[HPAS Mains] HPAS Mains Optional Reform to have One Paper of 200 Marks - New Pattern instead of Two separate Papers

HPAS Mains Optional Exam New Pattern 2017

HPPSC have Proposed a reform of HPAS Mains Optional to have One Paper of 200 Marks instead of Two separate Papers of earlier pattern, thus suggestions are invited from all stake holders :

Official Notice

This is to inform all the stake holders that H.P. Public Service Commission has finalized and uploaded the new HAS Allied Combined Services pattern of examination, generally on the analogy
of Civil Services Examination of UPSC, on HPPSC website on January 30, 2016 which is being implemented with effect from January, 2017. The syllabi for Main Examination was finalized by more than thirty experts, which was approved by State Government.

Commission had earlier decided to keep two optional subject papers (Paper VII & VIII) of 100 marks each, which was aimed at creating a level playing field. After discussing this issue within HPPSC and with other State Public Service Commissions, it is now proposed to have only one optional subject paper of two hundred marks.

The syllabus of optional subject papers of HAS Allied Combined Services Exam will not be changed. Candidates would be now required to prepare for only one optional subject Paper (on the basis of combined syllabus of two optional subject papers).

The sample question paper of new pattern of one optional subject (Political Science) as appended below, which will give an idea about the pattern of Question Papers. Gradually, sample question papers of other subjects will also be uploaded on HPPSC website.

Stake holders are invited to send their suggestions with regard to HPPSC’s proposal of having only one optional subject paper, by 15.04.2017 to HPPSC on the following e-mail addresses:
3. office.hppsc@gmail.com

Official Notice Ends


My Take On this:

I personally think is a very Good step to have one single paper instead of two Papers for following reasons :

1. There will be single paper so its always beneficial to aspirants in such tough exams to have less paper and less burden.
2. The Paper Pattern of HPAS Mains Optional is proposed extremely Good because Now weightage of questions differs; They will ask questions of 4 marks, 8 marks and 20 marks. That means there will be more opportunity for aspirant to fetch marks and proper utilization of knowledge of the subject.
3. This will make all optional subject more scoring and there will be a kind of virtual normalization of marks of optional papers.
4. It will be better to prepare optional now because the pattern of exam seems organised.
5. Writing skills will matter as you have to answer in a fixed word limit.

So overall this reform is Welcomed.

I Suggest My readers to mail HPPSC to give them any more suggestions if have any or can simply agree with their proposals to go ahead.  


HPPSC has provided a Model Paper :

Political Science Model Question Paper
 : New Proposed Pattern on 1 April 2017

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                            
Maximum Marks: 200

Note: - Attempt all questions. Answer should be limited to maximum of 50 words in each case. Each question carries 4 marks.

(a) Who are the proponents of the social contract theory?
(b) With whom do we associate the negative conception of liberty?
(c) Give two examples of political rights that citizens enjoy in a democracy.
(d) What do you mean by the first past the post system?
(e) Give two examples of countries that follow the federal model of governance.
(f) Which political leaders were associated with the Home Rule movement?
(g) Distinguish between the Cabinet and Council of Ministers.
(h) Who appoints the judges of the Supreme Court of India?
(i) Which provisions in the Indian Constitution can be amended by a simple majority?
(j) What is the major distinction between a political party and a pressure group?
(k) What do you understand by détente?
(l) Who were the founders of the non-alignment movement?
(m) In which year did the WTO officially commence to function and where are its headquarters?
(n) What is the strength of the House of Representatives in the US Congress?
(o) What is a referendum?

Note: - Attempt all questions. Answer should be limited to maximum of 150 words in each case. Each question carries 8 marks.

