[Topper's Interview] Mr. Rishabh Sharma Rank-14 (Age 23) (HPAS-2015) Anthropology and Geography Optionals from Sataun, Paonta Sahib, Himachal

Topper's Profile :  Rishabh Sharma

Meet a humble and enthusiastic Young achiever Rishabh Sharma from Paonta Valley, Worked Hard and Cracked HPAS 2015 at the age of 23 years. He was happy to share his experiences
with us and motivate youth more and more.

Roll No.
Total attempts in HPAS
Optional Subject
Medium chosen for Mains answers
Schooling medium
College medium
Home town/city/Village
 SATAUN [Paonta Sahib]
Work-experience if any
Details of other competitive exams, including success/failures
Passed ALLIED SERVICES examination twice [selected as election kanungo but not joined] ,2 times CDS[both time conference out],HPSCB[working at present],High court clerical but out in typing  test.
Details of coaching, mock tests,   postal material for any competitive exam (if used)
service preference

Educational Profile :

% in class 10
% in class 12
Schooling (Medium)
Graduation course and %
 B.SC[NON MEDICAL]         63%
Name of college, city, passing out year
Any other professional courses
Hobbies & Extra curricular


Question: Tell us something about yourself, your family, your place, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive exams?

Answer: My Father is up-pradhan in Gram panchayat sataun , mother is supervisor in ICDS department and sister is also preparing for civil services .

Rishabh Sharma
I live in Sataun [a small beautiful village  near Paonta Sahib] and preparing for  HAS examination since 2015 .

Electronic Vs Paper material

Question: Nowadays many students rely on internet for study material, So how much do you rely on electronic material and how much on the paper material (Books, Newspapers)? If possible narrate a typical day in your study life. What is your style of preparation (e.g. I continue making notes no matter what I’m reading, I just read multiple times but don’t maintain notes, I make mindmaps on computer…etc styles or way)

Answer: I mainly used to study from the class notes and printed material as well from books and relied less on electronic media but  now a days electronic media is playing a vital role in the selection of many aspirants . (e.g- Bade bhai RAMAKANT THAKUR [HPS] )

Tempo and Style

Question: Students know what books and syllabus points are to be prepared. But most of them lack consistency in their preparation. So, how do you keep study momentum going on? How do you fight against the mood swings and distractions?

Answer: FIRST thing if you are entering in this game you must have some Patience , Honesty, Interest, Motive   and if not then leave the game  because one have to be  truthful to himself/herself while preparing for this examination. One can lie to anyone but not to himself.
Everyone faces some bad phases during preparation but it’s the motive of serving the society, living your dreams, and never give up attitude which will always take care of you during those bad times.

If Working professional

Question: If you’re a working professional, share some tips on how to manage studies with job?

Answer: Everyone has same number of hours in a day. But if you’re a working professional, u have to put in some extra efforts than the aspirants who are solely preparing for exam. U have to make yourself physically as well as mentally fit to handle that extra pressure of studying after a very hectic day at your office. One have to let go off some social gatherings, parties, marriage functions and stuff like that to save ones time and energy and to channelize that energy towards more productive output.

Study plan: 

Prelims: General studies (GS)

Himachal Pradesh General Studies :
Art & Culture
Economic & Social Development
History Ancient
Vajiram notes for ancient history
History Medieval
 Ncert for medieval history [ special focus on first 5 chapters and history after Jahangir]+ vijaynagar and Bahamani kindom.

History Modern (Freedom Struggle)
Culture society
Polity & Governance (theory + current)
Economic & Social Development
(theory + current)
Science (theory + Current)
The Hindu newspaper  +  NCERT 6th to 10th
Environment & Biodiversity
(theory + current)
k.siddhartha / Shankar IAS [any one]
Physical Geography,
Indian and World Geography
Geography-  Ncert books and G.C.LEONG

Ncert [ Don’t spend much of your time on this topic ,you will get only one question from this section]
Other national/international current affairs
Read newspaper on daily and if possible make notes of  current events
Vajiram current affairs module [arrange them from any source]
Schemes, Policy etc

Question: Any observation / comments / tips about GS Prelim paper?

Answer: be good with the the basics and the rest will do. Newspaper reading is must for current affairs.

Prelims: Aptitude Test (CSAT)

English / Comprehension
Reasoning and Analytical Ability
Maths / Quant / Data Interpretation
Interpersonal Skills including Communication
Decision Making and Problem Solving 

Question: Any observation / comments / tips about Aptitude (CSAT) paper?

Answer: Paper was of moderate level. Need to focus of interpersonal skills section which carries a lot of marks.
But now it’s only qualifying so please don’t get Hectic.

Prelim Accuracy

Question: Did you attend any ‘mock tests’? Do you think they are necessary for success?

Answer: yes I solved some papers.
Solving some papers will not do any harm.

Question: Approximate no. of attempted answers vs. correct answers. in HPAS 2014 ?


Attempted Questions

Mains: Compulsory Language Papers

Question: How did you prepare for the Compulsory English Paper? (If then Book list and Study pan/comments/tips)

Answer: No specific book as such. Reading the Hindu newspaper on a daily basis helped a lot.

Question: How did you prepare for the Compulsory Hindi Paper? (if then Book list and Studyplan/comments/tips)

Answer: I read some school books of 10th standard + old /previous years papers of HINDI.

Mains Essay Writing

Question: How did you prepare for the essay paper?

Answer: luckily the essay came from the article I read in the Hindu newspaper as well related to my subject.

Question: Which among the following essay did you write? What key points did you include in it? (If you remember)

Answer:  The fluctuating equation between the lower castes and upper castes.

Main points of Essay:

·       Rig Vedic division of social stratification.
·       Chola period
·       Role of Mughals role of britishers as well their policies.
·       Mahatma Gandhi vs Bhim Rao ambedkar
·       During independence to till now as well constitutional provisions and need of the Hour.

