[Computer Fundamentals] Computer Fundamentals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Part-1

1. All Computers (Mainframe, Mini or Micro) must have
B. Control Unit
C. Primary Storage
D. All of above

2. In Computer System Memory management operations are performed by
A. User
B. Hardware      
C. Programmer
D. Operating system

3. Computer Model IBM 1401 is
A. First Generation Computer
B. Second Generation Computer
C. Third Generation Computer
D. Fourth Generation Computer

4. In computing and electronic systems BCD is abbreviation of
A. Binary Coded Decimal
B. Binary Coded Digit
C. Bit Coded Decimal
D. Bit Coded Digit

5. Descending Order of a data Hierarchy is 
A. Database – File – Record – Fields – Bytes – Bit
B. Database – File – Record – Fields – Bit – Bytes
C. Database – Record – File – Fields – Bytes – Bit
D. Database – Record – Fields – File – Bytes – Bit

6. Dedicated Computer is A
A. Computer having multiple Monitors
B. Computer assigned one task at a time
C. Computer having multiple Operating Systems
D. Computer is designed to use by single person

7. What is the second generation computers made?
A. Resistors
B. Transistors
C. Vacuum tubes
D. Integrated Circuits

8. Which of the following parameters decided the performance of the memory?
A. Latency
B. Cycle time
C. Transfer rate
D. All of the above

9. Which of the following is an important attribute of RAM memory?
A. Volatile
B. Non-Volatile
C. Random access
D. Sequential access

10. Data access time is depends on
A. Seek time
B. Rotational delay
C. Operating frequency
D. All of the above

1 – D  
2 – D  
3 – B  
4 – A  
5 – A  
6 – B  
7 – B  
8 – D  
9 – A  
10 – D

11. Which Disk Format can access by MS-Dos 6.0?

12. In which mode Windows starts with only the core drivers & services?
A. Safe Mode
B. Quick Mode      
C. Normal Mode
D. Repair Mode

13. Microsoft Windows7 is not possible to installed on FAT32 Disk Format.
A. True
B. False

14. A series of MS-DOS Commands can be performed by 
A. Typing all the commands Prompt in series by adding hyphen (-)
B. Copying all the commands into single Directory
C. Creating BAT File
D. This is not possible in MS-Dos

15. While starting Window XP/7 extra booting options can be shown by pressing

A. F1
B. F8
C. F9
D. F12

16. In Computer Architecture a Bus is _________
A. a collection of various software
B. a collection of various computers
C. a collection of shared communication wires
D. a collection of chairs where the user sits

17. The information stored in storage devices can be accessed in _________
A. RAM access & ROM access
B. Memory access & Disk access
C. Random access & shift access
D. Sequential access & Direct access

18. The acronym of WORM in a Computer System is 
A. Write Only Read Only
B. Write Once Read Many
C. Write Only Read Memory
D. Write Once Read Memory

19. Which of the following is the most commonly used encoding standard of Unicode?
A. UTF-6
B. UTF-7
C. UTF-8
D. UTF-9

20. To “Debug” the System means ________ 
A. Find the Correct Software
B. Find the Correct Hardware
C. Find and Install correct System
D. Find and Correct Errors on System

11 – B 
12 – A 
13 – A 
14 – C 
15 – B 
16 – C 
17 – D 
18 – B 
1 9 – C 
20 – D

21 What is Unicode?
A. Standard Font
B. Software
C. Character Encoding System
D. Keyboard Layout

22 In Computer System Scanner is ______ Device?

A. Input
B. Output        
C. Both
D. None

23 Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?
A. Virtual Memory
B. Cache Memory
C. External Memory
D. Register

24 Speed of Laser Printer is measured in

25 Which of the following device cannot be shared in Network?
A. CD Drive
B. Printer
C. Mouse
D. Hard Disk

26 Which of the following is not Computer Hardware?
A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Antivirus
D. Printer

27 What is the main purpose of the secondary storage device?
A. To increase the speed of Computer
B. To Install Operating System
C. To Networking
D. To Store Data

28 Which of the following memories needs refresh?
D. All of above

29 A Dumb terminal has
A. Processor and Keyboard
B. Processor and Hard Disk
C. Keyboard and Hard Disk
D. Keyboard and Screen

30 Who invented Integrated Circuit (IC)?
A. Herman Hollerith
B. Jack Kilby
C. Semen Korsakov
D. Bill Gates

21 – C 
22 – A  
23 – D  
24 – B  
25 – C  
26 – C  
27 – D  
28 – A  
29 – D  
30 – B

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