[Himachal GK] Himachal Pradesh GK/ HP GK Questions Bank Series 6

1.   Hamir chand was the founder of
a.   Bilaspur State
b.   Nalagarh State
c.   Hamirpur State
d.   Dattapur State

2.   Who had built Sujanpur Tihra fort?
a.   Raja Sansar Chand
b.   Raja Amar Chand
c.   Raja Ghamand Chand

d.   Raja Prakash Chand

3.   Ravinder Nath Tagore had spent a few months at
a.   Dharmshala
b.   Sunder Nagar
c.   Dalhousie
d.   Shimla

4.   Which Katoch ruler had shifted his Capital from Kangra to Sujanpur Tihra?
a.   Prakash Chand
b.   Sansar Chand
c.   Mehar Chand
d.   Jai Chand

5.   Which town was established by Lord Dalhousie in 1852
a.   Chamba
b.   Kangra
c.   Dharmshala
d.   Dalhousie

6.   In which year Rup Chand of Kangra had invaded Delhi
a.   1310
b.   1360
c.   1330
d.   1350

7.   Kamru was the ancient name of
a.   Kinnaur
b.   Kangra
c.   Kullu
d.   Kasauli

8.   Shonitpur was the ancient name of
a.   Sarahan ( Near Rampur)
b.   Sarahan (Near Choupal)
c.   Sarahan ( Near Kullu)
d.   Sarahan (Near Sirmaur)

9.   Raja Kheri Singh was the famous ruler of
a.   Sirmaur
b.   Bushahar
c.   Jubbal
d.   Theog

10. Bushahar state had its Capital at
a.   Rampur
b.   Spiti
c.   Sarahan
d.   Kamru

11. Which ruler of Kangra had fought in the war of Mahabharat on behalf of Kauravas
a.   Ram Chander Katoch
b.   Sushram Chander Katoch
c.   Bhim Chander Katoch
d.   Karam Chand Katoch

12. Nagarkot was the ancient name of
a.   Hat koti
b.   Rohru
c.   Kangra
d.   Kotkehlur

13. Dhameri was the old name of
a.   Haripur
b.   Rampur
c.   Nurpur
d.   Hamirpur

14. Krigram was the ancient name of
a.   Baijnath
b.   Sarahan
c.   Nahan
d.   Nagrota

15. In which year Muslim ruler Sher Shah Suri attacked Kangra
a.   1530
b.   1533
c.   1538
d.   1540

16. Dhameri was named Nurpur, after the name of this Muslim Queen,
a.   Mumtaz
b.   Nurjahan
c.   Roshanara
d.   Nusrat Khan

17. In which year Nurjahan and Jahangir visited Kangra
a.   1610
b.   1615
c.   1620
d.   1622

18. Jhetpal was the fouder of
a.   Nurpur State
b.   Haripur State
c.   Balson State
d.   Jubbal State

19. Who was the last Muslim Faujdar of Kangra Fort?
a.   Khalil Khan
b.   Saif Ali Khan
c.   Ali kuli Khan
d.   Mansoor Khan

20. Sikh General Jai Singh Kanihya snatched Kangra fort from the Mughals in
a.   1783
b.   1760
c.   1790
d.   1785
21. The ancient capital of Chamba was
a.   Chamba
b.   Sultanpur
c.   Tisa
d.   Bharmour

22. Chamba has been named after princess Champavati, who was,
a.   Mother of Saihil Verman
b.   Wife of Sahil Verman
c.   Daughter of Sahil Verman
d.   Sister of Sahil Verman

23. Verman dynasty ruled
a.   Chamba
b.   Sirmaur
c.   Bilaspur
d.   Kullu

24. Who shifted the capital from Bharmaur to Chamba in 920 AD?
a.   Meru Verman
b.   Sahil Verman
c.   Aditya Verman
d.   Bala

25. Which queen of Sahil Verman had sacrificed herself for public cause?
a.   Naina Devi
b.   Swarn Lata
c.   Kunta Devi
d.   Prabhu Devi

26. Which Governer General of India visited chamba on 13th Nov. 1871
a.   Lord Rippon
b.   Lord Minto
c.   Lord Mayo
d.   Lord Hardinge