General Studies (Mains) Paper

How did you prepare?  Studyplan/booklist/comment
Indian History (Modern)
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
Spectrum or  + 2 class NCERT is enough.
Freedom Struggle
Post-independence India
Indian Culture
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
 mentioned above 
Physical Geography
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
 mentioned above
Indian Geography
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
Indian Polity
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
Indian Economy
(Please give details for subtopics if used various study material or reference books)
Indian Econony by Ramesh singh
Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi
---------- NOT STUDIED---------
Himachal Pradesh General Studies:
Art & Culture
Economic & Social Development

 Any other comments, Tips or word of wisdom after going through the mains?

Answer: Practice as much as u can. Specially for writing in prescribed word and time limit. To write the essence of the whole story in the prescribed word limit and highlight the key points.

Optional Subjects

 What were your optional subject and why did you chose it and not something else?

  Geography and Anthropology.

I was preparing for Anthropology from   last 6 months and as per the trend it is a good scoring optional.

Geography- it is a very interesting subject to study and because of the time constraint I was having I can’t afford to choose some lengthy subject.

If a new player wants to pick this subject, would you advice for it or against it?

 Always choose a subject which u find interesting to study. Because only then you can give your 100% in it and achieve success.

 First the essential book/resource list and strategy of Optional 1: (Also mention which one is the “Base book” for covering the theory? + Whatever comments you’ve for a particular book e.g. “my seniors said read xyz book but I found that ABC book was better”. “xyz topic not given properly in this book, so prepare from xyz website or book…” OR and so on.) ?



Book List: Paper 1 of Optional 1:


Book List : Paper 2 of Optional 1 :


Question: First the essential book/resource list and strategy of Optional 2 ?



Book List : Paper 1 of Optional 2:

Vaid  IAS notes

Book List : Paper 2 of Optional 2 :
Brain tree notes

Question: How much of internet-research / current affairs is necessary for this optional? OR can one simply rely on the books and be done with this subject?

Answer: for the basic understanding and conceptual knowledge one can rely on books. In addition to that you can take help from to keep yourself at par with the current events related to your subjects.

Question: How many months did it take to finish the core optional syllabus?

Answer: My anthropology optional was covered as I was reading it from long back.
But I covered my geography optional in 22days (I know sounds strange but somehow I managed to do with a friend of mine who is having the same optional and was staying in Delhi).

 How much writing practice you did for Optionals?

Answer: I could not do much practice as I was working also at the same time.

Question: Do you maintain self-notes for revision of optional? Or you simply rely on reference books?

Answer: I always make notes whenever I read something. So in first reading I made notes and then it took very little time to revise them.  So my advice is to all of you is to make self-notes with key points.

Question: What do you think about the Importance of Optionals in HPAS in existing pattern?

Answer: optional subjects are the most important factor in deciding your success or failure. Don’t take them lightly. They should be your key focus area.

Question: What you will suggest to the young aspirants about how to choose the Optional Subjects?

your interest in the subject is the most important thing while choosing an optional. One must also take care of the trend of the high scorer subjects while choosing an optional.

Mains Answer Writing

Question: What style you follow like “introduction-body-conclusion” format or just simply write down what comes in mind first or any other style?

Answer: my style goes like this- “overwhelming optimism with slight pessimism and followed by redressal mechanism”
Question:  Did you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs or any other style?

 bullet points as bullet points catch the attention of checker the most than any other style.

 What was your approach in the exam writing questions in fixed word limits?

Answer:  to answer what is asked and highlight the key points.


 How did you prepare for the interview?

Answer: not any specific preparations. Was reading the newspaper and keeping myself updated with the current events.

Question: Did you attend any mock interviews by coaching classes?

Answer: yes. I attended 3 mock interviews.

Question: How long was the interview?

Answer: it was around 25-30 minutes long.

Question: Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Or you can simply tell about the questions asked in the interview, but it will be better if you try to narrate in question-answer pattern).


Some of the Questions and Topics that were asked are :

What is ‘HATTI’ ?
What is the current issue regarding Hatti in sirmour district?
Why are you demanding for ST status for your area ?
Similarities between HATTI and jaunsar bawar region of uttrakhand .
Polyandry in sirmour
Benefits of polyandry
Who wrote the book  ‘’ polyandry in himalyas ‘’ ?
Kalka shimla railway line and about its specialty.
Great himalyan national park and new area included in it.
Tirthan valley
One china  policy  and impact on India
Us presidential elections and its impact on India
About saraswati river and its origin
Padmaswamy temple [history]
Cricket in India and downfall of hockey
Junior hockey world cup[details]
New army chief and current controversy
Deep details about Dr. Yashwant singh parmar  and books written by him as well about his political carrier .
Law of natural justice 
And final question about controversy going in Indian cricket Board.

Question: Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?

Answer: my interview was more or less on the expected lines. I can’t say it was a stress interview as I answered most of the questions correctly.

Insecurity about profile

Question: Many candidates prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear about ‘profile insecurity’. I’m not from a big college, I’m not from English medium, and I don’t have work-experience. What if they ask some stressful questions in the interview about this? What is your message to these candidates?

Answer: interview is a test of your personality not of your knowledge which they have already tested through mains examinations. Be what you are and if you know the answer, answer it otherwise say I don’t know sir or mam.

Career Backup

Question: If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan?

Answer: I was having many backup options.(already mentioned above)

Views on HPAS Reforms

Question: What are your thoughts on the Aptitude test (CSAT)? (Honest Views) It should be only Qualifying in nature or not?

Answer: no specific problem with the ongoing pattern. And if you are facing some problems try to adapt to them instead of complaining.

Question:  HPPSC have amended the Mains Pattern & Syllabus and scraped one optional subject and 3 General Studies papers have been added, what do you think about these changes how they will affect the preparations of HPAS overall?

