[Result] HPAS 2015 Mains Result Declared !

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission
No.3-59/2015 –PSC (Exam.) Dated, Shimla-17100, the 5thDecember, 2016

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission today declared the result of Main Written
Examination of HP Administrative and Allied Services-2015.

In  all  43,509  applications  were  received  for  admission  to  the  aforesaid  examination  as
against  45,373  who  applied  last  year.  Out  of  43,509  candidates,  38,384  were  admitted


22,073 candidates appeared in HPAS Preliminary Examination-2015 held on 05/06/2016.
534  candidates  were  declared  qualified  for  main  written  examination  of  HPAS.  Out  of
which  393  candidates  appeared  in  HPAS  Main  Examination-2015  held  w.e.f.  11/09/2016  to

Expressing  satisfaction  over  the  timely  declaration  of  result  of  HPAS  Combined
Competitive Examination, Sh. K.S. Tomar, Chairman, and H.P. Public Service Commission said
that this happened as only due to systematic planning and coordinating efforts of the officers  and
staff of the Commission.

He said “the interviews will be held w.e.f. 25.12.2016  to 30.12.2016  and schedule will be
uploaded on the official website of the Commission and also be conveyed to successful candidates.
Chairman disclosed that HAS Combined Services exam (Main) result has been declared on
time and one year backlog of these services had been eliminated two years back.

He said “when I took over as Chairman of HPPSC in 2013, the HAS exam was conducted
twice in the year-2014 to cover the gap which had benefited the candidates.

Sh.  Tomar  emphasised  that  he  had  decided  to  switch  over  from  HAS  pattern  to  Civil
Services pattern which would be applicable from January, 2017.

He advised the aspirants to start preparation as per new syllabus which will  contribute in
Civil Services examination also, provided some of them compete for Civil Services.

“Until now HAS pattern was having no relevance to the candidates who competed for Civil
Services but new pattern of HAS will change the perception,” Chairman said.

The preliminary examination of HAS Combined Services will be conducted in June, 2017
and advertisement will be printed in newspapers in the month of January, 2017.

Sh. Tomar said, “On 24th Aug. 2014, Himachal  Pradesh Public Service Commission had

started Toll Free Centre to enable the Government to Citizen (G2C) interface for the quick delivery of information and public amassing the information through Help Centre. Toll Free Number 1800-180-8004 is being answered by a team of Help Centre Executives on every working day and the
calls are attended by the highly experienced and skilled professionals.”

He  said,  “Till  date  44,635  Calls  on  Toll  Free  Number  and  33,840  Calls  on  some  other
Telephone  bearing No. 0177-2629738. (Only incoming facility) have been received. In all 78,475
calls were received by the Toll Free centre executives.”   

78  Candidates  with  the  following  roll  numbers  have  qualified  the  main  written
examination. Roll Numbers are:

100190     100421     100698      101017     101278    101335
101670     103226     103319      103435     103566    104142
104665     105632     105843      105862     106605    106799
107111     107340     107887      108159     108720    109145
109245     109547     110265      110289      200189    200280
200476     200743     201022      201312      201863    202695
203772     203894     203903      301120      301180    400291
400450     400536     400751      401720      401728    402102
402253     402499     402924      403033      403290    403867
404435     404511     405450      405478      406371    406412
500045     500586     500756      600751      600938    601692
602414     602597     602848     700983       800292    800432
800823     802317     802636      802869      900170    950916

Sd/-(Ashok Gupta),
Deputy Secretary
H.P. Public Service Commission.
Phone No.0177-2623784

Download HPAS 2015 Mains Result : Here

What's Next ?