(a) Briefly explain the monistic view of sovereignty.
(b) What do you mean by equality of capabilities?
(c) What are the major views of anarchism in relation to the state?
(d) Distinguish between power and authority.
(e) Briefly outline the political conditions under which the Indian National Congress was formed.
(f) Why is the Prime Minister of India called primus inter pares?
(g) State the significance of the Directive Principles of State Policy.
(h) How relevant is the Non-alignment movement today?
(i) Give a few recent examples of the peace keeping operations undertaken by the UN.
(j) What is the role of conventions in the working of the British constitution?

Note: - Attempt all questions. Answer should be limited to maximum of 500 words in each case. Each question carries 20 marks.

(a) Are liberty and equality compatible with each other? Explain.
(b) How would you explain the role of caste and religion in Indian politics?
(c) ‘Owing to processes related to globalization, the role of supranational organisations is growing in significance.’ Comment.

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  1. My views are opposite to you .Since syllabus for gs1,gs2,gs3 is already huge,now in newly proposed question paper one has to complete all the entire syllabus ,one can't skip any chapter ,but in two paper we get choices hences we can skip any chapter and can prepare optional in short time ,whereas in proposed question paper you have to read each and everything which is almost impossible to cover everything till mains keeping huge syllabus for GS in mind.So my suggestion two papers are good rather than one and I have already sent my suggestion to hppsc that one paper is bad idea and I urge other aspirants also to think properly as you will have to attempt all question in newly proposed paper which is not easy .Hence two papers should be there as we get choices and then syllabus would be minimum, and it is best for our convenience.

    1. You are right I agree on this with you that it wont be easy to prepare like aspirants used to do previously. But Why I opposed HPPSC Mains old pattern previously that it was tilted totally towards academics kind of people. There was very less scope for the General studies and current. I mean We are choosing bureaucrats on the basis of Subject specialization rather than UPSC like Current awareness and analytical approach. So I don't like that kind of approach at all. And the current Pattern of optional paper is that you just have to write 5 questions and that you can prepare in very less time too. So my point is what is very purpose if we don't have good and analytical knowledge of the subject. Although I am in the favour of removal of optional papers, becasue it seems serving no purpose at all. But if we really want to keep a optional then a new perspective is needed where a deep knowledge, analytical approach and skills of writing is also at a good level. Old pattern of mains is boring and things are repeatedly asked. Apart from this new pattern will be a kind of virtual normalization in the optional subjects and better organised study is possible. No doubt it will be bit of difficult to prepare but it is much needed change. So I welcomed it. I think they have already finalised these changes; only thing they are asking is about any improvements in it rather than reverting back to old pattern. So we must suggest something that is related to this new pattern and the merger of the both papers. This is my personal opinion. Anyways I am not forcing anyone to follow my words, everyone are free to think and share their suggestions to HPPSC. But Important thing is to suggest something so I request everyone to suggest whatever you guys want to suggest.

  2. And rather than asking khadubhai cutoff kya rhegi ,khadubhai kaun si book pdu,we people should suggest hppsc

  3. I don't like this idea of one optional because according to sample paper we have to attempt all questions and to write all answers we have to study everything in the syllabus by this way it will become more academic kind of paper already gs1 gs2 and gs3 are going to suck the brain out and I think they are important to see a person ability of knowledge. I don't mind the abolition of optional, I think after abolition there will be a fair trade and equal playing field for everyone. By making single paper the scoring of subject specialist is going to increase and there are candidates who don't have any of the optional subjects in there graduation and it will be a burden on those students and it's going to affect their score and I believe reading every line of optional subject is a waste of time so I'm not going to encourage this New pattern.. ....i don't know what is wrong with the people of hppsc always go opposite to sugesstions and trend..

  4. I fully promote the idea of one optional paper of 200 marks because single paper will decide the level of conceptual understanding and command of the individual on the subject and it will avoid the cramming process adopted by the candidates to get high scoring in optionals.Moreover it will be a balanced field for everyone as there are more papers of general study.This process will demand more hard work with conceptual understanding and reasoning and will make individual more knowledgeable in practical sense.I fully agree with one optional paper and already mailed my views to hppsc

    1. That's what I am saying. Either implement a optional in a very good way or remove it completely. Wasn't satisfied with old pattern.