Answer: with this pattern candidates have to focus more on GS subject. One have to take holistic approach towards this exam.

Question: What other reforms you would like to see in HPAS?

Answer:  Increased vacancies.

Inspiration & Wisdom

Question: Through this struggle and success, what have your learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition? What is your message to the new aspirants?

Answer: never give up attitude will never let you down in your life. success comes to those who always thrive to be successful.
And if you think yourself as less talented person then always remember this quote- “ HARDWORK BEATS TALENT, WHEN TALENT DOESN’T WORK  HARD”

Question: Many hardworking candidates have failed in Mains/Interview of HPAS-2014. They’re feeling dejected- what is your message to them?

Answer:  give your best the next time. Prepare more, practice more and conquer it.

Question: How did you kept motivating yourself in these years for this journey? Or form where you got the inspiration? Please share.

Answer:  my primary motive behind becoming a civil servant is to serve the needy and to uplift the lower section of the society. This very motive always keeps me motivated during my preparation. And friends and family do play a very vital role.

Credit: Family/ Friends/Tutors

  Behind every topper are many people who stood by during those uncertain times when he/she was merely an ‘aspirant’. Would you like to tell the world, who was those people in your case? Any specific incidence that you would like to share with the readers?

Answer: It was my parents who always stood by me even when I was failing. It was them who were comforting me in my bad times. Coaching at vajiram & ravi institute played a vital role in my success. And some friends at Delhi and hometown helped a lot.

My special thanks to my dearest friend kamal chaudhary who helped me a lot in choosing my optional & updating me with the required material for mains.

Thanks a lot for the valuable Knowledge and Experiences you shared, hope that it will inspire youth more and more and you will become a great source of inspiration. Wishing you all the best for the Great Job. 


  1. Enter your comment...it really inspires the youth,just simply want to say great job brother.

  2. Congrats. -India against reservation (who are financially sound).

    1. That's not his problem, it's a systematic problem. Don't try to belittle his achievement.

  3. Ek baat pakki hai..mrne ke baad tomar narak me hi jayega.

  4. Reservation ! Reservation! Reservation !

    People should know that it is because of the Reservation in OBC category he got the success in HPAS not because of his hard work.

    If we look at the facts, he got the marks which are as :

    Prelims : 184.67
    Mains : 441
    Interview : 95

    However the General category cutt off was:
    Prelims: 198
    Mains : 449

    He even didn't qualify the general category marks.

    He qualifies the OBC category marks, it doesn't mean that he is a very good and very inspiring and hard working person.

    People should know the reality instead not get befooled by the people's.

    Even in merit list lots of people who gets lower Job than him has got higher marks than him.

    Lots of people have got higher marks than him and gets rejected. Even He has even good financial background.

    He became Tehsildar and cleared HPAS only because of the Reservation in OBC category.

    1. You nailed it,it was what I want to say.Except his reservation ,Regionalism also worked in his case.Mr.tomar is also from nearby sataun.the person who was third in mains obc category was from kangra, got only 40 marks in interview and hence not selected,Aur kuch log eg Khadubhai sahab bolte hain ki regionalism kuch ni hota.

    2. LOOK MR. whoever you are. Ist thing I must say you people are feeling jealous from his success. a nd secondly ,Do you know why reservation is there? It is for socially backward classes not for economically backward.And you are not feeling comfortable with lower class success because , in past you have governed lower class and now you will be governed by lower class . So the equation is changing now and you are fearing from this. Just see the data what is the percentage of sc/st/obc in govt jobs and pvt sectors. you will come to know the exact scenario.

    3. Look Respected Sir whosoever you are, there are two things you are saying. It seems like u are really hurt of his Success. You are taking it personal. Calm down, relax, Do some Vipasnna.

      1st thing is you are saying is Reservation ! So what's the problem, everybody knows about the pros and cons of reservation, You and I do can't do anything about reservation. Its not fault of Rishabh Sharma that he belongs to a OBC category. Its our system that works like this. Everybody knows that reservation is hurting society and I agree with it, but I dont agree when you are Targeting Rishabh for this, Rishabh is getting according to his rights whatever reservation he deserves. So the issue of reservation is at one side and the ability of the candidate is one side, You can't deny or belittle anyone's success. Raise your voice about reservation at a platform where you will be listened not here where you are just showing your frustration.

      2nd thing you are saying is that He does not deserve this Post and he did nothing, no hardwork, no preparations. Now I am saying you an asshole does it mean that you are an asshole? I think No. So your allegations/opinions/views do not matter in this regard. Even if he qualified from OBC category doesn't mean that he never worked hard for it. He worked hard and got the success, don't try to judge without even knowing anyone, thats not your job. Every year many candidates get qualified i.e. SC, ST people from Kinnaur people from Chamba, why don't you speak against them ? you are targeting selectively one individual only ? You can't target like this. I know you can talk about reservation and you should raise your voice against reservation, I will be with you, many will join you. But selective targeting like this is condemn able. HPAS Exam is not a joke and if he has qualified this exam then everybody knows that obvioiusly hard work was the key to success. Can anyone qualify any exam without doing anything ? So try to respect the things that you need to respect. Don't try to belittle anyone'e achievement who really worked hard for it.

