Topper's Interviews

Topper's Interviews : 

HPAS Topper's Interviews HPAS 2015 :

  1. [Topper's Interview] Mr. Ramakant Thakur Rank-9 (Age 30) (HPAS-2015) Forestry and Geology Optionals from Daroh, Palampur, Himachal
  2. [Topper's Interview] Dr. Mukul Anil Sharma Rank-13 (Age 27) (HPAS-2015) Public Administration and Geography Optionals from Biara, Palampur Valley, Himachal

HPAS Topper's Interviews HPAS 2014 :

  1. [Topper's Interview] Mr. Vishrut Bharati Rank-2 (Age 30) (HPAS-2014) Worked as Excise and Taxation Inspector : Geography, Sanskrit Optionals from Nari CHINTPURNI, Una, Himachal
  2. [Topper's Interview] Mr. Vikas Sharma Rank-4 (Age 37) (HPAS-2014) EX- Serviceman Worked in Indian Navy : Anthropology, Sanskrit Optionals from Phataher, Baijnath, Kangra, Himachal

HPAS Topper's Interviews HPAS 2013 :
  1. [Topper's Interview] Mr. Chet Singh Rank-2 (Worked as Tehsildar, UPSC CSE Mains Written Twice) (Age 32) (HPAS-2013): Geography, Zoology Optionals, from Sirmour/Himachal Pradesh
  2. [Topper's Interview] Ms. Samritika Thakur Rank-4  Age-25 (HPAS-2013): BOTANY, FORESTRY Optionals, SHASTRI NAGAR Kullu/Himachal Pradesh
  3. [Topper's Interview] Mr Amar Negi Rank-5 (HPAS-2013): Anthropology, Public Administration Optionals, Labrang/Kinnaur/Himachal Pradesh
  4. [Topper's Interview] Mrs. Jaibanti Thakur Rank-24 (Working Professional- Doctor) (Age 32) (HPAS-2013): Public Administration, Psychology Optionals, Mandi/Himachal Pradesh

HPAS Topper's Interviews HPAS 2012 :

  1. Topper's Interview] Mr. Surender Mohan Rank-4 Age-26 (HPAS-2012): Public Administration, Sociology Optionals, from Nirmand/Kullu/Himachal Pradesh
  2. [Topper's Interview] Niraj Kumari Chandla Rank-8 Age-32 (HPAS-2012): No Coaching, Working Woman with Botonay, Agriculture Optionals, from Hamirpur/Himachal Pradesh