  Himachal Day is celebrated on
a.     August,15
b.     April,15
c.     Jaunary,25
d.     January,26

10. Which among the following was not a district of Himachal Pradesh in 1949?
a.     Mandi
b.    Shimla
c.     Sirmaur
d.     Mahasu

11. “Mrikula-Devi Temple” is in
a.     Lahaul & Spiti
b.     Kullu
c.     Kangra
d.     Chamba

12. “Shimla Agreement” was signed in
a.     1966
b.     1971
c.     1972
d.     1975

13. “Van Lagao-Roji Kamao” scheme was launched by:
a.     Shanta Kumar
b.     Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal
c.     Vir Bhadra Singh
d.     A.B. Vajpayee

14. Identify who was The Chief Justice of India from Himachal Pradesh?
a.     M.C. Mahajan
b.    Vishnu Sharma
c.     K.L. Chopra
d.     L.S. Panta

15. In which Bhavan (Building) at Dharamshala, for the first time, Vidhan Sabha Session was held?
a.    Tapovan Bhavan
b.     Prayatan bhavan
c.     Prayass bhawan
d.     Vyas Bhavan

16. Which is the smallest district in terms of area?
a.     Hamirpur
b.     Una
c.     Bilaspur
d.     Kinnaur

17. The Himachal Pradesh (Transferred Territory) Tenants ( Protection of Rights) Act. Was passed in?
a.     1971
b.     1972
c.     1966
d.     1968

18. Before 1966, Una District was a part of
a.     Kangra Tehsil
b.    Hoshiarpur Tehsil
c.     Ropar Tehsil
d.     Jejon Tehsil

19. In 1990, who was the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?
a.     Shanta Kumar
b.     Thakur Ram Lal
c.      Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal
d.     Vir Bhadra Singh

20. The Emergency Response Centre of 108 Helpline Scheme is located in:
a.    Shimla District
b.    Hamirpur District
c.    On all district headquarters
d.    Solan District

21. How many princely states were merged to form Himachal Pradesh before the Independence?
a.      31
b.      29
c.      40
d.      25

21. The name “Himachal Pradesh” was given by merging the hilly states on:
a.      15 August 1947
b.      15 January 1950
c.      15 April 1948
d.      15 February 1949

22. When was the seminar of Kings and Leaders, belonging to Hilly States of Shimla region, held at Bhaghat under the leadership of Raja Durga Singh?
a.      1 April 1947
b.      26-28 January 1948
c.      10 May 1949
d.      15 December 1950

23. When were 27 hilly state of Shimla region merged into Himachal Pradesh?
a.      16 December 1947
b.      10 May 1949
c.       8 November 1948
d.      8 March 1948

24. On 23 March 1948 which princely state was merged into Himachal Pradesh?
a.      Bilaspur
b.      Sujanpur
c.      Sirmaur
d.      Dhami

25. Who was the first Chief Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh?
a.      N.C. Mehta
b.      Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
c.      Jayawant Ram
d.      None of these

26. Which district was formed by combining 26 princely states of Shimla region?
a.      Mandi
b.      Sirmaur
c.      Bilaspur
d.      Mahasu

27.  Bilaspur was merged into Himachal Pradesh on:
a.      July 1954
b.      January 1950
c.      August 1948
d.      April 1948

28. Which princely state was merged with Mandi state form the Mandi district?
a.      Bhaghat
b.      Mahasu
c.      Suket
d.      Bilaspur

29. Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha was formed by which amendment of Constitution?
a.      Twelfth
b.      Fourteenth
c.       Sixteenth
d.      Twentieth

30. Pathankot was earlier part of which district?
a.      Shimla
b.     Gurdaspur
c.      Chamba
d.      Bilaspur

31. When was Himachal Pradesh state law passed by constitution?
a.      10 December 1955
b.      15 April 1960
c.       5 January 1956
d.      18 December 1970