    4. Another Gentleman in the above comment said that regionalism worked in this exam. Really Sir. I request you to go through the results once again, please first have some solid information then talk. If regionalism would have worked then Priyank Gupta would not have got highest marks in interview (120 Marks) he is from Kangra. I think this example rubishes your take on the regionalism. People like you promote the regionalism and spread rumours and then moan about it. Look if you really believe something then it means you follow it too. I am not regionalistic person. I intract with everyone with same feelings, emotions so I don't feel any reionalism. I think you need to look into yourslef first rather than blaming others. I am observing, analysing HPAS results since 4-5 years, This year's result is most fair result till date, and I firmly believe that they have taken some decisions to make things more transparent since last year's issue of written topper Neeraj Tanwar vs HPPSC. It was me who stood with Neeraj Tanwar and through this website, media and court we ccreated an environment that this year they have to upload the marks of every candidates on HPPSC site. Back then I remember some guys said Kahubhai is Mad and helping a non himachali. Guys injustice is injustice even if he is a himachali or outsider. If they don't want non himachali then tell them not to waste their time. So I am not the guy who changes the side every now and then, I stand firm with truth. So guys why you were happy when an outsider was thrown out? But now you are worried of regionalism and reservation. This is called double standards. If it benefits you then its al right but if it benefits others then its some issue. Grow up and live the competetion according to the rules, and mind you rules are not made by me or him or you, rules are made by our representatives. Work on that rather than blaming selectively. I am with you on positive changes. I am against reservation but no one can target any individual and his efforts. I stand with Rishabh Sharma.

    5. Khadu Bhai I agree with you to stand with rishabh .... He has done hard work to achieve his target ....but I disagree on that this years result is fair result ..... Bhai this all the categories have higher cut off more or less gnral ke barabr .... But inhone kisi b category candidate ko interview m 85 se uppar marks nahi diye except 2 guys .... And second thing ki is baat ke Jo top 5 m bande h written m unme se shyd 2 Jo bahar ke the unko kuch nahi mila is baar ....luckily topper HP ka tha is bar .....or ek banda inhone 461 seedhe DSP bana diya kam se kam 20-25 bando ke neeche karke ..... Or bhai Zara mains ke trend pe b dhyan do pub add jaisa subject avg 105 se uppar se raha atleast 6-7 bando ke marks 105 se uppar h jabki ye subject sirf general subject h even upsc m b avg marks ate h ..... Geography jaisa evergreen subject ragad diya jabardasti h ye ..... Is liye sirf reforms in process right from chairman and member recruitment and mains exam marks secrecy and interview pannel etc sab transparent hona chaiye .... Hame is baat pe milkar kuch action Lena chahiye nahi to ham sirf yahan isi baat pe fight karte rahenge ki koun select hua kon nahi

    6. Yeah I said this year result is quite fair than previous few years. Thoda bahut to marks upper niche hote he hain written and interview mai. Last year they even failed many deserving guys in Hindi. I am never satisfied with the working of HPPSC but this year they tried to improve a little bit. Inko aur dose deni padti hain tabhi kuch transparency aa sakti hai. This is the real issue not issues like reservation, regionalism etc. Real issue is corruption(jugad). But some people here are so dumb that they don't know what they are saying bla bla bla...Useless discussions.

    7. I am not feeling jealous however I am spreading awareness about the facts and figures.

      The truth is truth he is not a economically background or socially background person.

      What I am saying is that there are lots of people who have scored more than him and thus are more deserving than him are basically rejected.

      He has qualifies HAS only on the basis of reservation in OBC category.

      How can you say that he has done hard work even he has score lower than most of the candidates.

    8. @KhadhuBhai

      Respected Sir,

      1. I am not hurt by his success however I am saying that more people's who have scored more than him and are more deserving than him are basically rejected.

      2. I didn't expect this kind of language and behavior from you. My point is how can you award the Job to those people who are neither economically poor nor socially poor and those people who have scored more marks than him are basically rejected.

      I respect you and him however it seems that you are also biased like HPPSC in favour of him.

      Reservation and Regionalism are the important factors that make him clear HAS.

    9. No need to aware anyone if you cant stand yourself first. This is not an awareness program. Everyone knows reservation must be on the basis of economic status but can you and I do anything about it ? If you can go ahead I am with you but if you can't then shut up.

      Obviously hard work krna padta hai even if he or she is from categosy or not who are you to judge him. 21 saal mai vo Delhi se coaching kr chuka hai tumhe 21 saal mai HPAS ki dull form bhi pta the kya. Now this is because you are not respecting his efforts, i know reservation is a separate issue. First learn to respect something then talk.

    10. 1. Everybody knows because of reservation deserving gets rejected. What's new in that? Raise the issue of reservation at a platform where it get some results, no benefit arguing here. I will ask you guys to collect funds for fighting a case or cause, everyone will give excuses. Everyone wants the results but nobody wants to starts a process. This is realty. I know baton ke sher hai sab.

      2nd thing you said how can they award him : constitution gives rights to SC ST OBC people, thats why he was rewarded his rights, you can challenge that in Parliament or court not here. He has worked hard for it. I too want reservation on economic basis but can I do something about it. No I can't do anything alone. I am not favoring him I am saving him from personal attacks on him. People here are so ruthless that are just ripping apart his hard earned success in a shameless manner. Don't Criticize the person. Try to change the system on ground level not here.

      I don't agree with you regionalism favoured in his success, he got good marks in interview because he has prepared well, gave 3 mock interviews at delhi, took coaching at delhi and he is well aware and well prepared at the age of 22-23, most of the guys here new nothing about HPAS at the same age. So please stop criticizing him. Reservation is his right you can't blame him for that. If someone still blames then i am really sorry for such lame gyus.

  5. Congratulations !!! Reservation rocks !

    Ye Sahi hai, reservation lo aur Tehsildar ban jao

    Reservation sucks for general category students!

    1. I am against reservation, Come Sir lead the Revolution against reservation.

      if you will fight I will be 1st person to join you.

      But if you are not going to do anything then Shut Up. Don't moan then. You have no right to say anything then. Everybody knows reservation is bad but targeting a Individual is condemn able. Be a man either accept rules or try to change it, but don't blame any individual for it.