Interview : 

First of all I congratulate all the aspirants who made it to the Interviews. You are now one step closer to your dream so try to give your best in this final round too. For Interview you have to prepare extensively all the things that matter in this stage, I am mentioning the main things you have to prepare for the HPAS interviews below :

  • 1st thing that matters the most is that You remain Hopeful and Confident about you Success. Whatever you do, do it with confidence. Try to be genuine and have positive attitude.
  • During Interview try to be calm and composed, try to overcome nervousness by remaining confident, don't reply in a haste manner, take your time and then express relevant points.
  • Work upon your Academic/Professional Profile, They will ask questions about your Education background, qualifications/professional and related fields, so prepare basic things about these.
  • They can ask about your Hobbies, Likes, Dislike, Social awareness, mental and psychological aspects too, reply honestly and don't try to pretend and try to become over smart.
  • They can ask about your Birthplace, Hometown, District and finally about the State in a depth, so do prepare about these things and related things.
  • Prepare Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs, Political, Social-Economical and Environmental mainly.
  • National and International Current affairs, can ask about your opinions on various issues like burning social issues like Intolerance these days, communal harmony etc, International issue like Syria situation, terrorism etc
  • They will ask about your choice of optional subjects and related things.
  • Work on overall all things you think are important and try to overcome your weaknesses, if possible do mock interviews or try to discuss with your friends or family members and do kind of mock interviews. Ask your seniors if they have some experiences. So all these things are the important ones, Be confident and be Hopeful. All the Best.

You can also discuss the details here. Comments are welcomed.


  1. Not qualified sociology &political Science

  2. Not qualified, heartboken,I had Sanskrit and geography. Though I was expecting interview call

    1. what was ur expected sanakrit score in paper 1 and paper 2...

  3. m in ,thnx khadubhai,plz help regarding inteview..what to study,books.etc..

    1. congrats dear....what were ur optionals

  4. Khadu bhai is again n again out for HAS interview...

  5. Khadubhai Maximum candidates with Sanskrit are out... is it so?

    1. Do you know some other persons who are not selected with Sanskrit? I think this time HPPSc was in full mood to destroy Sanskrit.

    2. how much ur expected sanskrit score...i also not able to clear with sanskrit

    3. 180-185.and u

    4. same range 170-190.... i thnk most of the candidates may fail in english...so am i...may be not sure

    5. Mujhe bhi aisa hi lg ra hai ki maim bhi English mein fail hua hun.Qki kisi bhi cost pe Sanskrit me 130-140 marks ni aa skte mere.

  6. Anybody selected from agriculture

  7. Mine was Geography & Sociology.... Not Qualified

  8. This year geography once again stamp its authority in optionals with nearly 75% mains selections.
    Anthro,forestry,agriculture,geology,zoology also do fairly well...
    Sanskrit and sociology suffers a blow this year

    All the best for all selected candidates...

    1. I might have to disagree wid you...
      I had philo(prepared for upsc too) which went horrible in HAS..
      MY second optional socio which went decently well with 4-5 days of study..
      GK paper wasnt gud enuf.. But essay went great
      I m pretty sure i am in becuse of socio and essay

    2. even if ur philosophy went horrible u may get 160-180,on the other hand if ur socio went very well still u reach 160-170...i m teĺling this from my 2-3 years experiances...
      socio se is baar selections nahi hain....i knw 10-15 candidateswho donot qualify with socio and geography optional.
      also in my view if most of the candidates fail in english then cut off for mains might be as low as last year around 420 range...that might also be the reason for most of the candidates whose optionals went horrible but still they are in for intervws...

      what might be the case....all the best for intervw for all those who cleared mains.....prepare well and get selected....jor laga do pura..

  9. In with pub ad and geo...same optionals last yr..but this time i think it was pub ad's turn ,geo is always there

  10. Couldn't get qualified with Zoology and Botany as optionals. I was hopeful but...
    Is there anyone selected with Zoology? or Zoology and Botany?