27. Which statement is true to Bhuri Singh
a.   He was the ruler of Chamba
b.   He ruled Chamba from 1904-1919
c.   He established Bhuri singh Museum in 1908
d.   All of these

28. Which ruler of Kangra had defeated Raja Raj Singh of Chamba in the war of Nareti in 1794
a.   Ghamand Chand
b.   Sansar Chand
c.   Rup Chand
d.   Bhim Chand

29. Mr. Vinge was the first European who visited Chamba in
a.   1809
b.   1819
c.   1829
d.   1839

30. Who was the founder of Chamba Town?
a.   Sahil Verman
b.   Tomar Verman
c.   Ajay Verman
d.   Abhya Verman

31. Which mountain range falls in Una district
a.   Shivalik mountain range
b.   The lower Himalayas range
c.   Sola singhi Mountain Range
d.   The Inner mountain range

32. Swan river flows in which district
a.   Kullu
b.   Kinnaur
c.   Kangra
d.   Una

33. This lake does not fall in Chamba District
a.   Khajjiar
b.   Lama
c.   Manimahesh
d.   Mansarovar

34. Which temple is located at Kangra town
a.   Brajeshwari Temple
b.   Ambika Temple
c.   Jayanti Mata
d.   All of these

35. Which temple is associated with the life of Ramayan’s character Ravan
a.   Shiv temple of Baijnath
b.   Balakrupi Temple of Palampur
c.   Jakhu Temple of Shimla
d.   Hanuman temple of Kinnaur

36. Which temple falls in the catchment area of Dharamshala
a.   Chamunda Devi at Nagrota Baghwan
b.   Bhagsunath at Mcleodganj
c.   Baba Balak Rupi near Palampur
d.   All of these

37. Historical Rock-Cut temple of Masroor falls at Haripur Town. This place is in which district
a.   Sirmaur
b.   Solan
c.   Bilaspur
d.   Kangra

38. The district headquarter of Lahaul-Spiti is at
a.   Keylong
b.   Spiti
c.   Udaipur
d.   Kaza

39. Which lake is related with Lord Parshuram
a.   Suketi
b.   Parashar
c.   Rewalsar
d.   Renuka

40. Which of the following temples is not associated with Mandi
a.   Bhutnath
b.   Panchvaktra
c.   Tarna Devi
d.   Tripura sundry

41. Dharmshala is at the elevation of
a.   1220 ft
b.   1220 mts.
c.   1631 ft.
d.   1631 mts

42. Ravi river flows through
a.   Kangra
b.   Chamba
c.   Solan
d.   Una

43. Which river originates from Bara Bhangal of Dhouladhar Range
a.   Ravi
b.   Satluj
c.   Beas
d.   Chenab

44. Uhal is the chief tributary of
a.   Sutlej
b.   Yamuna
c.   Beas
d.   Larji

45. Which lake falls at Lahaul Spiti
a.   Dal
b.   Surajtal
c.   Chandernahan
d.   None of these

46. Which state falls along with the boundaries of Shimla, Kinnaur and Sirmaur districts
a.   Haryana
b.   Punjab
c.   Utter Pradesh
d.   Uttranchal

47. Which mountain range separates Himachal from China-Tibet
a.   Pir Panjal Mountain Range
b.   Dhouladhar Mountain Range
c.   Zaskar Mountain Range
d.   None of these

48. Spiti is the tributary of
a.   Chenab
b.   Yamuna
c.   Beas
d.   Satluj

49. Which state is in the south of Himachal Pradesh
a.   Haryana
b.   Jammu & Kashmir
c.   Punjab
d.   Uttranchal

50. Which temple does not fall in the surrounding areas of Kullu
a.   Raghunath Temple
b.   Chamukha Temple
c.   Bijli Mahadev
d.   Temples of Naggar town

51. Pir Panjal mountain Range covers the area of this district
a.   Chamba
b.   Kangra
c.   Kinnaur
d.   Shimla

52. Which temple is near Manali
a.   Hidimba Temple
b.   Manu Temple
c.   Vashisth Temple
d.   All of these

53. Temples of Nirmand (Chhoti Kashi) are located in which district
a.   Mandi
b.   Shimla
c.   Kangra
d.   Kullu

54. Which is the most famous shrine of Nirmand
a.   Luxmi Temple
b.   Narayan Temple
c.   Parshu Ram Temple
d.   All of these

