[Computer Science & IT] Computer Fundamentals - Fill in the Blanks and True-False Questions


1. ---------Is known as a main memory.
2. COBOL---
Common Business Oriented Language.
3. ISAM-------
Index sequential access method.
4. (111) 2-(1) 2 = -------------
5. Arranging Data in a Particular Order is known as--------------------.
6. A memory that requires refreshing of data is -------------
(Dynamic Ram)
7. Cache memory is used in a computer system to -------------
(Speed up memory access)
8. The purpose of accessing information on a magnetic tape is ---------
9. --------------------is a program that translate mnemonic statements into executable instructions.
10. Through ---------------------a computer transfers data.

11. Program which acts as a interface between a user and the hardware is called ------------- (Operating system)
12. Smallest Quantum of data is ------------------------          Bit
13. -------------- is a device which convert digital data to analog         Modem
14. Network of computer network is called --------------          Internet
15. A string of 8 bit is -------------------------           1 Byte
16. Picture and sound together is an example for ------------------        Output device
17. ------------ printer is also called as a page printer.          Laser printer
18. A set of instructions is called ------------.           Program
19. Binary number system has digits ---------- and-----------         1 and 0
20. Different stages in information processing are input ? processing ? ------         Output
21. ---------------- Is an interconnection of autonomous computers?          (Network)
22. Base of Octal number system is -------------            8
23. Hexa decimal Value of 13 is -------------            D
24. FDD stands for ---------------------             Floppy Disk Drive
25. Light pen is ------------------device             Input device
26. ----------------- is a pointing device             Mouse
27. --------------- is a primary memory             RAM
28. -----------------memory is faster than main memory           Cache memory


1. The word bit is the short form of Binary Digit          True
2. Fourth generation computer use integrated circuits          True
3. Binary value of 303 is 0011000011            False
4. One millibyte is equivalent to 1000 Byte           False
5. The type of PROM that can be erased electrically is called EPROM       False
6. One megabyte is equivalent to 1024 B           False
7. When you delete an object, windows send it to the Recycle bin        True
8. A group of 4 bits known as Word            False
9. Record is a collection of File             False
10. Restarting a computer is called Soft booting           False
11. Anurag is a super computer produced by India.          True
12. Primary memory is usually referred to as RAM          True
13. Cache memory is placed in between the CPU and ROM
14. A group of 8 bits is called a Nibble            False
15. BASIC means Beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code.        True
16. FAT means File allocation table.            True
17. ROM is a volatile memory             False
18. A system that can process two or more programs is called Multiprogramming       True
19. Step by step instructions is called Software           False
20. The process of writing such program instructions for an analyzed problem is called Coding    True
21. A software that convert a high level language program to binary is Assembler      False
22. Present day computers work (internally) with decimal numbers.       True
23. A computer system can be split into input, processing and output.       True
24. Digital systems do not handle informations in digital form.        True
25. Most telephone exchanges are computerized.         True
26. The overall functions of the O.S are to manage I/O, files and memory.      True
27. Internet is a network of computer networks.          True
28. FROM allows faster reading and writing of data.         True
29. Unix is a single user operating system            False
30. Operating system acts as an interface between user and the hardware.        True
31. Two methods used in packet switching are data gram and virtual reality        True
32. E-mail is elegant mail              False
33. The rules used for the simplicity of software is protocol          True
34. A set of instructions is a program             True
35. CSMA /CD is a data access method in LAN           True
36. Parallel data transmission is much faster than serial transmission        True
37. Counters are digital circuit for temporary storage of data.         False
38. The main computer in a network is called PARAM          False
39. DOS is an example of GUI             False
40. GUI stands for Graphical user interconnection          False
41. Base of Hexa number system is F            False
42. Hexa decimal Value of 11 is C            False
43. Starting process of a computer is called cold booting         True
44. BIOS means  Basic Input Output system           True
45. Loading of operating system into computer memory is called  Booting       True
46. The bits can have only 2 values             True
47. A set of numbers is called Byte            True
48. A set of instructions is called  Software           False
49. Nano- second is equal to 10000000            False
50. UNIX is an operating system.             True
51. Client is a Branches of server             True
52. Sharing of executable files in LAN is not possible.         False
53. LANs are arranged in star, bus, or ring configurations.         True
54. UNIX is a GUI interface             True
55. To create a directory in DOS use DIR command          False
56. To display the contents of a file use LIST command.         True
57. DEL command delete a directory in DOS            False
58. Compiler converts Highlevel language.            True
59. Hexa decimal value of decimal 34 is ACB            False
60. Decimal value of  hexadecimal E is 14            True

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