    1. botony is not scoring well from last 3 years

  11. Which subject other than Geography has meximum selections? Kindly tell if someone has any information.

  12. Guys can you please tell what was the roll no. Series for kangra shimla hamirpur and other big distts so that we can get a fair idea about the REAL competition for the interviews.. Afaik non himachalis wont pose much threat because of the inherent (justified?) bias. Can somebody confirm the roll no. Series(x00....) given to the dikus(pun intended :P) ?

    1. 1 for Shimla; 2 for Solan, 3 for Mandi, 4 for Kangra, 5 for solan, 6 for una, 7 for kullu, 8 for hamirpur, 90 for bilaspur, and 95 for chamba

    2. So what do outseiders get? Is it like the roll numbers are alotted as per the center they fill? If yes, then would it be safe to assume that they would fill shimla, solan as centers?

    3. mostly outsiders opted for shimla and solan....very few go for nahan and una as well...in above comment read 5 as Nahan

  13. Anyone cleared with Sociology and Geography????

  14. Thanks khadubhai for ur suggestions for interview preparation. Ur efforts are highly appreciated.

  15. Is CSAT will be qualifying next attempt onwards? please respond whosoever having info

  16. Can anyone tell on what basis candidates are called for interview? Is this on category-wise, centre-wise, Roll No.-wise or something else basis?

  17. प्रतिभागी8 December 2016 at 22:56

    लागे तो मन्ने कैटेगरी वाइज़ ही है।
    ऐसा भी लागे है कि एक्स सर्विसमैन का एक ही प्रतिभागी है।
    कुल कितणी सीटां हैं भाया?

  18. anybody having info regarding how many outsiders are appearing in interview? any outsideer appearing in the intervw in this forum

  19. Outsider jyada hone se hp candidate ka hi fayada hai because outsider ko to int me 30-35 milenge

    1. Hahaha dreaming bro...this time u will see outsiders getting gud marks...

    2. Ok let see this time
      Last time to outsider ki lag gayi thi
      Is baar bhi chairman to vahi hai

    3. So confident haha

    4. Me too after getting 50,33 consecutively hahaha

    5. You outsider??

  20. देसी उम्मीदवार10 December 2016 at 01:03

    कुल कितनी सीटें हैं, प्लीज केटेगरी के हिसाब से कोई बता सकता है? धन्यवाद।
    26 होनी चाहिए कुल लेकिन 30 मई को 04 सीटें वापिस ले ली गयी हैं, बीच में 2-3 addendum/corrigendum आये हैं, तो बड़ा झोल है, कुछ स्पष्ट तरीके से पता नहीं चल रहा।

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. can somebody differentiate the roles of DPO and DTO.. what are their promotional avenues ie if they will be inducted to HAS cadre later or some other.. Irrespective of the payband they have been put into, are they worth giving higher preference than Tehsildaar, ETO?
    Thank you.

  23. Eto promote hoke kya banta hai?

    1. Assistant Excise and taxation Commissioner

    2. Time period?

  24. Khadu Bhai, what does 'character certificate from institution last attended' mean : college or job? I have been sitting idle post job for about 2 years.. that would make character certi from either of the place redundant, wouldn't it?

  25. Please upload this year has main gs paper

  26. Khadu bhai HAS GS main 2016 ka question paper upload kro...

  27. Khadubhai can you please guess, what would be expected cut off for general category this time?

  28. hello sir .....kindly .......upload HAS mains question papers of this year ....if available ....plzzzzzzzz

  29. प्रतिभागी24 December 2016 at 22:23

    हां भई सुस्त आत्माओं!!!
    साक्षात्कार के लिए सभी को शुभकामनाएं !!!
    अपने एक्सपीरियनसिस शेयर कर देना कल से । इतना कष्ट तो कर ही सकते हो ।

    1. bhai ek taraf "susat atma" keh rhe ho...dusri taraf experience share krne ke liye keh rhe ho...dhanya ho aap...:D :D waise thank you for ur shubhkamnaayein...


  30. Naib tehsildar ki ad nikal gyi bhaiyo :D chakko !!!!