32. When was first Vidhan Sabha elections held in H.P.?
a.      1952
b.      1950
c.       1955
d.      1960

33. Who was the first Government of Himachal Pradesh?
a.       Ramaswami
b.      Dr. Shashi Bhushan
c.       S. Chakravarti
d.      Dr. Yashwant Rao

34. When was Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar became first Chief Minister of H.P.?
a.      14 March 1951
b.      15 August 1952
c.      10 November 1950
d.      24 March 1950

35. On 31 October 1956, Under which act was H.P. Vidhan Sabha ended?
a.      State Reorganization Act
b.      Union Act
c.      Govt. of Union Act
d.      Council Act

36. When did H.P. became an Union Territory?
a.      10 January 1954
b.      5 December 1955
c.      1 November 1956
d.      1 February 1957

37.  When Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi did announced complete statehood to H.P.?
a.       30 November 1965
b.      31 July 1970
c.       10 July 1971
d.      31 April 1972

38. Zamindari System was abolished in H.P. in:
a.      1950-51
b.      1554-55
c.      1952-53
d.      1960-61

39.  From 1967 to 1971, H.P. was under the High Court of which state:
a.      Delhi
b.      Punjab
c.      Utter Pradesh
d.      Maharashtra

40.  When was first cabinet of ministers formed in H.P.?
a.       1960
b.      1962
c.       1954
d.      1960

41.  Zanskar mountain range separates Kinnaur and Spiti from:
a.     Tibet
b.      Burma
c.      China
d.      Kashmir

42.  Kinner Kailash mountain range is in ____________ district?
a.      Kullu
b.      Chamba
c.      Kangra
d.      Kinnaur

43.  What is the height of “Kinner Kailash” above sea level?
a.      19000 ft.
b.     19500 ft.
c.      18600 ft.
d.      18210 ft.

44.  Which of the following places does not belong to Kangra district?
a.      Dharamshala
b.      Bharmaur
c.      Nurpur
d.      Baijnath

45.  Chamba valley is also known as:
a.      Satluj Valley
b.      Bait Valley
c.      Ravi Valley
d.      Kaithi Valley

46.  Kullu valley is also known as:
a.       Ramghati
b.      Devghati
c.      Chetaghati
d.      Shivghati

47.  Which among the following rivers belongs to Himachal Pradesh?
a.      Satluj
b.      Ravi
c.      Chenab
d.      All of these

48.  Total length of Ravi river in Himachal Pradesh is:
a.      100 km.
b.      125 km.
c.      158 km.
d.      182. Km.

49.  Chenab is also named in H.P. as:
a.      Chanderkala
b.      Charudra
c.      Chapla
d.      Chandrabhaga

50.  Which place in Himachal Pradesh was known as “Vyaspur” in ancient times:
a.      Una
b.      Shimla
c.      Bilaspur
d.      Solan

51.  When was Kinnaur district formed?
a.      5 march 1957
b.      21 April 1960
c.      10 April 1962
d.      15 June 1965

52.  Ancient name of Kangra district was:
a.      Kalsi
b.      Kamru
c.      Trigarta
d.      Sitami

53.  Jagatsukh, Naggar and Sultanpur remained the capital city of which princely state?
a.      Mandi
b.      Suket
c.      Kullu
d.      Bilaspur

54.  Which is the southernmost district of H.P.?
a.      Solan
b.      Shimla
c.      Bilaspur
d.      Sirmaur

55.   Which of the following is not a district in H.P.?
a.      Manali
b.      Solan
c.      Shimla
d.      Una

56.   Earlier 1966, Una was the part of :
a.      Chamba
b.      Shimla
c.      Hoshiarpur
d.      Kangra

57.  “Tharoch and Daadi” princely states are now part of which district:
a.      Solan
b.      Siarmaur
c.      Shimla
d.      Kangra

58.   Which is the densely populated district of Himachal Pradesh?
a.      Lahaul & Spiti
b.      Kangra
c.      Kullu
d.     Hamirpur

59.   Who started “Shivratri Festival” in Mandi district?
a.       Aamer Sen
b.      Anand Pal
c.      Mohar singh
d.     Ajber Sen