    2. Bhai tu h koun ye reservations rocks karne wala .... Anonymous banke aisa comment to na lar jis se is site ki dignity kharab ho or Teri quality ka pata chale ..... M b general category se hn Bhai mujhe to koi problem nahi reservation se .... Difference h deserving or non deserving m ..... Bhai agar guts h to apna naam ke sath comment kar fir thoda debate kar lete h .... Pata to chale tu aisa comment karne layak b h ki nahi

    3. Sir, I am not against anyone neither I am posting derogatory remarks against anyone nor I am hurting anyone dignity.

      If you're a general category candidate and you have not felt pain and suffering you should come first by your legal and authentic name instead of Anonymous.

  6. He became 'Tehsildar' because he've worked hard sir. Why are you belittling his achievement rather you should work hard to clear the exam instead posting derogatory to someone. I'm sorry sir, but literally your comments are harmful to someone's dignity and to society as well.

    1. I have 215+ in pre,470+ in mains,And acc. to you I don't deserve to be in?

    2. It really sucks brother.

    3. I am not showing disregard to your dignity but I am saying that it is not because of your hard work but due to the reservation you became Tehsildar.

    4. You have to accept that reservation exists but do something to change it sir rather than pointing out individually. I will Join you too.

    5. @Khadubhai Sir,

      If you will join me later then why are you giving favour to him instead of speaking and commenting against reservation in public.

      It seems that you are also biased and support reservation and regniolism.

    6. What will happen If I will speak against reservation in public ? I am saying I am against current reservation system. But can I and you find out a solution by arguing here ? I think no, a ground level work or a revolution is needed. reservation can be removed by either parliament or court, no other ways.

      I am not biased I am agaisnt reservation but I am against targeting this young lad who really worked hard. No regionalism worked. I don't agree with you regionalism favoured in his success, he got good marks in interview because he has prepared well, gave 3 mock interviews at delhi, took coaching at delhi and he is well aware and well prepared at the age of 22-23, most of the guys here new nothing about HPAS at the same age.

  7. Sir, sorry I was thinking that he really had done work hard.... After knowing that he has taken reservation in OBC even if he was having good financial background and good reputation.. and good region...

    It is disgusting to knowing such reality of reservation and regniolism...

    No doubt he has done some hard work but lots of people as been out because of these reserved people...

    Lots of people has ganed and scored more marks than him,

    Khadubhai you should do something to stop the reservation

    1. I am against reservation from first day.

      But I dont agree with you remarks of hard work issue. Nothing can be achieved without hard work. So dont target anyone individually. He has worked hard. He has achieved everything according to his rights you can't allege or challenge that.

      I know Issue is reservation so try to do something against reservation.

  8. Iam not against any individual who take benefit from quota.nor iam against quota but it should be on economic base.Sach ye hai reserved category ke jo log already achi financial condition se hai sirf whi quota ka fayda le re hain,Jo log garib the reserve cat.me WO log aaj bhi usi conditions mein hain..unhe koi fayda ni hai.He has done schooling in Dav school which is considered to be a costly school ,took coaching in vajiram which is costliest institute in Delhi.My point is only this that people who are from reserved category and financial sound should be thrown out from taking quota as default in reservation today resulted in poor people remained poor .Till date conditions of sc/sts are worst,and their benefit is being taken by those reserved cat.people who are already financial rich.Aise kaise hoga uthaan.

    1. true ....but here we can't do anything .... We only can do is demand for reforms in hppsc post recruitments Like of tomer and its independence interview process and non disclosure of mains marks to interview panel and also recording of interview etc which is sound rational

    2. The reality has been that he is just given Tehsildar post due to the OBC category.

    3. Galat Banda utha Liya Inhone...

    4. As I am said I too against reservation. Economic based reservation is the need of hour.
      But you don't have any right to criticise any individual regarding this. For system's fault no one can target any individual.

      @ Galat Banda utha Liya Inhone... Bhai tum he bta do kya kare phir ? Aao karo koshish reservation ke agaisnt kuch.

      Ya phir bolne mai he sher ho sirf....

  9. Guys its not about reservation it is all about partiality ..... U r targeting him just because he belongs to obc category .....if u look into interview marks then u will realise no candidates of reserved categories have scored more than 85 except 2 .... So , does this is partial treatment or these candidates didn't have Caliber to score more .... And except few candidates all categories have more or less same cut off if he has qualified by surpassing few other candidates of his category then even in general category guy with 120 marks in interview has number from bottom to DSP level so it is request to u guys please think before hurting NY ones sentiments ....if given opportunity to any one from us we will also try to use our political influence .... I know it is wrong but we are not discussing the right problem here we r just showing or jealousy to successful guys .....

    1. I am not hurting your sentiments but want to make people aware of the facts and reality.

    2. Partiality to general category walo k against hui have....

    3. This is not a awareness program, I know most of the guys moan about issues and do nothing for it. Blames other and then accepts. Do some ground work on reservation.

    4. Bhai g impartiality sirf unke sath hui h jinka koi jack (political ) nahi tha ..... Bhai kuch comments karne se pehle ache se un bandoo ke sath discuss to kar liya kari jinke sath impartiality hui h ..... Agar aapke sath hui h to apne name ke sath open debate pe ajao Bhai aise anonymous banke aggressive comments mat do jis se apki soch or quality ka pata chale

  10. Yaar yeh sb kya keh rhe ho....Gen ki Jo seats thi hpas 2015 mein woh general ko hi mili...Koi category walon ne nhi li..unki separate seats hai.. Tehsildaron mein obc ki ek seat thi woh usko mili...Baki 4 general ki thi unko mili..Toh isme itni debate Kyun...Haan debate yeh ho skti hai ki interview mein abhi bhi high discretion hai..Mera friend tehsildar hi select hua hai from general category..Usko interview mein sirf 80 mile..N woh HPS bn skta tha agr usko 95 tk de dete..Isliye agr debate krni hai toh partiality in interview ke uppar kro na ki reservation ya category pr

    1. You became the Tehsildar because of OBC category you will never know the pain and sufferings of General category students.....