  5. i think khadubhai and anonymous msg dated 02 april 2017 at 2133 has worded it nicely......and if syllabus is huge, its huge for everyone. completely in favour of the changed pattern.

  6. Changed pattern will help only those who sit in Delhi,and how we suppose to do entire optional syllabus in 2months and in between there is pre also.when GS is already huge.If hppsc really want to implement it then hppsc should implement from next year.Hppsc tells us on 30march ,which is not fair at all.Moreover people are very happy that now changed pattern will not help aged person who are 29-30years old,iam 22 ,have given mains ,but trust me it will not going to help us also.It will ultimately result in fall in marks in optional, I think khadubhai this year you have agriculture and geography, your marks were very good in agriculture,you are very senior player to me ,but you know that if optional pattern is changed it will result inoss to you too as well as others also.It will help only who AIT in Delhi for 2-3years ,and outsiders.To go by complete optional in 2 months is nearly impossible ,hence hppsc should implement from next year.

  7. Hello Friends...

    HPSSC is trying to align its pattern with UPSC starting this year,so they cannot think of scrapping the optional paper.so thats out of question but yes as Khadubhai mentioned implementing this in a right way is the need of the hour and i think they are moving towards it.They have already leveled the field this year by introducing GS1,2 and 3 papers and this approach of optional paper will make it even more benefitial because now a candidate will not have an option of skipping any topic in optional.So whatever optional you choose,you will have to study it to depth.So let it be any optional,one has to prepare everything mentioned in the syllabus which makes it even for all the candidates.A person opting Geo will have to study entire syllabus and so as Pub Ad optional candidate,which makes it even.

    Following is the email i wrote to hpssc:

    First of all,let me thank you for bringing in good reforms in the HPAS examination.
    As per me one optional paper should be the way to go as it has the following benefits:

    1.candidate needs to prepare the subject as a whole
    2.It saves time of examination(1 paper,3 hrs,200 marks)
    3.Importance of optional paper reduces virtually because all the questions are compulsory.

    But i would request you to make this effective from next year as its very late to announce this reform.The problem current year candidates will face is they have already prepared or are long way ahead in their preparation.Also please note while preparing for the current 2 paper optional pattern, which has choosing options(where a candidate needs to solve only 5 questions out of 8) gives them an option of skipping some topics but now they cannot.They will have to study everything as all questions are compulsory,which is very late in the game.

    This Reform is good but please make it effective from next year for fair play.

  8. Pahadi_Chhokru5 April 2017 at 18:13

    To all my veteran mates...kbhi prelims mey hi bahar kbhi mains mey kbhi intervw mey...itne saal humne bhaat nhi khaya hai jo just a minor change can tether our aspirations so easily now. Ek paper wid all compulsory questions...I say bring it ON....its for new aspirants to worry "Ui Maa ab kya karu..agle saal change kara lo please"....vaise bhi its for veterans to fight it out till d end...baki toh hppsc ki revenue receipt hai ;) koi coaching leta ya nhi doznt matter its all in ur head dat decides ur action and ur fate...xam september mey hoga...u n me own those 2 months with 30 days n 24 hours each...lets make it a year of Veterans...newcomers can book their seats...v promise u a good show...ya papa ko bolo coaching dilwa do optional tough ho gya bol rhe hain sare...ok peace ;) cheers mates.

  9. Can anybody tells me will there be interview for subordinate allied exam this year or not???As tehsi welfare officer post is class2,rest are class3?