55. Lavi fair takes place at
a.   Chamba
b.   Mandi
c.   Kullu
d.   Rampur

56. Which is not the tributary of Beas river
a.   Parbati
b.   Uhal
c.   Jol Khand
d.   Surmani Khad

57. Which statement is false
a.   Dussehra is famous in Kullu
b.   Diwali is famous in Theog
c.   Holi is famous in Sujanpur Tira
d.   Shivratri is famous in Mandi

58. These temples fall in Shimla district excluding
a.   Sun Temple of Nirath
b.   Bhima Kali Temple at Sarahan
c.   Hat Koti Temple in Rohru
d.   Durvasa temple in Choupal

59. Chur Chandni is
a.   Mountain range in Chamba
b.   Famous Gurudwara at Ponta Sahib
c.   Mountain range in Sirmaur
d.   A monument at Shimla Museum

60. Shirgul Devta worship is very popular in this district
a.   Bharmour
b.   Shillai
c.   Mahashu
d.   Sirmaur

61. Churdhar of Sirmaur is the residence of this local diety
a.   Jamlu Dev
b.   Hungrung Devta
c.   Shirgul Devta
d.   Raghunath

62. Which temple is located near Nahan
a.   Soma Sundri
b.   Balasundri
c.   Krishnasundri
d.   None of these

63. Usha Devi temple of Sirmaur is at
a.   Sangla
b.   Reckong-Peo
c.   Nichar
d.   Moorang

64. Which mountain range falls between the boundaries of Himachal and Punjab
a.   Low Height Mountain Range
b.   Shivalik Mountain Range
c.   Inner Mountain Range
d.   None of these

65. Giri, Tons and Rupin are the chief tributaries of
a.   Ravi
b.   Beas
c.   Parvati
d.   Yamuna

66. Minjar fair is held at
a.   Dholu
b.   Chamba
c.   Bharmour
d.   Sunder Nagar

67. Which district has the largest number of people of Gaddi Tribe
a.   Kangra
b.   Mandi
c.   Solan
d.   Chamba

68. Buddha worship is popular in the district of
a.   Lahaul-Spiti
b.   Chamba
c.   Kangra
d.   Una

69. This temple is in Lahaul-Spiti district
a.   Mrikula Devi
b.   Tarna Devi
c.   Tara Devi
d.   Naina Devi

70. Sirsa river flows in
a.   Solan
b.   Una
c.   Bilaspur
d.   Kinnaur

71. Renuka Lake is located in
 a.  Near Nahan
 b.  Near Dharmshala
 c.  Mandi
 d.  Ponta Sahib

72. Tatta Pani hot springs falls in Karsog tehsil of Mandi at the banks of river
 a.   Gambhar
 b.   Satluj
 c.   Uhal
 d.   Yamuna

73.  Manikaran hot springs are on the bank of
 a.   Beas
 b.   Baspa
 c.   Rupin
 d.   Parbati

74.  Which lake falls in Mandi District
 a.    Rewalsar
 b.    Parashar
 c.    Kumarwah
 d.   All of these

75.  Luxmi Narayan temple group is at
 a.   Chamba
 b.   Bharmour
 c.   Dalhousie
 d.   Banikhet

76.  Which of the following temple has no place at Chamba
 a.   Hari Rai Temple
 b.   Champavati Temple
 c.   Bansi Gopal Temple
 d.   None of these

77.  Group of eighty temples is at
 a.   Pangi
 b.   Tisa
 c.   Bakloh
 d.   Bharmour

78.  The longest river of the state is
 a.   Yamuna
 b.   Satluj
 c.   Ravi
 d.   Beas

79.  Which river flows through Sirmaur
 a.   Yamuna
 b.   Satluj
 c.   Ravi
 d.   Chenab

80.  Bhrigu and Dussehar lakes are at
 a.   Una
 b.   Solan
 c.   Bilaspur
 d.   Kullu


  1. Question 73... please check.. kumarwah lake is the name of kareri lake which is in dharamshala....

  2. usha mata is in kinnuar distt.not sirmour distt