    2. Bhai m also from gen category ....bt I M nt criticising rishabh..He is selected for seat reserved for obc ...so why talk rubbish...atleast obc candidates can learn from him ...So dnt belittle his achievement ...

    3. Raise the issue of reservation on ground levels those who are moaning about reservation here. jab bhaiya Vakkel ke paise dene ki baat aati hai sab phone off krke baithtey hain. People want ki sab kuch bina kisi struggle se mil jaye. For reservation free India a ground level revolution is needed not these useless discussions and allegations.

      Don't target anyone individually. he worked hard and achieved according to his rights. you are no one to criticize him.

  11. N I will request my friend to give interview here... Khadubhai , interview dene ke liye aapse kaise contact kre...

    1. Bro/sis, Plz request ur friend to give interview.. Atleast gen candidates will be happy to know about general category candidate

    2. Hello Say him or her to mail me at khadubhai@gmail.com or connect with me at facebook : www.facebook.com/khadubhai

      I will send a Interview Proforma via mail to fill it and write down everything in it.

  12. Good luck bro and congrats great achievement at the age of 23 carry on

  13. Rishabh bhai congrats and don't pay attention on these Bullshits. You have done a great job. We appreciate your work. Its not so easy to crack Has in early 20's and you have done this. Awesome bhai awesome . And take a lesson from what others were saying.

  14. Guys it is clear to everyone that he belongs to obc category but even then he was not topper in obc category so think about main problem which also clear that he is from sirmour (main benefit ) even guys within other categories have suffered from the same if you go through the results then u would come to know.....even general category people are suffering from same problem .....agar Bhai San category same b kar di jae to main problem Jo impartiality ki h WO hamesha hi rahegi

    1. Neeraj Tanwar was from Haryana. Honest and Intelligent. He got 27 out of 150 marks. He would have become HAS. It's a system's problem, that we recruit locals (Jugadu) and reject honest ones. Interviews needs to be scrapped but people issue of reservation is not in any individual's hands.

      Yahi hota hai jab corrupt officer independence se lekar lag rhai ho to aage bhi Jugadu he lagege... jago India jago. Corruption in recruitment is more dangerous than reservation.


      A corrupt recruitment leads to corrupt system and we all are victims of this system.
      Fight for transparency.

  15. @Rishabh Well done bro. be proud of your achievement at the age of 23. As they say Kuch tu Log Kaheingay Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna. People will criticize you if you succeed and they will also criticize you if you don't succeed. So just chill. Let them say whatever they say. You achieved. You did nothing wrong. Don't give attention to anyone's shit man.

    You know you worked hard for it so value it and be a proud achiever. I would only suggest that never ever loose your honesty. You are an officer and you have responsibilities on you, so make sure you do things with passion for the poor and society. Honesty is the key to core of humanity so never ever loose it. Don't worry what any xyz tom dick and harry says about you. Work is worship. I am with you, I stand with you and don't mind useless comments of nonsense people.

  16. Well Done Rishab bhai! inko bolne do u rockkk.

  17. Agar ye undeserved hota ladka to Allied mai kanungo na select hota, 2 times CDS clear na krta. Tum sab chutiyo ko koi aur kam nhi hai kya jo yahan apna time waste kr rahi hain bekar mai. paper uska nikla aag tumhare pichwade mai lag rhi hai. ye site kuchh learn krne ke liye hai tumne kuch seekhne ki bjyye chuitayapa lga rakha hai. i loved ur interview sir. bhad m jane do inko

  18. Khadubhai....Balokhra aur Rajender attri ki himachal ek bahuaayami parichay me se kaon c select karu? Have already completed Devraj n Himachal darpan

    1. Bhai faltu kitane na pdo. Maine b devraj pdi but koi guide krne wala ni tha. Darpan or balokhra iske alawa kuch pdne ki zrurat ni hai. Jo or kitabo mai hai wo balokhra mai mil jana. But jo balokhra mai hai wo khin ni milna.

    2. Thnkuu khadubhai plzz ek help kr doh... Honestly se btana bhai bda confuse hun. Koi idea ni hai optional ka ki which one is better. Public administration se try krna chahta...sir aapka kya option hai..risk lena thik rhega kya

  19. 'Moaners and Ranters'...dats d only term comin to mind ryt nw....mtlb seriously....fren ki shadi mey jao n start ranting of yourself not having a beautifl partnr jus becos hone wale sasurji meri side ke nhi the....can u really do anything about it...lyk rytly said when it will come to fighting d case u me will find d nearest hole to hide n sneak in...kahi mjhse na paise mang le wakil ke..bhago bhaiji....its not fair to belittle anyone's achievement dis way n i too belong to general cat...bt reservation ka concept Rishabh Sharma ne nhi create kiya...jo uski achievement pr apni frustation nikalo...either change d system or start preparing hardest to b in d selectd few....Steve Bucknor partial tha dat dznt mean ki Asian players ne kaha nahi humne team mey select hi nhi hona bhaiji kyunki Bucknor raunchy peetega ground pr....lol...u still play d game ...so playing a spoiler here on dis site...not fair...newaz besties to every1 for upcoming NT exam :D

  20. Great Job Rishabh. All the best !!!

  21. Rishab 23 ki age mai kmaaal hai. Jo ungli utha rhe apni age b bta doh. 23 ki age m aap kahan stand krte the. Next year aisa na ho rishabh general category se top kre. OBC category too hav huge competition or akele bnde k liye 1 seat ni thi.