  10. Hey Hommies hope ur preparin well.Now with prelims just round d corner n in case ur runnin short of fire n fuel considering v hv been preparin for 8,9 months now, I wud request u to go back to d time wen u n me made dis decision of preparin for dis exam.Recall dat 'reason' y u actually started.V cud have opted for n easy option bt dat goodness n strength inside motivated us to go for it.U n me hv made sacrifices, hv been through all thick n thin,those spiny barbs from neighbours,relatives,smtimes parents,friends livin n easy lyf,sleepless nyts,deadlines..everythng.Bt wen doin smthn fr a noble cause God gives u strength,dat 1 person hu's alwaz dere for u, cud b ur mum ur dad ur spouse bf gf, brothr,sister ne1.Don't let dat person down.Don't let uaslf down now,seats kam hai sare HAS nhi bnenge but after givin ur best,suxessful or not wen u'l look back at ur trail n performnce u'l b proud..u'l stand n clap for ur own self,u'l leave a legacy behind,a better learned disciplined person equally humble in his/her own success or appreciatin smbdy's else as well.V r 1s hu follow r heart dan to b dictated.So duniya gayi bhad mey sare mehanati pahad mey ;) Hoping for a tough competition...Give ur best guys.V all wil surely rock..Cheers !!! :)

  11. why we need optional subject at all.....we have all essential subjects eg,his,geo,polity,economy ,science and tech,now we have himachal ,missing in earlier pattern .and if we still need ppr like philosophy ,anthro,literature,medical science ,its all futile.These subjects are non essential in administration.Although these subjects are good in university level to make expert.In my opinion if we have optional then we are still following the previous pattern which was outdated.Then what is the reform.I think hppsc is blindly following upsc ...like if they r doing something wrong we will follow u and call it a reform.Now we really need realist exam pattern ,optional means we have university exam again and again...HPPSC exam should be different because ist function is specefic , its role is different .HPPSC is not an university.....whats your opinion khadubhai.....

    1. No reply from ne1...not even frm d coordinator... what a doomed site with near to 0 visitors...not worth spendin ua time...

    2. I am in favour of removing optional.

  12. Single optional is good but pattern of optional is not possible to attempt all the questions with in 3 hours. But it's for all noṭ for one

  13. Quality of questions is going to take a dip in the new pattern.
    Essay based questions ( 20/10 markers ) are must to access the quality of depth of subject knowledge and articulation of the same.
    The 4 and 8 markers are going to dilute the standard of exam. These questions will be straightforward and requiring a mere reproduction.
    If PSIR sample paper looks so straight forward (except the last 60 marks section), one can imagine the level of questions for science based subject.
    Science subjects will go for a kill this time. With a cursory knowledge and a complete reading, of subject one may be able to to easily score 100+.

    One optional paper instead of two: well done.
    But the main problem is with maintaining the academic standard.

    HOWEVER, for me personally new pattern is better. My subject is beaten or say battered each year and new pattern give some hope of scoring decently.

    So I am neutral!

  14. Khadubhai HPPSC has uploaded new Notice dated 13th july that now in mains there will be 2 papers of optional having 100 marks each. But no clarity on pattern of paper like whether it will have 5 questions as earlier or it will also include some short answer questions also as they shown in model papers. People in commission are giving no clarity in this regard. Pls help..throw some light..

  15. Khadubhai kindly answer my query if i qualify hpas n choose hps(himachal police service) as first preference will i not be selected in police service if my height is 163 cm? Kindly answer please? I wish to join police service n for dat i m preparing but my height is 163cm do they disqualify people from police service if someone's height is 163 cm? Waiting for your answer

    1. Height has nothing to do with HPAS. Don't Worry.

  16. Khadubhi what about optional ...plz clarify my doubt ..unable to make out ...the new notice of hppsc ....latest....will it be 8 question ...and solve 5 question....or ?????

    1. Same query....Please reply khadubhai!

  17. Khadubhai plz upload optional hindi lietrature syllabus of has...

  18. Hi Can you please share the syllabus of optional paper of political science and sociology. also please suggest which subject will be easier to prepare in less time, considering i have no knowledge of any these subjects.