    1. 23 ki age mei mai bangalore mei 12 lpa kama raha tha..
      ~95% in boards
      Engineering from top T school
      Could have gone to the USA and worked there.. But chose to stay back and do something for Himachal.
      Gave this HAS exam and despite getting higher marks in every stage than Mr Rishabh, my name is nowhere to be found on this list.
      I am not boasting about myself here.I just couldnt help but enter this burning debate.
      true that the ugly caste system still exists, we should have a moral and not a legal responsibility towards reservation.
      Those advocating for economic reservation are basically just incentivising poverty. It can only be socio-economic.
      The lower caste strata should recognise reservation in principle. If you have been/feel uplifted, then you yourself should not avail reservation and pass it on to someone who really deserves it rather than hogging onto it for the rest of generations. By doing the latter you are defeating the whole purpose of reservation in the first place. That is when you will get RESPECT from the aam junta.
      Do read about AKAND SITRA in quora who despite being a category student, didnt opt for resevation while giving UPSC. He missed the final list by a whisker in his first attempt at 21 but has found respect in the hearts of many aspirants.
      Reservation is not gonna go away in near future as it would be a big political blunder, but we can always work for making sure that it reaches the rihht person.

    2. Either You are a liar or you are an Idiot. That's what I know from your this comment. After doing so much in your career you are choosing HPAS to do something in Himachal. But let me remind you that you can do for Himachal by other ways too. But anyways its your choice and RIGHT to choose HPAS. Similarly Rishabh has a RIGHT to get category benefits. So you or anyone else can't criticize him for this reservation issue. He has done nothing wrong. Don't compare yourself with him at the any time of your age. your journey is your, his journey is his. Your Time zone is your, his time zone is different. Why he or she should leave his rights when constitution is giving him or her these rights ? who are you people to challenge or allege his rights and ability? AKAND SITRA may have got the respect but in my view he is a dumb person. When he has his rights to get some benefit legally why he refused it. I think anything that you get legally and morally right is right. Corruption is bad about which nobody cares and eventually everyone becomes corrupt both in private and govt sectors.

      As I have said people talk so much about reservation that it hurts, it is wrong, its bad etc but no one try to do something on the ground level. Everyone becomes expert just giving views only. So i request you all not to argue or discuss about it because it won't give any results. Do some work to change the situation. Bring some change and do some work on that.

    3. @Khadu Bhai: Chill maaro! Why are you getting worked up so much?
      - Nowhere did I say that reservation should not be there. All I am saying is that it should reach to the Right people.
      1) And I would be much obliged if you would guide me towards other better ways of working for HP that includes job satisfaction, job security, job diversity, gives decent living standards, and has good prestige & social recognition. I might happily consider that.
      2) And I gave that age wala remark because Mr Abhi Thakur was asking for it.
      3) And Reservation is creating a new level of inequality and I have every right to criticize this afterall I too am entitled to right of freedom of expression, ain't I?
      4) How did corruption creep into the debate?

      And don't take it very personally, but I think you are very quick when it comes to judging others (read: liar, idiot, dumb). One more thing I have noticed is that you are not very concise and economical in your words when it comes to expressing your opinion. I hope you are not committing these mistakes in your Mains answers. Take this criticism of yours positively and I mean this in good spirit and I know you are a good human being and will do well in your life in years to come. Have no beef!

    4. Khadubhai was stand by neeraj tanwar and other outsiders last year.Khadubhai tumhe pta bhi hai outsiders kya krte hain??? After being selected in HAS,they still try for their own state pcs apart from IAS.Jaise hi unhe Apne pcs se job milti hai WO HAS ki post chod dete hain..Yhan koi mjak chla hai kya????Government spent lakhs on their training aur Apne mtlb ke liye WO wapis chle jate hain.Khadubhai SB perspectives ko soch liya kro ki aisa kyun hota hai..

    5. Yaar ab bas bhi karo sare.Blog was on Rishabh's intervw n wishin him besties for future. Pehle quota fir regionalism ab outsiders...mtlb sare issues do din mey isi site pr solve kr dene sb ne...peace out guys now

    6. I am chill, cool as a cucumber !

      I called you dumb and idiot because there are reasons for it.

      1st is that If you have gone though the debate I consistently said Reservation is bad, Everyone knows the pros n cons of reservation. U have not mentioned nothing new about it, whatever you have said is known to all. There have been thousands of debates on it and millions of articles written but nothing happened. Then what's the point of talking about reservation? Question is Who is going to fight against it ? Are you? I think No. You are just trying out your options. You will only express your pain only like others. When I have repeatedly said that there is no fault of an individual and its a systematic problem even then you guys are still blaming him or discussing reservation. I know you have right to freedom of opinion and expression but I will also like to remind you about your fundamental duties which is to respect constitutional provisions. Reservation is a constitutional provision respective of good or bad results. So this is a stupidity if someone don't accept and follow it. That's why I am saying that no one can challenge it by just arguing and discussing on blogs or forums. One have to fight for it through a procedure. So what's the point of blaming and criticizing an individual.

      2nd thing why I said is because you are trying to compare with him. You are saying you are younger than him and have got more marks than him. Fools do the comparisons. Be smart but don't try to show it. Smart just learn and move ahead. You were on the verge of leaving India but then thought to give something back to the home state thats Good but if you genuinely want to do something then you can still do, there are many many ways to give back something to motherland, but if you too want an easy life and want to give an excuse then me or others here are not dumbs. There must be a clarity between truth and intentions. Like I don't fake my intentions, I want to become an officer because I like to do administrative kind of work plus I also want an easy life too and obviously easy life includes a dozen of demands you asked in first question. Everyone wants. But Like fakers I dont give excuses to shield their intentions.

      3rd reason why I said is that I wrote about corruption and you are not able to figure out why I mentioned corruption here. Every single corrupt recruitment leads to a corrupt department and every corrupt department leads to a corrupt regime, For me frankly corruption is bigger issue than reservation. Because reservation is constitutional provision but corruption isn't. You can't challenge reservation in court but you can challenge corruption, you can create an awareness about corruption but not against reservation. So do you have any idea that how many post in Himachal have been filled through corrupt practices form a peon to HPAS posts ? You have no idea.

      4th reason why I said : you are feeling so much pain of failure at just 21. Are you finished at 21 only? Come on ! Be a man! Learn from mistakes. You have to make more efforts because rules of the game not gonna change and this race is ruthless. Yes I will consider your suggestion in My mains, but there is difference in a debate/conversation and UPSC mains Answer Writing approaches. There you have to fake a bit, twist a bit, think a lot but here I can use my heart only and slangs as well, here is freedom but there are restrictions. Sorry for harsh words ! But reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances nothing will change. What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. If we do this, a path will open before us.

    7. Neeraj Tanwar would have been a good officer. Problem is not if someone leaves or not question is Why corrupt practices in recruitment. It's not that only outsiders leave the job, Himachali too prepare for higher exams IAS its different thing that they don't qualify. It's their right to progress. Same thing applies when Every year from HIPA factory Tehsildars, BDO, TO etc joins HAS and HPS and they also wastes Govt's money on their previous training. Although this is not the issue of supporting Neeraj Tanwar. You are not able to understand me. Issue was the transparency how can they deny written toppers and can give post to others. They not only do corrupt practice with outsiders but also with insiders. So whole matter is about transparency.

      Its not Himachali or Non Himachali issue. I too don't support outsiders. I say there are some ways to deal with this problem. One is Limit the posts to outsiders like 85% quota for Bonofied Himachali only. Other is to add one Himachal GK paper with minimum 50 % compulsory score and also increase Himachal GK percentage in Prelims from 20 to 35-40% so that outsiders don't get selected in first place. And this method is used by some states so why can't HPPSC do so. But I think its bad when they reach to the finals and you change the rules for them and get rejected and dejected in interview, that's the wastage of their time and energy. But even then if some outsiders are genuine and want to work here they can't be denied as you know India is a diverse country and everyone has rights. But my stand was on transparency and mind you because of that issue I picked up HPPSC have to upload marks this year on their website. But this is not enough.

  22. Iam not against him.Iam against reservation.Age22,pre marks215+,mains marks470+.After interview.Final result-Not selected.I hope one day you will too feel the pain of being general category lad .

    1. There are two ways in life:

      1. Try to change the situation
      2. Accept the situation if you can't change it

      But arguing and only feeling the pain is not the part of solution.

    2. Bhai...agree wid u...v too r agnst reservatn bt its abt d timing...is it fair to belittle his achievmnt on dis site...singing altaf raja or agam nigam in a marriage party...koi nhi sunega...v wrk hard,score well bt dnt get selctd bcos system is lyk dat...cant help xcpt for raising our own game to anodr highr level(Mission 80+ fr prelims)...bt making sm1 feel bad for his achivmnt is not a healthy way of going about it....b a sport yaar...dis year itna score le ao mains mey ki u have a fat 30-35 nmber ka cushion frm bnda secnd in d list... PLAYBOLD MAN !!! :)

    3. Bhai i m also against reservation. Even every person whose is commenting here is against reservation. But bhai targeting a single person is it good? Bhai whatever his achieve woh usko right mila tha. Leave it. Tina dabi ka toh pta hi hona aapko. Dada scientist, mother and father class 1 officer fir b reservation se IAS bn gyi. Category ni hoti toh pre b clr ni ho pata. But hum kya kre bhai. Criticise hi kr skte. Bhai aise ni ki mujhe pain ni i hav lost many job being a general category student. Missed IBPS 2 time by 2-3 marks, kangra bank, 5-6 exam of hossc. Bhai aapke liye respect hai but akele rishabh ka kya ksur ki usne hard work ni kiya. Hard work k bina toh aaj koi class 3 ni lg skta

  23. This is for all d fellow aspirants...majority of us have been preparing fr d past 8-9 mnths at a minimum...nw v hv d last 4 months of preprtn n revision left...wid Aptitd turning jst a qualifier its all abt GS now...wid Tomar taking a banter here...its better v raise r game to a new higher level(Bucknor galat lbw tbhi dega if u'l play d ball close to ur body ;) ) Thousands will fill d form bt real competition remains btwn d selctd serious 300-350 aspirants. Lets start wid prelims... Mission 80+ wid accuracy is baar...attempt achieving ur daily targets evn if u lose ur sleep ur meal...push ur limits each n every single day till 5th or 6th june till our final D-Day such dat hall mey each 1 f us wud had corrctly solved d paper in 1st half n hour itslf...lets make d newcomers feel d heat...in cricketing terms hitting a century is average now...Double or triple is d new sexy ....n offcoss playing away from d body else Tomar/Bucknor will give u n lbw on first chance available in interview or on field.....n mind dis if u go easy n slow now,dere r 299 oders waiting to take ur position...22000+ form fillers toh hain hi sath mey:D

  24. Jiyo Bhai bhut motivated lgte ho...itna motivate na kro hamein ki apki seat hum hi le jayein..lol.Bucknor bhi khin ka ni rha ,tomar bhi khin ka nhi rahega. Btw I liked your dhaansu spirit.Krte rha kro aise hi motivate.

  25. Hehe....thanx mate...bhai its not abt hunting in a pack..its abt killing wid ua pride...Chatur wali magazine strategy nhi hai na apni...anyone within d elite goin weak he/she's done!! its abt preparing hardest n competing wid d best...no place for weakness fir chahe meri ya apki...n for 'Moaners n Ranters' Akbarnama Abul Fazl ne likha tha zyada imp hai...'Tomar'nama out of syllbs topic hai... u'l b gettin more of this stuff in comin months...i hope its helpful to fellow mates :)